The Pleasure Lord
128 The Last Battle IV
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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128 The Last Battle IV

"Roaring Tiger Fist"


With a huge roaring sound that spread all over the battlefield, a fist severely smashed deep into Lucas's chest before he could complete his sentence and taking him completely by surprise.

Lucas's complexion immediately became incomparably pale, barely letting out a groan as he was sent flying; he flipped several times in the air and violently crashed onto the ground and into a group of soldiers busy in battling their enemies.

The blood in his chest rolled about and with a *plop* sound, he finally vomited out at least half a bucket of blood. He laid face down with both hands clutching his chest before falling completely onto the ground and never to stand up again.

Levan had already rushed towards his little brother to check on his state. Before he could completely turn his face when the roar had sounded out, Levan saw Lucas getting blown away like a cannon by someone. he didn't even get the time to look properly as that person turned his body in the other direction.

When the roar of a tiger had first sounded out, it had already grabbed the attention of all the people standing on the battlefield making them turn their faces towards the direction of the source.

Some thought that another demon beast had entered onto the battleground because of the thunderous roar they had just heard.

"Lucas!!!" Liam shout suddenly rang out. He seemed very angry. And that for a second time in a day consecutively. Norman, in his eagle form now did his best to keep the old man occupied when he saw a person saving her master was none other than the little Lord in the south.

'Hm, maybe I should kill his last two sons. That will definitely cause the old man to drop dead on his own.' Alex thought to himself.

But Alex ignored the old man as all his attention after smashing Lucas was on the woman holding herself up on her knees and one hand on the ground.

She was holding onto her stomach as if in great pain and looked like she was barely staying conscious.

After taking hit like that from a cultivator one grade above your own is no joke. More so when the attacker is a physically strong man while the recipient of the attack is a woman. 

After checking Lucas's pulse, Levan looked at Alex his eyes filled with rage, as he spoke with a livid face: "Who the fuck are you?"

Everyone's eyes were focused in one direction, on one teenage boy.

That teenager had immediately seized all his attention the moment he had appeared. 

"Are you alright, Ms. Violette?" Alex asked the woman whom he had just walked to hold into his arms while completely ignoring Levan. He didn't bother to declare his name because of the incident that had happened in the office of President Kon. 

Violette winced in pain but she still opened her eyes to see the person who had called her name. As her internal organs seem to have been displaced causing her great amount of pain, she was barely able to open her eyes and see the smiling face of a handsome and suave looking youth filled with only concern in his eyes.

But that one look was enough as Violette was not able to move her gaze away and seemed to even have forgotten about her pain by going into some kind of a trance.

Her gaze was just like someone who is enchanted and has fallen in love at first sight after looking at the prince charming who had saved her life or at least that was what Alex had thought.

'Damn, did this woman seriously fall in love with me after seeing my lady killer looks? Hm, not that I mind taking her as my third wife.' Alex narcissistically thought in his head.

Well, he had the kind of face that would do more than just stop you in your tracks.

"Eww, do I seriously need to deal with your kind even when I am dead." Violette blurted out suddenly catching Alex off guard.

Alex froze in place and so did his facial expressions with only the corner of his lips twitching nonstop.

"Excuse me?"

With another spike of pain in the stomach, Violette seemed to have come out of her trance and so did her confusion of being dead and in heaven. And when she heard Alex's voice again, Violette suddenly remembered what she had unconsciously blurted out just a second ago.

"What?" Violette tried to feign ignorance by showing the skill of changing facial expressions at the speed of light that is only exclusive to Merchants and almost every woman in this world. But even then she couldn't control from blushing red in embarrassment. 

"You...I...You just..." Alex was caught in an awkward situation. He didn't expect to get a reply like that from her even in his dreams. Fortunately, no one else heard what she had just said or Alex would become a laughing stock on the whole island and this time for real.

"I asked, WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE!?"  suddenly Levan's enraged voice came from behind Alex after being ignored the first time, which gave Alex and Violette the opportunity to exit their first awkward conversation. 

"Ingest this pill, it will stabilize your internal injuries" After placing an orange-colored pill in the woman's hand, before retracting his hand and finally turning to face the incensed Frey Lord.

"Will you shut your mouth. What's with all the question just when I have arrived here. can't you see I am talking to another person? You keep asking my name so let me tell you. I am Alex Mordrake, the Lord of Seashell Island and I have come here to eradicate pest like you from my land." Alex said, a little annoyed. 

Although Violette had never seen this youth, she recognized him after he introduced himself as the Lord of this whole island...and also his name.



"Immature brat, who do you think you are! It isn't your place to speak such words here!"


Levan extended an arm to halt his subordinates. He slightly raised his head and seriously squinted at Alex. Someone, who can kill his brother having the cultivation of Mid-stage Dantian Formation Realm in a single strike even if by catching him unaware, is no small feat. This is even truer if that someone looks just like a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy.

"Brat, you're too arrogant."

"Hell yeah, I am"

With these last four words, Alex made a gesture pointing his finger in the west direction.


In an instant, Alex's two thousand men, mostly puppets, gave a thunderous roar that echoed to make their presence known across the region.

The fighting stopped midway as all the soldiers of both the army and even Liam with the eagle looked in the distance to see another army of two or maybe three thousand soldiers approaching fast towards them from the direction of the Merchant Union City. 

Everyone was dumbstruck by this scene!

The soldier's on the Frey side with fear and the Merchant Union's side with mostly joy.


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