The Pleasure Lord
126 The Last Battle II
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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126 The Last Battle II


A huge nine-meter snake suddenly appeared roared in the middle of the battle gathering every soldier's attention towards itself.

Its scales were dark blue in color while the snake's body was quite streamlined and had multiple spots on its body that of blooming flowers.

"What the..." Lucas was struck with fear the moment he saw the demon beast materializing before his eyes.

He immediately found that the aura coming out of the demon beast was at least of a Middle stage Rank 1 demon beast having cultivation equal to a Mid-stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivator.

But being a Demon Beast, the snake's durable body lets it have an edge on its human counterparts.

"Blossom, take care of this vulgar brute for me," Violette shouted while she turned and went to support Commander Cen and Captain Ford fighting Lucas's fourth brother.

"Hiss~" Blossom moved her head up and down as if understanding what Violette had said as she immediately moved to kill the human her master dislikes.

'Shit, Shit, Shit, why is she a Beast Taming master? Dammit." Lucas felt a huge pressure on him as the snake crawled it's towards him and jolted its body to stab him with its tail like a pike.


Lucas could only block the tail in a nick of time using his sword but the force that was transferred made him fly backward and collide with the soldiers behind him.

"Big Brother!!"


The soldiers under the Frey's and the two little brothers exclaimed in fear.

The Third brother who had just taken his eyes off Butler Norman to look at the huge beast in the distance suddenly felt something enlarge in the corner of his eyes.


It was Norman who used his Druid ability to transform into a Demon beast body that was unique to him. 

Another huge beast came into everyone's sight, and this time it was a large eagle type demon beast with a wingspan of at least ten meters. 

Norman turned himself into eagle type Demon Beast, the only transformation in which he can use his cultivation power. 

The third brother was thunderstruck as he saw the person whom he was fighting just now transform himself into a demon beast.

The eagle flapped its wings to take a flight causing the soldiers near it and the third brother of Lucas to almost fall on their backs and some of them really did. The moral of the soldiers under the Frey's became very low while the Merchant Union troops roared in cheer as word spread of the two Demon Beast being their allies.

As everyone was suddenly adjusting themselves to the changes made by the presence of two Demon Beast, another incident occurred.

Violette made her way to the front of the fourth brother of Lucas to kill him. Commander Cen and Captain Ford finally got time to take a breath as Violette took their place in battling their opponent.

"Crescent Slash!" Violette used a Martial art technique using her sword the moment she arrived and slashed with it vertically at her opponent.


The first to shatter was that well-tempered sword in the fourth brother's hand, and then a line of blood began to travel down from his forehead, an invisible thread dividing his body into two. His eyes wide open in disbelief, the Lucas's fourth brother's body fell apart, the halves of his body thudding to the left and the right.

"Captain!" the soldiers around him exclaimed in disbelief.

"Fourth brother...No!!" The third brother also cried out in alarm completely forgetting for a moment about the eagle who had just taken a flight into the air and hovering above.

Lucas was busy evading Blossom's vicious tail and her poisonous fangs so he did not know that his fourth brother died until he heard the soldiers around him exclaiming in shock while looking in another direction and hearing the third brother's voice.

'No...No...this can't be true. THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!' Lucas turned his head to see his fourth brother's body lying on the ground in two halves. 

"Fourth Broth...Aghhhhhh!"


Blossom did not wait for her prey to grieve his sibling's death instead she swung her tail like a whip and sent Lucas flying at least a hundred meters till rolled to a complete stop. 


"Shit. Someone, do something about that beast or we will all die..." the soldiers under the Frey command were starting to freak out now.

"Ye...yeah, save the commander or Lord Frey's would skin us alive."

"Comrades, protect Commander Lucas now. Men, engage the beast and keep it occupied." someone in their midst finally shouted a sane order.

Only a few soldiers reacted by trying to stop the serpent crawling its way towards the commander.

Lucas seems to have broken some ribs as he was having difficulty to even stand up.

His subordinates tried to stop the serpent but other than causing a slight itch they couldn't harm the beast with their cultivation level. 



Suddenly, the giant eagle that had taken a flight above, swooped down onto his opponent at a breakneck speed. 

Lucas's third brother tried to run away but he was precisely caught by his shoulders and was lifted up by the eagle to experience his first flight ever into the vast sky.

Norman flew vertically into the sky for about five hundred meters while also crushing the shoulders of the unfortunate Frey descendant to stop it from resisting and flaying around.

"Aaaaaah~...Release me...please" Lucas's third brother cried in pain before pleading for his life.

'As you wish' Norman said in bird voice but only a screeching sound of an eagle came out.

The eagle after reaching a certain height then hurled the passenger gripped by his claws towards the ground at great force and let gravity do the rest of his work.


Norman hovered in the air to see the Frey descendent plummeting towards the ground and meat his maker but his sharp eyes suddenly caught a large movement of a person running at great speed towards the spot where Lucas's third brother was going to land head first.

He saw that person jumping some meters above into the air and catching Lucas's third brother midway before he could hit the ground.

'Who is that bastard spoiling my fun, I will...Wait!..fuck me mother forest, isn't that him? Why is he still alive?' Norman screamed in annoyance in its eagle form at first for saving his opponent but when he saw the face of the person who saved Lucas's third brother, he immediately flew down and landed beside Violette to shield her from the newcomers who had just joined the battlefield.

"Hssssssssshhh~" Suddenly, Violette's pet snake roared in anger and irritation as she was suddenly caged by four bright walls that also stopped her from moving forward and deal with her prey.

"Blossom!" Violette exclaimed in shock as she saw someone caging her friend in what seems to be a restriction type Talisman Scroll.

Before she could say anything more, an angry voice bombarded her ears together with enormous killing intent directed at her and forcing Norman to come in between to shield her from the source of it.



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