The Pleasure Lord
117 Two Choices
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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117 Two Choices

Norman thought that Master Clayton would at least go with his flow to calm the tension down in the room so that they can talk with clear heads. But things didn't go as he thought it would.

"Mr.Norman, it's hard for me to say anything to the Lord at this point even though he is my disciple after knowing how you showed yourself inside his house without even letting us greet you at the gate like a proper guest." Master Clayton made sure to stress the word Lord so that Norman can correct his attitude and treat his disciple like some normal teenage boy.

Norman needed to know that he is now facing a Lord and he has to show him respect no matter what he thinks.

Norman had been a butler to a merchant family since he was a child so understanding the warning from Master Clayton's words he quickly corrected his attitude knowing full well that he cannot expect any help from Master Clayton at least after what he had done before.

'Ah, I'm getting too old for this.' he thought before adjusting himself again.

"I apologize for my past behavior again, Lord Mordrake. It seems we have started on the wrong foot. To show that I had come in good will let me first tell you about myself."

After Alex nodded his head indifferently, Norman continued.

"Lord Mordrake, I don't know if you have heard of Ms.Violette Angevine of The Merchant Union. I've worked for her family since her father's time. The only people who know about my identity as a Druid is just Ms.Violette, her late father and now it's you and your family."

"Should I be proud and thank you for including us in your secret as well." 

Norman ignored his remark and continued "That not the point I want to make, I have come here on the orders of my master, Ms.Violette to propose an alliance between us and also to ask for your help."

"I am listening," Alex said but from his tone, he did not seem interested at all.

But in reality, he was asking Tagor telepathically about all the information on Ms.violette, her business, her allies, her enemies, everything that has been gathered by his spy network until now.

On the other side, Norman was cursing the brat till his seventh generation.

"I have come to you with a proposal to establish an alliance between you and my master on the basis of mutual benefits. I am sure Lord Alex needs a large amount of money and resources for training soldiers to defend your territory and to destroy your enemies. My master can help you with the funding part for your army and in return she only wants you to help her in finishing her ene..."

"Mr.Norman, I need you to stop right there before you anything ahead. First of all, I don't need any funding from a merchant to keep my army functional nor am I a mercenary. I will let my men bleed for others and wage unnecessary war just for the sake of money. You need to understand that first. If your master has so much money why doesn't she employ mercenaries to finish off her enemies? Now if you have any better reason to seek help from me then you can go ahead. There is no question forming an alliance since I don't want anything from you at all."

Master Clayton then interjected and said "Mr.Norman, it is better if you tell us your problem. That may help us come to any decision.

Alex, I have met Ms.Violette three years ago. She seemed like a good person and her reputation between the common people is also good as she had cheated them when doing business."

As Alex said, he is not a mercenary nor are his soldier's thugs that will kill a stranger without proper reason just for the sake of money given by others just to satisfy their personal vendetta.

After understanding that Norman started to like Alex as a person.

He thought that the boy would make a great leader to his people if he sticks to what he had said just now.

After thinking for a moment, Norman thought it was better to just tell the whole story and see if the boy can help him and his master in any way.

He does not have a lot of time, President Kon and the other five merchants have started to deal with them form the shadows long ago.

There have been many assassination attempts already on her, he can not always ensure her master's safety as he was getting old.

Also, her master won't relocate elsewhere without avenging her father's killers. Norman also wants to avenge her father who had always treated him like a brother.

'The best way to deal with the situation is to take out the tree from its roots...! Oh, Mother forest. Why am I even using a sentence like that? So not like a Druid. Sorry, Mother Forest. I didn't mean that.' Norman apologized to his god for thinking of such a phrase against their creed.

Coming back to the point, alas, Norman's strength is not enough to exterminate all enemies. For now, his main priority was just to keep Violette safe from the people with ill intentions.

Especially, that Count of Nehmor who don't know from where found out about Violette's situation and contacted her two months ago to provide help to them in avenging her father.

Norman hates that snake faced very much, the moment he saw him in their first meeting.

Violette for the time has not accepted help from that man and had put the hold to their talk for some time.

But now the situation is getting worse as the time is passing. Violette, who he treats as his own daughter had started thinking about accepting that snake faced offer.

Norman does not want that to happen at all costs even if it means giving up on revenge and forcefully taking Violette with her to live somewhere else far from this place. Now Norman's only choice is Alex if his instinct as a Druid is right on the mark.

"Alright then, Lord Alex…"

Norman paused for a moment before continuing.

"I am asking for you to help Ms.Violette avenge her father by exterminating the killers as they are now again scheming to take her life also. The main culprits are President Kon, Hazmos..." Norman told the name of every person that was somehow contributed to the death of his brother or is now a threat to Violette's life.

He also told them how Violette's father was killed and the impending crises they dealing with now that made them come here to ask Alex for help.

Silence ensued in the main hall for some time. after Norman finished telling his side of the story.

He waited for Alex to give his response. Alex was looking at the ceiling as if he was thinking about the matter and deciding what to do but in reality, he was conversing with Tagor getting information about the truth of the matter.

After listening to the report of his puppet, he found that Norman's story was believable at least and from his puppets finding, Ms.Violette really had a good reputation amongst the common people and small-time merchants as she did honest business with them.

Also, she treated her employees fairly good. This made him come to a decision very quickly. Alex does not really care about other people's problems or what oppression they had faced in their life.

They have to deal with their own problems, he is not some kind of savior or is running a charity of any kind, as he won't help everyone who comes his way.

The only thing that concerns him is his family and friends and now the citizens that reside in the territory he rules.

"Mr.Norman, I am not obliged to help you. We are but strangers to each other not to mention Ms.Violette is a member of the Merchant Union who had helped Cole Jordan in the war. He was my enemy and your master, Ms.Violette sitting on one of the seven council seats had agreed to help Cole Jordan, giving him an upper edge in his battle against Darren Dorbank. If it was not for me, Cole Jordan would have been the person to be sitting here."

"That already makes your master, Ms.Violette my enemy is that not. Should I still agree to help her just because of a thank you and then her saying bye-bye in the end. Getting any materialistic gift as thanks is also not what I want. I don't like it." Alex stated as a matter of fact.

Norman immediately interjected to clear the misunderstanding "No, she had not agreed with them at all. In fact, the decision was entirely taken up by President Kon when we not even present in the city. President Kon had already sent the troops at both the borders by then." 

Norman then quickly explained to him what had really occurred. About Merchant Henry's promise in the letter. Ms.Violette then didn't object to it but she also never really agreed. Plus even in dreams they never thought that an unknown boy would miraculously come out on top at the end of the war.

Alex turned to look at his Master who gave him a nod in return leaving the decision entirely up to him.

Alex smiled and then said "Hm, then it's ok, I guess. I have to say you are in luck. The merchant Union and the Frey's are having bad intentions towards me and my people. I will have to exterminate them one way or another as they are a threat to us already. I am giving you two choices now. Listen well..."


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