The Pleasure Lord
130 The Last Battle VI
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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130 The Last Battle VI

Just as Norman was getting ready to take on Levan and Liam Frey by himself, Alex appeared by his side rather than staying back.

"Druid, you take on the old guy, I will deal with his son," Alex said as he burst ahead in full force. This would be the first time when he would have a proper match against a Late-Stage Dantain Formation Realm Cultivator. Previously, Joseph had surrendered since his Qi was already almost spent and so was the situation with President Kon plus he underestimated him and so Alex knocked him out in one move. 

Levan's eyebrows rose when he saw Alex rushing towards him and so did his father's. Both father and son looked at each other and nodded as if they had come to some decision and decided on their opponents. Liam went to keep the eagle occupied while Levan Frey deals with the boy.

Being cautious and knowing that the boy could kill his brother with just one punch, Levan made sure to use his full strength and not make the mistake of underestimating the kid.

With a low roar, Levan raised both of his hands and took the initiative to charge at Alex. At the same time, bright yellow light flashed above both his left and right palm. Then, both fists simultaneously extended and smashed toward Alex; under the martial art technique of the Frey family, Levan's two hands contained a force of at least five hundred kilos.

Violette subconsciously stood up after completely digesting the pill when she saw Alex going to fight the current Lord of the Frey family.

To Violette, Levan's true strength was obvious as she had fought him previously. Was it even possible for Alex to handle him? 

Under the enormous pressure, it was as if Alex slowed down from the suppression, and there weren't any signs of a defensive posture. Levan's two fists directly smashed onto Alex's chest without difficulty, and then…. drive right through his body!


Levan's eyes suddenly bulged wide open as his body also tilted forward from the inertia. He saw the boy using a weird movement skill that he had never seen before to dodge his frontal attack by suddenly moving sideways even when he rushing towards him.  

But Levan did not have the luxury to think about it more since Alex also counterattacked by striking him from his left side.

A tiger face enveloping the fist with roaring expression cut through the air and arced towards the Levan's neck. It was a perfect strike.

However, a light barrier appeared between the path of Alex's fist that was just less than a meter from its target. Levan was barely able to block Alex's roaring tiger fist as his Shield artifact activated in time. 

Using the inertia of Alex's attack had transferred onto the blinking barrier, Levan jumped back to make some distance.

At the same time, he was also astonished inside his heart…. Just now, how did he appear on my left? His body was obviously still moving in a straight line. Not only him, even Violette, Liam Frey, and Norman were astonished in their hearts.

"You...are strong," Levan said as he unsheathed his sword.

In just one exchange Levan knew he cannot capture the boy without seriously injuring him.

 Alex didn't reply instead he was examining his strength against his opponent with that one exchange. With the help of his movement skill derived from how dragonfly moves and his speed, Alex felt he could at least dodge attacks coming from Late-stage Dantian Formation realm cultivators. 

However, Alex's figure didn't remain in the same spot for more than a moment. The instant he realized things hadn't gone as he'd planned and Levan's got a shielding artifact just like him, he entered close combat with the Frey Lord again.

Whereas the twenty puppets had already managed to knock the guards under the Frey around the four people fighting each other and were now blocking the other Frey's soldiers' path from disturbing their master's fight.

On the other side, Cyrus and Master Clayton were making their way towards the center of the battlefield where the major fight between Alex and the others was taking place. They did not find much resistance since Alex puppets cleared their way for them.

In the midst of this fierce battle, even Liam and Levan Frey failed to notice that despite the chaos as the Frey's soldiers were cut down like wheat, the majority of them were only heavily injured, with the number of actual deaths being extremely limited.

As Levan was using a sword, Alex dodges it by moving around and sometimes parrying it with his bare hands. But that would cause small or large cuts to appear on his hands sometimes. This meant that his body defenses were not able to completely block attacks from Late-stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivators and he can still be cut down if he underestimated his opponents.

Python's Fang!

Levan did a weird strike by moving his sword like snakes body and thrusting its sharp edge towards Alex.

Alex felt he would not be able to block it with his hands so he immediately summoned two middle-grade black ranked one-handed swords from his inventory and wielded them to parry Levan's attack. He used one sword held by left arm to parry, and the other sword, held closely against his right arm, for the counter-attack. It was a skill his grandfather had taught him in the previous world. 

Levan was stricken with greed for a moment when he found the boy possessing an Interspatial Storage Treasure as he saw two swords suddenly appearing in Alex's hands in the middle of the battle. but then found Alex parrying his sword and suddenly attacking him with the other.

Levan felt like he had been struck by an enormous force.

"Dammit!" Levan yelled out in alarm, his eyes flying open as he was barely able to dodge the boy's counterattack using an arm-guard. Someone who could accurately strike the spine of his sword while he had been attacking at such high speed was definitely no ordinary fighter.

Not only was the direction of his attacks hard to predict, but his footwork and attack speed was also sometimes exquisite and hard to discern.

The battle's pace oscillated between fast and slow under Alex's control and Frey Lord found it very difficult to attune to it.

The most stunning part was that the youth possessed a terrifying calm. Levan found the youth didn't commit any mistakes during the fight.

The combination of an eerie combat method, an incredibly tempered mind, and a fearsome amount of experience put immense pressure on him.

Levan had it enough, in the middle of the battle he took out a talisman scroll and flashed it in front of Alex who was just rushing forward for another attack.

"Quickly dodge" Violette who was watching them from afar tried to warn Alex when she saw the talisman scroll.

This time Alex was ready for any underhanded moves like this since Cole Jordan had also used the same move on him when he couldn't defeat him.


Alex moved sideways quickly to get out from the direct path of the explosion and also activated his shielding artifact to protect himself from the leftover energy that would brush by his side.

Levan was not expecting Alex to dodge that.

As a result, he lost his focus for the slightest moment. But he immediately attacked with his strongest move by far.

"Have a taste of your own medicine" Alex, in turn, just then activated the same explosion type but middle-grade fire Talisman Scroll while facing it towards Levan.

A resounding explosion echoed in the air. Levan's attack was dispelled as swiftly as it came. An immense force jolted his entire body backward.

That powerful protective barrier surrounding Levan was torn apart in an instant as he was sent flying back. A powerful wind gushed into the surroundings, drawing dust and grit up into the air. 



A scream tore through the air as the one-feet-thick barrier of Qi Energy around Levan that he tried to bring up rapidly extinguished. After a few moments of silence, Levan mangled body toppled to the ground on his knees near the group of twenty puppets, with blood spurting out from him.

In death, Levan's eyes were still wide in seeming disbelief, stunned that he could die like this to a boy not even half his age.


A puppet flew past, his sword sweeping down and immediately sending Levan's head flying several meters into the air. And with Levan's death, the Frey's fell into complete chaos.

While on the other side Liam shouted with bloodshot eyes, "Levan!!!!!!"

Alex's eyes glimmered like sharp swords as he stared at Liam, his entire body exploding with fighting intent. Today, he could finally take care of both of the largest threats to him and his rule on this island. Levan was already dead, leaving only Liam, the old skeleton fuming with anger and also grief over his son's death. With him gone, Alex could finally unite the whole island under his rule.

Just then Master Clayton also arrived and with him, Alex moved towards the direction of their last opponent.

Without the command of Levan and his three little brothers, even though the Frey's still had many soldiers left, they no longer had the strength to organize an effective counter.

"Surrender or Die!" Alex shouted one last time even though he knew his voice would just go over the old man's head.

Suddenly with a darkened expression, Liam took something out from his pocket that was wrapped in a small cloth. After unfurling the cloth he quickly took out an object looking like a small bottle and drank its contents whole before crushing the bottle in his hands.



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