The Pleasure Lord
121 Master Clayton fights!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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121 Master Clayton fights!

"Alex?...Wait, you are...Aren't you Master Alchemist Clayton Cliff!!" Old man Kon had never heard of Alex or anyone by that name but then he suddenly remembered who the person standing on the side of the boy was.

So it looked like he ignored Alex and then suddenly turned his face towards Master Clayton while exclaiming his name.

Alex's face twitched like it had never before. He felt humiliated and that in front of the person who was both his teacher and father in law.

Master Clayton couldn't help but laugh. This was the first time he found Alex in this kind of situation and looking at his face made it, even more, amusing for him.

On the other side, the old man Kon was confused seeing the alchemist master laughing to his words.

Master Clayton finally replied back after chuckling in laughter for a while.

"Yes, I am Clayton Cliff. Also, this is my disciple, Alex Mordrake. He is now, the new Lord of the Dorbank city and to only after defeating Darren Dorbank and Cole Jordan in the civil war." Master Clayton introduced Alex again to save his face. But it seems his help backfired instead.

"What!! How could this brat, who is still wet behind his ears defeat those two? Are making fun of me, Master Clayton." Old man Kon didn't find it believable at all.  With his Late Stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivation, Old man Kon saw that the boy was still giving an aura of him bring a 9th grade Body Tempering Realm cultivator.

But then he thought that even that level was quite impressive from a boy who was still fifteen or sixteen years of age. At least, in this region.

Such a thing had never happened before.


A nerve seemed to have been popped on Alex's head. But being the most benevolent and the wiser one in this room, Alex knew it better to keep calm.

Master Clayton forced and gathered strength from every cell inside his body to not laugh. And by the looks of his face, it did seem like a hard thing to do. Anyway.

"Whether you believe or not it does not matter. Don't try to waste time, we can kill you even before your guards arrive here. It would do you good if you just surrender." Master Clayton said showing cultivation level to pressure on the old man.

"Hmph, don't get cocky." President Kon was a little surprised at first but then he too unleashed the pressure that came with his cultivation level of Late Stage Dantian Formation Realm.

He thought that at least the boy and his goons would tremble because of the pressure he is unleashing on them but no such thing happened.

"Hmph, let's see if an alchemist like you can even fight." With that sentence, the old man started running Qi into his body to launch a powerful strike.

"I might not an elite fighter but beating an old man like you shouldn't be a problem for me." Master Clayton did the same before both of them made the first move simultaneously.

For Alex, this was the first time he was getting to see his master in action. Before, Master Clayton had never got the chance to show his skill previously during the civil war as Jordan had surrendered without even fighting.

The old man Kon seemed to have practiced a fist type Martial Art technique. His fist shined in a shallow brownish-yellow hue as he punched.

Master Clayton too did the same but instead of a punch he did a palm strike and it also shined up with a bright yellowish hue. 

When the fist and the palm met, a huge air current formed and flowed outward with Master Clatuon and the old man at the epicenter.

The tables and chairs slammed into the walls inside the room due to the Qi of their attacks being dispersed.

The puppets brought their arms in front and lowered their body a little to not get pushed back. Alex instead stood still like a rock with only his clothes flapping because of the wind.

The old man Kon suddenly took two steps back as he was not able to take it anymore. He felt his wrist might snap back. Master Clayton didn't let the old man get a break instead he started throwing punches, kicks and even elbows sometimes.

Master Clayton's attacks were quite many. A silhouette of a demon beast like a monkey formed on Master Clayton's back showing from whom his Martial art technique was derived from.

A silhouette like this can only be formed when the person has achieved Late-stage mastery in his Martial technique.

Like when Donald and Jack perform Roaring Tiger Fist. The silhouette of a roaring tiger envelops their fist because they had also achieved late-stage mastery in their Martial Art Technique.

The stages for showing mastery over particular Martial art is divided into five stages. That is the Initial stage, Intermediate stage, Late Stage, Peak stage and Perfect stage. 

A silhouette from which the particular Martial art technique is derived from is only brought out when the person achieves Late-stage mastery in their respective Martial Art Technique.

The silhouette of the monkey would become more defined and recognizable when his Master breakthrough in his mastery in his Martial art technique to Peak stage and then to the Perfect stage or perfection realm.

The old man Kon had also achieved Late-stage mastery in his fist technique derived from a bear type demon beast. But he was still losing to Master Clayton during hand to hand combat. This was because their martial Art Techniques are on completely different levels in terms of strength conversion and number of moves in it.


Master Clayton's punch connected to the right shoulder of the old man. He skidded for a few meters to get back on feet. 

Master Clayton might be having an upper end in the fight against the old man Kon at the start but like he had said before he was not an elite fighter. I

f it was someone else they could have already given some life-threatening wounds to the opponent by now.

Master Clayton got so many chances to strike various vital body parts like the eyes, trachea, etc ending the fight in only a few moves. But he never used them or maybe he never thought of them during the fight. 

On the other hand, the Old man Kon had only survived the fight till now was because he was able to predict most of the moves his opponent could make and the places where he could strike since his opponent was that readable.

After getting on his feet while holding his bleeding shoulder, the old man didn't back down but he started attacking like a caged beast not even defending himself against his opponent's attacks.

It was I die you die kind of situation though it was only a bluff by the Old man to corner Master Clayton.

It was Master Clayton's turn to be on the back foot as he had to keep dodging the punches and kicks going for his fatal body parts.



The office room had even started to form cracks on its walls and ground due to rampaging of Qi from the battle between two Dantian Formation Realm Cultivators. The puppets also backed a little so they don't get into their crossfire.

"Hah...Die" the old man said with a growl.

Alex thought he might need to intervene in between now or his Master might get some serious injuries.

But his Master seems to have finally got his rhythm back as he started to smarty dodge and making a fast counterattack. 

Master Clayton moved his head a little to the side to dodge the old man's punch and then quickly counterattacked by smashing fist onto the chest of the other.


Master Clayton send the Old man flying with that punch. Kon slammed into the ruble made of wooden furniture.

"Haha...It's been a long time since I had even fouth a battle like this. I got a little rusty it seems." Master Clayton said but he was still making a defensive stance because the fight was not over yet. 

Old man Kon stood up from underneath the rubble as he coughed a lot of blood. It seems some of his ribs had also fractured because he had a hard time catching up his breath.

"President Kon, its better if you surrender or do you still want to continue"

"Cough...cough, cough...Ahhh"

The old man ignored his injuries as he flung himself towards the Alchemist.

The situation suddenly got out of hand, as it seems that the old man Kon got a chance to pick a sword with its handle sticking out under the furniture's rubble. He swinging that sword right at his opponent.

Master Clayton dodged to the side to evade getting hurt and prepared himself for a follow up from his foe. The old man actually ignored the Alchemist leaped towards where Alex had been standing. His plan was to take the Alchemist disciple as a hostage till his guards come for his rescue.

Old man Kon bellowed and cursed while leaping at Alex to grab him by his neck.

Seeing this Master Clayton tried to stop him but he was a little late in reacting.

"You are digging your own grave old man." Alex snickered as he lifted his right hand the moment the old man's hand was going grab him.

"You..." Kon couldn't believe his eyes. The brat actually blocked his hand by clasping his wrist. Just when he wanted to free his hand that Alex was clutching, he suddenly heard his wrist break. 



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