The Pleasure Lord
129 The Last Battle V
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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129 The Last Battle V

Countless thoughts flew through his mind, but Lord Levan Frey quickly composed himself. Now was not the time for revenge. If they get surrounded, Levan and his father might also die facing a siege from such a large army. 

Even if the father-sons combined power is a little more than the Merchant Union's seven council members, this many people together is also an enormous threat to them.

Lucas, the second brother is dead and so is Levan's fourth brother plus his third brother was not in a  state to fight. 

Levan also didn't know how many of the seven council members are coming with the reinforcement of the Merchant Union that he had assumed on his own.

"Listen to me brat, I will hunt you down no matter where you hide from now on and its the same for you too woman," Levan said while gritting his teeth furiously and then he ordered his men to fall back as they were going start retreating back to their territory before they get surrounded.

"Why wait to hunt me down in the future when I am standing right in front of you now? I didn't know the Frey's were just a bunch of pussy-cats," Alex sneered coldly.

Levan, who was just about to leave stopped in his tracks. Not because of Alex taunting but because of some unknown guys that had appeared ahead to block his path.

They were about twenty people and from the aura which they were intentionally giving off, Levan found that they had the same cultivation of 9th grade Body Tempering Realm. These were the puppets that had integrated into the army of the Merchant Union and the Frey's.

Till now they had not shown themselves because of their master's order.

All of them had their swords pointed at Lord Frey. The Frey soldiers immediately surrounded their Levan to protect him. 

"They are my subordinates, Levan Frey. To become the Lord of this island and to unify it under my rule I cannot allow you to leave here today. You better surrender or you and father won't get out of here alive." 

Levan started laughing just after Alex finished speaking.

"You! A teenage boy wants to unify and rule this island by yourself with just your puny strength of 9th grade Body Tempering Realm and you want me to surrender just because you have twenty or so Peak Grade Body tempering Realm cultivators. To the cultivators at the Late or Peak stage of the Dantian Formation realm, just these many Body tempering Realm cultivators are no threat to us. So don't make us laugh kid. I want to see how you are going to stop us from leaving."

"Why don't move your eyes around and see for yourself? See my army had also come to join in the fun." 

In the distance, the unknown troops had already reached the outer circle of the battleground much faster then Levan had anticipated. Those troops then divided into three groups.

Two circumvented both the Frey's army and the Merchant Union to surround them from all sides and the third group entered the battle head-on.

They only targeted soldiers under Frey's banner for the moment. This made the merchant Union soldiers think that they are really reinforcement that had come to help them.

Uncle Jack was leading the normal cultivators and still was very far behind but Cyrus with Master Clayton had taken all the puppets to run ahead and arrive at the battlefield earlier than them.

It was because all the puppets were at the peak stage of body Tempering Realm so they were able to run much faster. 

Levan saw how all the two unknown groups that had circumvented the battlefield have blocked their retreating path. From his experience, such a large army should not have been able to arrive this quickly.

This situation was unprecedented!

This time Liam also noticed the situation they were into while he was fighting Norman or more specifically, the eagle demon beast. Norman was not the old man's match if he had fought directly with him but with his demon beast transformation, he was able to somehow manage to fight the old man to a draw.

Liam sensed the danger of them getting surrounded so he broke out from the battle and moved towards his eldest son. This time Norman also did not stop him but flew towards Violette's side to look at her injuries as she was still standing behind Alex.

"Levan, what is happening. Who are these people?" Liam asked pointing at the twenty puppets on one side. But his reddened eyes were still looking towards Alex and Violette's direction standing on the opposite side.

"Father, the boy says they are his subordinates and...he wants us to surrender so that he could unify this island and become its sole ruler. Also, the troops that are surrounding us right now are not the reinforcement of the Merchant Union like we had thought but apparently they are also related to this boy."

"What! How can they be subordinate to this pipsqueak? Have you lost your mind?"

"Oy, Oy, old man. This pipsqueak sent one of your sons to the afterlife. If you want, I can also send you there to keep him company." 

"You son of a bitch... I will fucking skin you alive." Liam was once again infuriated on hearing about his son.

"Oh yeah! I am standing right here. Why don't you try?" Alex taunted him again.

He had almost pounced on Alex if not for his eldest son stopping him in between. Levan, unlike the other descendants of the Frey family, he was much more composed and level headed when compared. 

"Levan, don't stop me now. He killed Lucas, your second brother and that woman standing behind him killed your fourth brother while your third brother almost died because of that bird if I had not saved him in time."

"Father, just calm down. You cannot fall into their trap. We will definitely kill them but not now. We have to leave this place before we get overpowered by them and lose everything." Levan then explained to him everything very quickly.

Liam did calm down a little but then he said.

"Levan, I have a much better idea than just running away. We should capture this boy first and take him hostage. Since he has been bragging the moment he came here then maybe this pipsqueak might be someone important to the unknown troops that had surrounded us from all sides." Liam said unwilling to leave without avenging the death of his two sons. 

Levan had a serious expression but didn't reply. His body flashed as he exploded forth with his full strength of the Late Stage of Dantian Formation Realm!

Seeing his son understanding his meaning, Liam laughed as he too unleashed his cultivation of Peak stage Dantain Formation Realm after quickly popping a Qi rejuvenation pill into his mouth. 

Seeing this Norman in his eagle form jumped in between young Lord and the father-son duo that were planning to take Alex as hostage. 

He never thought that Alex would be able to face powerful cultivators like Levan and Liam and rightly so because Body Tempering Realm cultivators are nothing but cabbages in front of Dantian Formation Realm experts. 

Norman thought that Alex had killed Lucas only by catching him off guard.


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