The Pleasure Lord
132 Tasty and Delicious
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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132 Tasty and Delicious

However, just as he felt he was absolutely dead, Alex had arrived in front of Master Clayton. He used the Earth-type Talisman scroll that he had got through random roll one time, to block the attack from the Monster.

And after it shattered with just one blow Alex shot forward, his dual sword mercilessly slashing down.


One of the swords managed to slash the monster's shoulder to some centimeter only to get stuck afterward on a bone. 

Alex then blocked an oncoming punch with the other sword.

Master and the eagle came around him to launch their attack but Liam or the monster suddenly roared and smashed towards the ground using his hands like a hammer.


However, they had still underestimated the attack. 

When the shock waves burst out, Alex, Master Clayton, and the eagle were forced back several meters before they could stabilize themselves.

At the same time, the monster rushed over again to attack them.

"Norman, give us a ride on your back and fly up," said Alex decisively. He frowned slightly when he saw the unfavorable circumstances. The monster's strength was still increasing. It was already hard for Alex not to get hurt with the defenses of his Copper body. He knew the next time he won't be able to block another attack from the monster if it did land on him. 

Norman immediately knew what Alex wanted to do so he took flight in the air while Master Clayton and Alex jumped on its back. Liam Frey after transforming into that monster had lost his ability to speak clearly and think.

It's like his consciousness had gone to sleep while only leaving commands to kill Alex, Violette, the eagle, and Master Clayton as Liam also considered him an enemy when he saw them talking to each other. 


The monster could only roar like a beast at the two people on the eagle and jump towards them only to fall down.

After repeatedly trying to reach their height for some time, the monster stopped trying anymore and instead looked in the distance towards Violette who was busy attacking the walls of the barrier caging her pet serpent blossom.

This barrier was a Formation type barrier just like the one protecting Darren Dorbank's manor during the civil war.

The only difference between them is that the former can only be used one time while the one encircling the manor can be used multiple times until it gets destroyed or damaged and works till it is constantly supplied with necessary Qi.

Barriers in the form of Talisman scroll is just a mini version of the bigger Formation Barriers.

The three above also noticed the monster eyeing on Violette, Norman immediately flew to her while the monster also ran below them in that direction.

"Norman, swoop down to pick her only when that thing attacks, do you understand?" Alex stressed.

Violette also noticed them coming towards her. Just when she was considering to run away or get on the back eagle, Alex shouted loudly for her to stay in her place.

Violette didn't understand for a minute before she thought of the barrier behind her and the monster running towards her from the front.

'Is he going to use as bait...' Violette thought and didn't move aside just like she had been told. 

The monster increased its speed and smashed his fist towards Violette but before it could land on her, the eagle swooped in at the right moment and grabbed Violette using his claws before flying up again.


The fist of the monster landed right on the Formation barrier and because of it cracks started forming on the cage wall. The serpent, blossom did not show any reaction to it as she still had her eyes stuck on Liam.


The barrier crumbled like brittle glass under the attack. 

Now the monster and the serpent were standing face to face. 

"Blossom, get away from that thing, he's dangerous," Violette shouted.

The serpent instead opened its mouth and ferociously bit the ugly monster, forcibly tearing a part of its flesh away.

The ugly monster didn't seem to have any intelligence. It simply crazily tried to charge past to get to Alex and Violette, not attacking the serpent.

However, the serpent blocked it, taking bites out of it with great zeal.

Alex and the others beside him were shocked seeing this. 

'What the...Why is that reptile's bite working on his tough hide? And why is that monster not attacking the serpent.' Alex got confused.

Blossom still wasn't a match for this monster, and it was unable to fully block it.

However, the monster didn't attack blossom for some reason. It seemed as if its unconscious mind had told it only to attack four people that are Alex, Violette, Norman, and Master Clayton.

Of course, the serpent didn't have that thought. It was like a starving beast that had finally encountered a mountain of meat, and it was crazily devouring the monster.

Each time it swallowed a portion of the monster's body, its own body would grow a little. As its body grew, its aura was also becoming stronger.

Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out. The huge monster was completely entangled with the serpent. It was unable to resist, while Blossom continuously grew larger from consuming it. Eventually, the serpent grew so much stronger that the monster wasn't even able to resist anymore, and it was completely devoured.


The serpent started acting as she had just tasted the best meal in the world. She started swinging her tail jubilantly.

Norman landed on the ground and changed his form back to human after Alex and Master Clayton jumped off his back.

"Blossom!" Violette called out her pet.


The serpent looked very happy when she spotted her master and crawled all the way to her.

Blossom has grown by some meters after eating the monster and the flowers like pattern became more refined on her body. But this was not the major change, Blossom's cultivation has actually risen by a whole level. She was now a Late-stage Rank Two Demon Beast.

"I never thought it would be this easy to get rid of" Master Clayton said.

"Blossom, do you feel any discomfort or anything like that," Violette was still worried about Blossom's health after it had eaten the monster. 

Blossom hissed in reply. Violette gave a sigh of relief just after that. 

"Blossom is saying she doesn't feel any discomfort. In fact, she wants to eat more of that monster once again." Norman explained to Master Clayton and Alex as if he could understand the demon beast language and what the serpent was saying.

"Mr. Norman, can you ask her why she wants to eat more of that monster," Alex asked since it was still a mystery to him. He wanted to know everything related to the monster and specifically, the liquid which created it. 

Norman nodded and asked the snake. He did not use any snake language but simply repeated Alex's question in human language.


"She says she found that thing mouth-watering and delicious plus she needs something like that more as it helps her to get stronger too. As for the reason why she ate it in the first place, my guess it was just because of her instinct." Norman simply stated while also adding "Blossom is a rank 2 demon beast. She understands human language up to a certain extent."


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