The Pleasure Lord
124 Desperate times call for desperate measures
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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124 Desperate times call for desperate measures

Violette and her entourage were just twenty minutes from meeting up with the Merchant Union troops when suddenly the messenger sent by Dario's family caught up to them as he had been running at full speed.

There was another person with him who was a private guard to Ms.Violette's family and was sent here to inform her master about the incident that had happened back in the Merchant Union city.

Norman went out of the carriage to hear them out. He also captured the messenger that Dario's family had sent since they had already killed Dario his private guards sometime before while also taking care of bodies.

After a few minutes, Norman went back into the carriage and handed both the two demon beast skin to Violette on which the whole incident was written. 

Violette read through both the letters once and said in a surprised tone: "Is this possible?"

"From the looks of it, President Kon and Hazmos had really been taken hostage by a group of unknown men in the Merchant Union hall. I... don't have anything to doubt the credibility of this information. As for the identity of those unknown people, I have not sure. They might be the Freys, or they might even be related to that boy. For all we know, they might not even be related to anyone on this island as they could be foreigners. But from the description of two of the hostage-takers is very similar to the person that I had met today." Norman said while smiling making his meaning clear in the last sentence.

"You are right, Uncle Norman. In the midst of the hostage-takers, a teenage boy with master-level archery and a middle-aged man with Late-stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivation sticks out like a sore thumb in the unknown group. With there description in both these letters, we can guess the hostage-takers are none other than Lord Alex and the Master Alchemist. Also, in the letter, it specifies that other than the boy and the middle-aged man, the other people in their group have a presence of more than thirty cultivators at the ninth grade of the Body tempering realm.  It seems to me that Lord Alex has many strong subordinates under his command. His confidence in uniting the Island under his rule is not without any base. And it also shows that Lord Alex really does have the ability to keep his words and has no need to establish an equal alliance with us" Violette said while almost forcing the last sentence out of her mouth in bad taste as she did not like that thought. But the expression on her face was only of surprise and curiosity.

"But thanks to his help, we might be able to use these letters in our favor making our work much easier." Violette slyly said as if she had just thought of an idea. 

"What do you mean...Oh right!" Norman was quick on the uptake. These letters would definitely make their work ten times easier.

After twenty minutes, they caught up to the behind of the Merchant Union troops numbering three thousand marchings slowly towards east. When the soldiers caught sight of Ms. Violette's carriage they quickly gave her way so that she can meet up with the commander who was leading them right now.

"Lady Violette, it's good that you have arrived in time. Our scouts have come back with information that the Frey's are raiding two villages just a kilometer away in the east direction. Captain Ford is waiting for us there as he cannot do anything to stop those brutes...Wait, where is Mr.Dario. Wasn't he also supposed to come with you." The commander first explained to her about the situation but then he suddenly remembered that Ms.Violette should not have come alone. They had been informed before that Mr.Dario would also be coming with her.

"Commander Cen, there has been an unfortunate incident back in the Merchant Union. Mr.Dario had to go back midway to our journey as we were both coming here together. Read both these letters first and you will understand the gist of the matter" It was Butler Norman who answered his question while also handing him those two letters with both Dario's and Violette's family seal proving its authenticity.

"What!! Who would have the gall to capture President Kon and Mr.Hazmos and take them as a hostage in their own city? What are the guards doing?...Ms. Violette, what should we do now? Do we need to head back to the Merchant City?" Commander Cen was really frustrated. First, he had to take his men from the northeastern border to the south so as to repel the invaders who had seized five of their villages but then new orders came that they need to head back towards the east to stop the Frey's and just when were arrive there this happened. His soldiers are already very tired from the whole journey even if most of them are cultivators.

"Commander Cen, first you need to hand over the command of the army to me so that I properly plan for President Kon's rescue and about the Frey menace too.

"This...alright then. I cannot give you authority without other council members or President Kon's consent. But I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures" Commander Cen hesitated first but he was going to naturally hand over the command to Ms. Violette and Mr. Dario equally once they both of them had arrived together but a sudden change in the situation had caused him to hesitate.

"Yeah, desperate times call for desperate measures. You have made a brave decision today, Commander Cen." Norman said almost in a satirical way but Commander Cen thought that the butler was praising him.

Luckily Commander Cen was not privy to the information about the blood feud between Ms. Violette and President Kon or he could have even guessed with his feet that no way in hell would Ms. Violette take them back so as to rescue her lifelong enemy.

Soon, the procedure of handing over the command to Ms. Violette was completed. It was nothing but reshuffling some important position with her own guards and removing people who might have strong relations with any of the other six council members.

Commender Cen would keep his position he needed to pass on the command to all soldiers and the only change to his authority was whose orders he had to follow now.

"Since Mr. Dario had gone back to rescue President Kon and Mr. Hazmos from the hands of those unknown people then we should first finish our mission here that is to repel the Frey's from our land," Violette shouted her first command. Soon the three thousand strong militia of the Merchant Union started marching towards the villages that the Frey's were currently looting.

Violette made this decision just so that she can help Alex in some way whom she had not even met yet. Her thinking was very simple since Alex wants to rule this island then she will help him do just that even if he does need her help. And in return she expects him to keep his words.

"Let's go"


Back to the Merchant Union city

"Enough!! Guards of my family. Kill all these traitors, now!" a family member of President Kon shouted when he saw Corwin hesitating. He was putting his hopes on Dario and Ms.Violette as they might return back after getting the message they had sent before. So he ordered his family private guards to kill the traitors who were trying to shake the hearts of all the soldiers on top of the walls.

Another member of Mr. Hazmos family also ordered his guards to shoot Riely and all the other traitors down. 

"You two, step down now and don't meddle in something you don't have jurisdiction in. Guards escort them back on the ground and don't let them come atop the walls."

"You...How dare you imbecile? I am President Kon's son. My father is being held hostage just because of you and all your guards can't even do your one job properly and that is to protect us. All you do is suck on our money like leeches. Just do your jobs like a loyal dog all are...!" President Kon's son got angry by the words of the captain. Just when he starting to show him his places, someone or something hit hard on the back of his hand.


Rowan couldn't listen to him insulting them anymore so he used the back of his sword handle to let him fall asleep for some time.

President's Kon's son being attacked, the private bodyguards unsheathed sword to cut down Rowan but before even moving their hands, Rowan's comrades aimed their arrows at those private guards.

Corwin saw the situation was getting out of hands so he said: "Take your master down before you guys get butchered here."

"Captain Corwin, you cannot do this to us." another relative to one of the six council members shouted when he saw this but he could only shut when he saw a dozen or so arrows pointed towards him. 

"Alright...we are going but don't you dare listen to them. Just try to get as much time as you can before Patraich Dario and Ms. Violette comes back. Don't do anything stupid?"

Corwin didn't give him any reply. He just looked at them with cold eyes.

After the annoying people left, Corwin turned to face his comrades and said: "What do you guys want to do?"

"Captain...I worry about my brother. He might also be captured or .."

"Captain, please save them. Both my uncles, they are..."

"My big brother is also..."

Many of the guards had a relative or a friend recruited in the army that had gone to fight the enemies in the south. Now that they have captured, they worry about their lives. 

After listening to them and seeing their state, Corwin sighed has he made the decision,


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