The Pleasure Lord
131 The Last Battle VII
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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131 The Last Battle VII

Liam Frey's screams echoed throughout the region while his body started giving off a bright red light. Visibly, his skin started to fall apart and his body expanding and growing by a few meters.

"What... is going on?" Master Clayton struggled to form his words, looking in the direction of the old man with horror.

Whatever the thing that the old man had ingested from the bottle had made his outer human husk to completely degrade. What remained behind was just a big red mass of blood, flesh, and bones protruding outwards from various places.

The thing in front of them could not even be classified as human anymore. But its aura kept on increases till it went past what should have been a boundary of a Peak grade Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator.

Alex has seen a lot of things since the time he had come into this world but he had never seen anything like this before and Violette was feeling the same.

Suddenly, trio's gazes converged, and both Alex and Violette understood the wisp of dense murderous will that lay in that monster's eyes for them!

Alex felt goosebumps appearing all over his body and so did the others. The soldiers had stopped fighting the moment they heard the huge scream before seeing the transformation of a human into a

"The liquid or whatever he had ingested is using the old man's life force in exchange for strength for a limited period of time. It works the same as the Berserk pill but life-threatening side effects." As Master Clayton said this sentence, he shivered. Unbeknownst to himself, he was already soaked in cold sweat! He'd guessed Liam's thoughts, but in no way did he anticipate that the old man's heart was so vicious to even himself!

At that very instant, Liam Frey didn't seem like a person. He seemed more like a humanoid monster. Not only were there changes in terms of appearances, but the change in strength was also even clearer.

"Good god…" The eagle shivered, and he looked at Liam Frey like he was looking at a monster. 'Old man, y-you're too crazy…' 

"Blooood..." Liam Frey merely raised this thought. Presently, his consciousness still hadn't completely slept completely. but it did not move from its place as its aura was still growing. He even let an odd roar. It was even more horrifying than a beast.

"Master, use the Berserk pill or we won't be able to fight this monster," Alex said as his instinct has started ringing bells for some time now. After saying that, Alex threw one each towards Violette and Norman who caught it by their hands and beak respectively. Hearing that these are the famous rank 2 berserk pills, Norman immediately crushed it in his mouth. Violette had also somewhat recovered her Qi and had stabilized her internal injuries by now. So she also threw the pill into her mouth as the situation didn't compel her to hesitate for anything now

A berserk pill can temporally increase the cultivation of a person by one grade. The time limit is 30 minutes but there's also a side effect. After 30 minutes, the consumer of the Berserk Pill would not be able to use their Qi and would be in a weak state for at least 3 hours. Another thing was that the cultivator cannot take more than one pill in a single day.

"Ms. Violette, you try to break your pet free from the barrier. We will need every help we can get to kill this thing." Alex said but just then his spiritual sense that has been monitoring every movement of the ugly monster sensed something out of normal. 

"Not good!"

Alex activated the footwork skill, slightly startled, and flashed to the side where Violette was standing.


Alex used his full speed to reach before Violette and then push her from the place she has been standing on.

Just after that Alex saw with both his eyes and spiritual sense how the ugly looking monster that was standing thirty meters away appeared in front of him like a blur.

At that moment, Alex senses caught the stench of blood and fish for the first time feeling his nose before he felt an enormous force bashing him towards the ground.


Only through his fast reaction did Alex crossed his hands above his head in defense before the monster's hand landed on him. The shield on him that was still active also helped a little in taking some of the damage first before shattering. The ground beneath him crumbled. 

'Dammit!' At that instant, Alex's complexion changed greatly. He knew it was a very powerful attack, so he quickly put forth his full strength to not get crushed. 


Master Clayton shouted a little late as he was not able to react in time but he immediately attacked Liam Frey to help Alex. 

Norman also did the same as he swung his wing while coating it with his Qi like a sharp blade towards the monster.

Violette was unable to properly assess the situation. But knowing that she was saved, she looked in the direction of the monster only to see Alex barely standing on his knees. She too wielded her sword in order to help Alex.

Since after taking a berserk pill, Master Clayton's and Norman's cultivation levels have increased to the Peak stage of Dantian Formation Realm.

When each of their attacks landed simultaneously on the defenseless body of the monster, it got pushed a few meters back finally giving Alex the chance to stand up on his feet again.

Both his master and Norman then took on the monster together. 

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. You first go and release your pet from the cage." Alex said but he flapped his hands sideways so as to lessen the pain he was actually feeling. 

"...Thank you." Violette said before running towards Blossom who seemed to have been silently watching the monster without taking her eyes off from him even for one second.

Alex just smiled looking at her back before focusing his eyes back on the monster. 

His Master was barely able to contain Liam if not for the eagle helping him. Fortunately, Liam after turning into that monster, he was not using his Qi at all but only pure physical strength.

It seemed that the liquid or whatever it was had converted all the Qi inside Liam's body to bring his strength and defenses up to a stage of Body Cultivator having achieved Copper stage just like Alex.

But it did not stop just there, after the Qi in Liam's Dantian ended up being converted, his life force was now being consumed to raise his strength up even more. 

Just then Alex saw That the monster grabbed the eagles claw by its hand and throws him in a direction after whirling it around one time. 

At the same time, Master Clayton rapidly backed away to dodge the ferocious attack that came towards him just after that.

*bang bang bang bang…*

But it was useless as his strike was simply too powerful. At the moment it collided into the Master Clayton's defenses, it completely destroyed them all. Not only was its power undiminished, it instead became even more powerful and had already arrived in front of his Master.


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