The Pleasure Lord
113 Countermeasures
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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113 Countermeasures

The chapter of the Nobles closed with the beheading of Darren Dorbank and Cole Jordan. Some families came forward and thanked Alex for helping them avenge their grievances caused by the Nobles to them.  

Anyway, the matter closed but the citizens were still talking about trials amongst themselves as the number of crimes read out by guards was too many and very heinous.

Also, just when the trials ended, the defeated army of the Merchant Union was escorted to the city's northern gates by Alex's soldiers. The citizens rushed there to see the prisoners of the war at the border.

They were very relieved to hear and see that their borders are safe and their City Lords army had actually won the battle there.

A number of families were relieved to know that their sons who still at the border under the name of Darren Dorbank army surrendered easily and were not stupid to fight against the army of their new Lord.

Instead, most of them had also returned back safe and sound. They were told to spend some time with their families after which they can report back at the army recruiting camp to become a soldier again but this time under the leadership of their new Lord Alex Mordrake.

There was no such prison in the city that could hold so many prisoners of wars. That's why Alex decided to establish a temporary camp outside the city near the east gates.

The prisoners were divided into groups of hundred and were made to erect four wooden walls enclosing a space comfortable for all of them to sleep and even walk around a little. 

They were very cooperative in forming their own prison because Alex had already told them they will be allowed to go back to their families living in the territory of the Merchant Union after some days.

No one will be tortured, beaten and treated like slaves if they cooperate with guards keeping an eye on them. Anyone who tries to flee or create any trouble will not be shown any mercy. The prisoners were given used Demon beast skin on which they can sleep. 


At dusk.

The Merchant Union City gates were closed and a curfew was put on the whole city.

People were told to get back in their houses and not move around city roads because before an hour ago dozens of messengers reached the city one by one bringing some very bad news from the borders and the villages near it.

Though the news was only passed onto the council of the seven merchants by the messengers, the truth was still leaked to the common people.

A rumor was soon spread among the masses around the city like wildfire that their armies at the border of the Dorbank territory lost and the enemy has invaded into their territory. Also, the enemies had already taken control of five villages under the Merchant Union and now only three villages remain in between them till they reach their city. 

That is why the council of the seven merchants decided to start a curfew in the city to curb any chances of panic among the masses which might even cause a riot.

Inside the tallest building of the Merchant Union, on the same round table, the seven members that make up the Merchant Union were sitting there having a grave expression on their faces. All of them felt like they sitting needles rather than chairs.

The old man could very well read their anxious expressions appearing on their faces, though his face looked much more anxious than the others since he was the one who agreed to take the risk.

The old man sighed as he spoke "It seems that we have lost the bet this time. We still don't know who the winner of the battle was clearly because our spies had stopped transmitting any messages from the Dorbank city since yesterday. Also, many of our messengers stationed in the three villages that are still under our control came here shortly with some very bad news. A large number of unknown armed troops had made their way inside our territory and had already seized five villages as our connection to those five villages are all lost. There are still no words from our army stationed at the border that was keeping Darren's army in check. Not even a survivor escapedout of there even if they had been defeated. This could only mean that either they had been completely crushed and defeated or our troops have switch sides altogether which is highly improbable. But the reality is that we are being attacked right now."

"Mr.President. this can only mean that Cole and those people from the sect have gone back on their words. Who can even attack us now other than them? Even if Darren Dorbank had won the war somehow, he isn't crazy enough to start another one with us and its not possible for him to defeat our forces this quickly. It's only possible if it was done by Cole and his helpers, particularly those helpers." the fattest of the seven members spoke as if it was a matter of fact.

"We are blind right now as to what has happened out there. I suggest that we take back our forces on the Frey's border and let them go and attack Dorbanks territory. Also, we need to strengthen the defenses of the three villages while also reorganizing our reserve troops and send them out to take back our land and villages that had been lost to the enemies." a busty woman in her thirties suggested to the group. But somehow the old man didn't seem to like her but he did not show it on his face.

"Yes, Mr.president. I think we should do as Ms.Violette has suggested. Another thing is that we need to inform Merchant Henry and if he shows ignorance about this matter than as the guarantor of this deal he should help us in this fight or else make up for our losses. If he doesn't agree to choose between these two options then we need to spread the word in the merchant community about him breaking his promise, ruining his reputation and the letter with his seal on it as proof." Another member said.

Others had the same suggestions to give. 

Finally, the old man thought this was the best thing to do for now. But to be sure, he privately sent a message through the hands of a messenger to the hidden contact person of the Lion shark pirate group.

With the promise of many slaves and money, he had asked the captain of the pirate fleet to attack the Dorbanks from the south. 

"Hump, I will make you regret ever going back on your words." The old man thought in his head.

Ms.Violette looked at the rest of the members talking among themselves before she took her to leave from the meeting. 

The old man looked at her back for a fleeting moment before he turned to Hazmos, the middle-aged man who likes to wear luxuries clothes and always maintains his beard neatly trimmed.

The old man whispered something into Hazmos ears when the other members also started leaving the room. 

"Hazmos, the time has come. She is definitely up to something that venomous bitch. You know what to do." Old man Kon said while gritting his teeth. 

"Old man Kon, our action may destabilize this alliance. We need to tread carefully on this matter more so when we are facing enemies from outside." Hazmos was clearly hesitating when he spoke that sentence.

"Don't fool me, you brat. I know you don't care about this alliance at all. The others may not say it out loud but they also want that bitch to die as soon as possible. You want that to happen more than anyone from our group. Who would have thought a harmless woman like her would grow up like this. She is just like that old bastard." Old man Kon, who is also called Mr.President said in annoyance.

Hazmos didn't flinch at all but a weird smile grew on his face as he said: "And you Old man, you just want her out because she is the only one in our group who can challenge your position as the President of Merchant Union. You want to retain your chair after you took it from her father and now since her influence and her business in the city and outside is growing far more than any of us in recent years, you fear that she will snatch your place the same way you did with her father."

A vein popped on the Old man's head but he didn't lose his cool "You brat, you and all the members supported my action that day."

"We supported you because Violette's father would not let us do businesses like flesh trading and human trafficking and his care for the commoners cost us a lot of money in our businesses. That is why we agreed to sabotaged his ship when he had sailed out from this island. You were the one who gave his information to the pirates, didn't you? But you never thought the previous President would live his beloved demon Beast pet with his daughter and his trusted aide for her protection before going out. This made you unable to kill her at that time openly and had to give her a position in the union as her influence on the city because of her father was high at that time. You thought that she will not be able to handle business left by her father and will slowly lose power but who would have thought she was more talented in doing business than even her own father. The people only know that Violette's father died in an ambush by the pirates. It looked like even Violette thought the same at that time. But it seems we all have been fooled by her."

"Will you do it or not." The old man said gruffly.

Hazmos sneered in his heart but said "Old man, I will do it even if you had said otherwise. But what about her pet and that aide. No one in this city is stronger than that duo."

To this, the Old man smiled showing his crooked teeth and said...


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