The Pleasure Lord
125 The Last Battle I
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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125 The Last Battle I

"I will go down and meet with the enemy's commander face to face. If I don't come back or they try to threaten you with my life or the lives of the captives then no matter what even if every one of you had to die, you fight till death and never let them set foot inside our home."

"But Captain Corwin, that risky..."

"Do you promise me or not?!"

"Yes, captain!!!"

"Good now go and fetch the rope for me" Captain Corwin ordered his subordinates.

Corwin used a rope to come down the city wall. He then walked to Riely and said: "I want to talk with the commander of the enemy."

Riely nodded and took him to meet with Cyrus, Donald, and Jack while also explaining to him in detail how the battle started and finished with their crushing defeat in just twenty minutes.

Corwin tried to imagine the scene of such a battle but he couldn't as he had never participated in such a one-sided battle. 

"But why is the casualty so low on our side. Did you all just surrender after sixty-seven soldiers died." Corwin frowned as he could not get his head around that fact.

"No, in fact, the enemy side was so strong that they knocked our soldiers unconscious rather than killing them which should have been a much easier thing to do for them. Also, the coordination between them was just...impeccable. I saw how three of their soldiers knocked out twenty soldiers on our side using at most two moves almost every time. For example, one fighter from their side would block an attack and his comrade would knock our soldiers before they even react" Reily still felt it surreal when he remembered that scene.

Corwin didn't ask any more question's to his friend as they were already walked over to where Cyrus was standing.

Rowan and the other guards were standing worried on the city wall thinking how the talk would go between them. 

After waiting for another twenty minutes, Rowan saw Captain Corwin coming back but he was not alone. Behind him followed six hundred soldiers. Captain Corwin took them straight to the closed gates.

"Guards, open the gates," Corwin shouted towards Rowan and the other guards.

"But Captain..."

"It's alright,... they won't harm us or the common citizen's inside the city. Also, the people who took President Kon and Mr. Hazmos hostages are their people. The Merchant Union has already lost the battle. There is no need to spill any more blood." Corwin shouted back.

"Also, all our comrades that had been captured by them will be released after four two days of custody. Now open the gates."

Rowan and a few others didn't wait anymore as they rushed to open the gates.

After the gates had been opened, Cyrus's troops marched into the city under the terrified eyes of the civilians who still did not know why the enemies were let in.

Cyrus army divided themselves while ignoring the trembling and panicked civilians as they marched onwards different streets.

Donald's group went straight for the Merchant Hall while the others went on to station themselves at all the important and strategic locations around the city.

The guards of the MerchantUnion defense unit were told to gather in one place to confiscate their weapons and relieving them of their duty so that they can return back to their family house to stay for the night.

Those that were worried about their family still being captives to them were told that they will come back here and will be released tomorrow evening.

Rowan's father and the guards who helped then convincing the city guards to surrender without fighting were freed immediately and were allowed to return to their family as a small reward.

Corwin was relieved that Commander Cyrus had kept his words and had not let his soldiers harass any civilians after entering.

The Merchant Union city finally went on complete lockdown. The six families of the Merchant Union's seven council members tried to either flee the city or they tried to fight back only to get beaten into subjugation.

Ms. Violette did have any family. In her manor, only the trusted maids and servants resided along with her loyal guards who protected the manor's security. Alex sent a man to explain not to panic or fear them and wait for their Master and butler Norman to return. 

Also, many people have been sent to shout along the streets telling the citizens to calm down and not to panic. They have been advised to stay in the house till dawn and not come out to create any chaos. 

Soon Alex met with Uncle Donald, Jack, Theo, Joe, Hank, and Tom in front of the Merchant Union hall. After conversing with them for a little while on topics like how was their first large scale night battle, Alex told everyone to gather around.

"We have achieved a great victory today by defeating the Merchant Union and conquering its city but the war has not ended yet and still going on. This was just an intermediate stop for us. The Frey's are still a threat to the stability and safety of our city and its people. Lord Frey's little brothers are ravaging and looting the villages of the Merchant Union to the east as we speak." Alex said and continued.

"Cyrus, Uncle Jack, Hank, and Tom, you will all come with me and Master Clayton to bring the Frey's into submission. Uncle Donald, Theo, and Joe, you three will stay here to look after the city. This person standing by my side is Tagor. He knows everything about this city so he will help you manage it till we return. Does anyone have something to say?" Alex asked and waited to see if anyone had anything to say.

Seeing that no one had any questions, Alex ordered Cyrus to prepare the army for the march. and rush into another battle. 

Leaving six hundred guards behind to watch over the Merchant Union city, Alex with his troops rushed to participate in the battle between Frey's army and Ms. Violette.

Alex had wanted to just send Cyrus there as he wanted to go straight to the city of Frey's to capture Lord Levan Frey himself.

But some time back when Alex had just sneaked into the Merchant union city, a spy puppet informed him about Lord Levan Frey suddenly leaving the city with one other person who they did not recognize.

As for the reason, they were not able to find out yet and were still in the dark. But two puppets made sure to follow them from behind though they were not able to keep up with Lord Levan or that unknown person as they were much faster than the puppets because of the cultivation gap.

Only after following behind them by watching the trails they left on the ground, were the puppets able to find the direction they heading to.



Swords twinkled and gleamed in the darkness as the two sides battled; roars, and screams, created a single discordant cacophony. The Frey's and the Merchant Union forces were battling it out in the open. 

"Hahaha, Brothers, let's go! Kill all these weaklings and let them understand the power of the Frey's!" Lucas called out.

His two brothers and soldiers followed him to kill the soldiers of the Merchant Union troops which had arrived some time ago to block them.

"You scoundrel, your opponent is me! Don't bully people that are weaker than you if you consider yourself a man, fight someone equal!"

An icy voice, speaking in a soft voice, came from overhead. Lucas looked up after beheading a soldier and saw a beautiful mature woman, equipped with soft armor and glaring at him like a tigress.

In comparison to the surrounding soldiers of the Merchant Union, she was like a crane amongst chickens, her strength and charm was clearly a level above the rest.

Lucas's eyes brightened and so did his brothers who were fighting not far away from him.

"Ha, how interesting. Aren't you Violette Angevine, the only female member in the coward council of the seven Merchants. It seems the rumors are not wrong. You really do have a voluptuous and luscious body, the best body to give birth to many strong sons. Lets me show you in bed how much of a man I am. And if you want to fight, then come!"

Lucas laughed, elatedly gripping his sword with both hands and suddenly exploding into a flurry of attacks aimed at the ice-cold but curvaceous women. A few seconds later, butler Norman, Captain Ford, Commander Cen, and the other officers faced their own opponents.

Clang clang clang!

Fifteen more minutes passed by.

As time passed by, both the armies could not completely overpower the other to achieve victory. But this balance would not last long as Commander Cen and Captain Ford were soon going to lose to the fourth brother of Lucas because of the cultivation gap. They were only able to stop him till now because they had been ganging upon him.

Violette saw this and immediately gave a signal to Norman that it was time to counterattack. She made some distance between herself and Lucas by retreating back a little before patting on a pouch tied to her waist. 

"Woman, did you tire yourself out. I was just getting started to enjoy, " Lucas said after he saw her distancing herself and breaking off their battle midway. In his heart, he was actually thanking God that he at least he got some time to breathe. Violette was very fierce in her every sword strikes and she did not shy away from trying to land an attack onto his opponent's crotch and other vitals spots on his body whenever she found an opening. This made Lucas break out in cold sweat every time and he was barely able to block her sword in time. 

Just when Lucas had wanted to curse the crazy woman, a huge beast suddenly materialized between them making him shut his mouth by reflex.


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