The Pleasure Lord
133 Lord of the Sea-Shell Island I
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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133 Lord of the Sea-Shell Island I

Alex and the rest of the three people did not find anything else related to the monster.

"Let's forget about this subject for now since we have no knowledge of it and won't get anywhere by guessing," Alex suggested to everyone to which all the three people agreed. 

Cyrus came towards them with Uncle Jack and bowed before asking "Master, the soldiers siding with the Frey's have all been captured and rounded up together. What are your orders now, my lord?"

When Alex and his group were busy fighting Liam Frey after his transformation and the death of their current Lord Levan Frey, the soldiers under the Frey's had already started deserting the battlefield one after another.

The puppets handled the situation very well as they captured them all without letting anyone run away.

"Same as the last time like you handled the Merchant Union city situation. After choosing a small group of soldiers from the Frey troops, take five hundred of your men together with them and capture the Frey city by morning. If the people there do not comply with words than you can use mild force to make them submit." Alex ordered.

"Also, my Lord, the Merchant union soldiers are demanding that we hand over the custody of the  Frey's prisoners to them."

Before Commander Cen and Captain Ford had backed some distance away with the Merchant Union army as it was directed to them by Ms. Violette when Liam Frey had just started transforming in that thing. 

By that time, Commander Cen knew that Alex and the troops that came with him were not the reinforcement sent by the Merchant Union.

But since Alex had saved Violette and his troops had not attacked any of his subordinates, Commander Cen did not say anything even though he had tons of questions to ask Violette and also Alex whose army came from the direction of their city.

But the soldiers under Commander Cen and Captain Ford were not so thoughtful.

Since the monster has been eaten by the Demon Beast which their master, Ms. Violette, had released, they thought the real owners of the captive soldiers were them.

They thought so because of mostly greed since having the ownership of the captives will also entitle them with the booty which would come together. This has been like a tradition for them.

"Don't concern yourself with them for now. If they dare to do anything untoward against any of you and then you have my permission kill those people on the spot."

"As you wish, my Lord." Cyrus then turned and left to carry out his orders.

 Alex then looked in the direction of Violette and Norman.

"Lord Alex, I will order them to stand down. Since you and your subordinates had saved us and helped us throughout the battle, you can decide what to do with the captives and anything related to them." Violette immediately said but Alex didn't seemed to be happy with just that.

"That's not the only thing that I want you to do, Ms. Violette. I am not sure if Norman had told you about what we had discussed before but let me say repeat everything that I had suggested to him again." Alex simply stated.

He then told her everything from the two choices that she can choose from and also implicitly warned her about what not to do.

"Don't worry, I'm not forcing you to do anything against your will but I cannot let the Merchant Union troops leave without them disbanding and also disarming here before they return back to their home. Also, in case you have already guessed, my troops have already taken the Merchant Union under its control. The old man with the name Kon, Hazmos, Nev, and Thomas are now my prisoners while Kelis had died during the battle. Since that guy named Dario has been killed by you, the Merchant Union is left with only you remaining at its helm."

Alex then added after seeing the woman's surprised face "You can also take your time in choosing what to do and inform me in a week's time but for now its either you disbanding the Merchant Union peacefully or me disbanding them forcefully while treating you as my enemy."

Norman and Master Clayton did not interject in between but just stood on their places quietly. Uncle Jack, looked confused since he did not know anything at first but after listening to what Alex had said, he also stood quietly as it was not his place to talk.

Violette felt like bashing the pretty boy's face against a wall at the moment but after thinking carefully for a while, Violette chose not to do that. 

"...Ok, I will tell Commander Cen everything about the situation and convince him to disband without resisting. But if they do not listen to me then..."

"If they do not listen to you then you don't have to care about them as it will not be your fault. My men will take care of everything after that." Alex implied. 

"Alright then, I will see what I can do...Also thanks for saving me before." Violette thanked him.

"My pleasure but since your sna..I mean Blossom, your contracted demon beast had helped us get rid of Liam Frey, then we are even." Alex said humbly.

Violette wanted to mention that he saved her life two times today but thought it was not the place to talk about such things.

She then went to Commander Cen and explained to him about everything from the battle in the south and the fall of the Merchant union city till now. She then also told them what they would need to do now. 

Commander Cen and Captain Ford standing on his side both looked gobsmacked at that time when they heard from Ms. Violette that their city had changed rulers without them even knowing. At first, they didn't believe her words entirely but the strength of the opposite side's army made them think otherwise.

They did not have any choice other than then to disband because Ms. Violette will not save them this time from the young Lord and his troops. They were now on their own.

Thinking about their families back waiting for them at home and what had been promised to them by the opposite side, Commander Cen and Captain Ford decided it was better to do what Ms. Violette had asked them to do.

As for how they would break the news to their subordinates and make them to surrender, it was not important as it was their headache.

The battlefield was quickly cleared of dead bodies and the seriously injured soldiers were given first aid after which Uncle Jack escorted both the Frey captives and the former merchant union soldiers that had decided to peacefully surrender back to the Merchant Union city. 

Cyrus, as he was ordered, marched ahead towards the direction of the city build by ancestors of the Frey family, with five hundred puppets and some dozen of Frey soldiers who volunteered to come with them.

Alex was sure they can easily take over the city so he and Master Clayton decided to head back to the Merchant union city together with Ms. Violette and Norman in their carriage. Since the three of them excluding Alex had ingested the Berserk pill some time ago, the after-effects caused by it had already started to show on them.


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