The Pleasure Lord
119 Sneaking into the City
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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119 Sneaking into the City

Back to the City of the Merchant Union. A meeting was again held between the members of the Merchant Union.

"President Kon." a guard, jittering with fear, drew near him while gasping for air as he had run a great distance. 

"Frey's...the Freys are attacking the Pot and Perlshaw villages right now. President Kon, Captain ford is requesting reinforcement so that they can stop them or the enemies will get further inland and may threaten our city." Captain Ford was the Commanding officer of the Merchant Union whose responsibility was to keep a watch on the movement of the Frey's.

Not being able to confront the Frey's head on, he quickly sent a messenger to inform the higher up about the danger and to request reinforcement to come for their aid. 

After listening to the guard's message, Old man Kon viciously threw the teacup in his hand onto the ground and broke out in large curses. 

"Dammit! Why now? How could those bird brain brutes even think to attack us now?... Dammit! Dammit!" 

"President Kon, calm down. We need to think of a solution and make things." Hazmos tried to calm the Old man. So did the others except for Ms.Violette. 

" right, Hazmos. We need to think straight...Send a message to Nev, Thomas, and Kelis, tell them to send back three thousand soldiers immediately. Mr.Dario and...Ms.Violette, you two go ahead and lead them towards the east to stop the Frey's before they threaten the safety of our city." Old man Kon said after thinking for a moment. Nev, Thomas, and Kelis were three of the seven council members of the Merchant Union. They were leading five thousand soldiers which included both the reserves and the reinforcement, to take back the five villages they had lost to Alex 's men. The reason for sending Violette was because the Old man Kon didn't have a choice now. 

By this time, Old man Kon had already received pressure from many sides and was being scorched by the flames. 

As far as he knows, the enemies that had invaded from the south have stopped after taking over the five villages. It seems their intention is not to raid the villages but to permanently annex them.

Since that is the case then, it would suffice two thousand men to form a defense line between them and the city for now. Instead, the Frey's, intention is definitely to pillage every village that comes into their way. It is more important to stop them now before they can come closer to their City.

Right now, there were only a thousand men remaining here to defend the city. 

"President Kon, please send Mr.Hazmos in my stead. I am not experienced in doing land battles." Violette said.

"Ms.Violette you do not need to lead the soldiers at all. As a Dantian Formation Realm Expert, you only need to contain one of the three brothers. Rest you can leave it to Mr.Dario and Captain Ford. Not to mention, will your aide, Norman not go with you. He is also Dantian Formation Realm cultivator, like us. With you two and Mr.Dario there, our men won't have to fear the three brothers massacring them. And it's not like you will let Norman go alone with Mr.Hazmos while leaving you alone. If you can do that then, I won't have any problem with sending Mr.Hazom instead of you." Old man Kon said.

Violette frowned but didn't say anything. 

Old man Kon sneered internally when he saw her like that. 

'Hmph! What would I even get to kill you now? Unfortunately, I need your help right now. Wait till I push both the enemies back, then I will deal with you.' he thought in his head.

After giving everyone their responsibilities, Old man Kon dismissed the meeting. 

In a short time, Ms.Violette and Mr.Dario left the city with two hundred men to join the militia going east to fend the Frey's.

The only ones that were left in the Merchant Union city were Old Man Kon and Hazmos.

There was still an hour left to midnight. 

Some five hundred meters off the coast near the harbour of the Merchant Union, a ship steered to a complete stop. 

Three small paddle boats got lowered to the surface of the sea and the passengers sitting inside of it were fully clothed in black. Even their faces were with scarfs.

They soon started to paddle the boats to bring them closer to the shore where they land.

Only two persons were sitting idle on one of the boats. They were Alex and his Master Clayton Cliff.

Nop one spoke till they landed on the shore.

"Master, stay close to me. We will now sneak into the Merchant Union city. As I said, some of my men are already waiting for us on the other side of the city wall. They will guide us to the Merchant Hall. Don't worry, we will not get caught." Alex told his Master while his men were hiding the boats from plain sight. The ship had instead been left stranded five hundred meters off the coast with no one board. Write now including Alex and Master Clayton, the whole group amounted to thirty-five people.

Master Clayton nodded his head when Alex said that. This thing has already been discussed on the ship while they coming here. 

This is the first time when Master Clayton was accompanying Alex to the home ground of their enemies. 

He has already been stumped and impressed by Alex and his men who easily bypassed the patrolling ships of the Merchant Union to come here without alerting them of their presence. 

As they were nearing the walls of the city, Master Clayton could already see guards patrolling the walls with fire batons in their hands. Every thirty meters, a group of guards could be seen standing or walking to and fro. 

There was no way or gap through which they can enter the city without alerting guards. The trees here are very sparse as they had already been cut making it difficult for them to use it as a cover. 

Alex looked back towards his Master and just gave him a smile when he saw his worried face.

Master Clayton didn't understand the meaning of his disciple's smile. But in short while, his confusion was switched with shock and awe. He saw some of Alex's subordinates at the front running behind a big lone tree with knee-high grasses grown around it.

Those subordinates stopped for a moment as if they were searching for something. Suddenly, one of them bent down a little. Soon he lifted a wooden slab with some soil and grass on top of it. Beneath the wooden slab was a dark hole dug into the ground. 

Alex then looked back and signaled Master Clayton to follow behind him. They soon entered that dark hole and started to walk slowly in the passage that extended to somewhere underground. It was very narrow, pitch black and only one would go inside at a time. 

Master Clayton felt very hot and stuffy inside the passage. It almost felt like an eternity until Master Clayton saw a dim light at the end of the passage due to a torch.

In the end, the passage also widened a lot.

"Alex, how did you find this passage...No, it seems it has been dug recently. Did you this?" There were a few traces of surprise within Master Clayton's tone while checked the surface of the passage walls under the light of the fire torch.

"Master, this passage has been dug by my subordinates and it took them at least two months of work to get it done. This passage connects the entrance outside from where we had entered and to this warehouse inside the Merchant Union city." Alex explained as they came out of the passage to open space inside a warehouse. In fact, this passage only took the puppets one day to dug.

The soil was thrown into the inventory as it was scooped so there was no need to go to and fro through the long passage to dispose the soil.

This also made it possible for them to hide their work underground as they didn't have to worry about others finding out.

The puppets could have also widened the passage underground to make it more spacious but didn't get the time to do that as Alex thought of this only yesterday.

"Two months ago!!! Were planning to do something like this two months ago already. If so, then I have to say you really have some foresight." Master Clayton couldn't help but pat his students back when he said that.

Alex didn't blush at all after being praised like that. 

At this moment, two people walked in through the doors of the warehouse. It was Tagor, the chief commander of Alex's spy network and another was a puppet in disguise of a Merchant. It was him who owns this warehouse.

"Master, this is Tagor. He is one of my very trusted subordinates and also the person who manages the spies under me scattered all over the island and summarising important information that is collected by them. The person standing beside Tagor is also one of us." Alex introduced Tagor to his Master as he was an important puppet.

"It is my honor to meet you, Master Clayton" Tagor gave a bow and did the other Merchant puppet.

Master Clayton accepted their bow since they are his disciple's subordinates. 

"Master, its time to give the President of the Merchant Union a visit."

"Hm, let's go then" Master Clayton nodded his head in affirmation.


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