The Pleasure Lord
112 Public Trial
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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112 Public Trial

"Master, There is something I need to tell you. Last midnight I visited Joseph in his cell to make him open his storage ring. Though it took me some effort, I still got him to lift his soul mark off the ring. But other than that I got some information out of Joseph about his Master and their interest in this island. He told me that they were seeking some kind of ruins on this island and helping Cole Jordan was just a diversion for some people in the subcontinent. I found a map inside the ring which depicts that there is really some kind of manmade structure deep in the Swamp Marsh Forest on this Island."

"Joseph arrived here early to check those ruins out and his Master that is Elder Rey will also come here shortly after he finishes his work there on the subcontinent," Alex revealed.

Master Clayton was shocked as he listened to Alex but then he remembered forgetting to ask Joseph why he came here and killed him in anger after he got the name of those other culprits. Alex then took out the map from his inventory and showed it to everyone in the room. 

"The location of these ruins is on the far east of this island. That's a very dangerous place as no one has been able to reach there." Master Clayton said after he scanned the old map. He was not really familiar with these kinds of things so he returned it back to Alex. One thing that was clear was that these ruins should be of some worth since a character like Elder Rey wants to get hold of it without letting others know about it. It's worth their time to check this place out. 

Anyway, Alex continued "Master, no matter what, Elder Rey will definitely come here after he does not get any response from his disciple for a long time to check what has happened to him or for those ruins. It is evident that he will definitely come here though it will take him some months or maybe even a year. Master, it's a very good chance for you to clear all the past grievances with him hear on this island. But before that, we all need to strengthen ourselves greatly to face him or any other outside forces that come in the future.."

Master Clayton nodded his head. This time he didn't want to run away from his enemies. 

"Master, were there any pirates around active around the Novaria Kingdom twenty years ago that goes by the name of Desert Wing Pirates." Alex suddenly asked a question.

"Desert wing...pirates? No, there was no such group of pirates by this name as I remember. Why do you ask?" Master Clayton didn't remember any pirate group by that name.

"Well, you remember when I once told you that my men defeated some pirate group on an uninhabited island somewhere in the south. From whom I got those spirit stones. The name of that pirate group was desert wing pirates and their group actually originated from the sea around the Novaria kingdom. The pirates were once normal citizens of that kingdom or had lived around that place so, under the supervision of my men, they are building a town to start their life anew on the Greenedge island." Alex then told Master Clayton about Greenedge Island and his plan to develop it with the new residents.

He then also told his Master about the civil war happening inside the Novaria kingdom right now.

After talking about it for some time, they ended the meeting because it was time to hold the public trail in City Square for the defeated Nobles past crimes towards the citizen of this city. The people had already gathered at the place in the morning. The puppet/guards had been busy taking down and writing all the complaints by the people against the Nobles. A few temporary sheds were erected in every corner of the City square and in the guards were sitting to write all the complaints. Many people took part in that. 

At the time around noon, the city square was again jampacked by the citizens of this city. As it was time for the public execution of the criminals.  

Darren Dorbank, Darien Dorbank, Captain Aiden, Master Alchemist Hun, Cole Jordan, and all the Merchants that sided with any of the two sides like the master of Twin Lion Chamber of Commerce and Purple Tulip Merchant group, etc. Arnet and Lam were excluded because Alex still had some use of them. Also, Butler Jon or the previous head of the Pearl village was going to delt in the Pearl village itself in front of the villagers so he was also excluded.

On a stage, each prisoner was taken up after their names were called by a guard. Then another guard standing there would read out from a list about the crimes that prisoners have committed in front of the whole crowd.

All the crimes were reported to the guard before by the people but even Alex was not sure whether all those crimes were actually true or not.

Anyway, Alex organized this trial so that some people who hated these nobles could blow off some steam.

First, the lesser characters were made to go up on the stage.

When it was the turn of Mason's father and the head of the other big merchant groups, many people came forward and threw stones and mud on them.

A woman holding a three year old son cried in front of the crowd "My husband died because of these scumbags. They destroyed my family's only shop when we didn't comply to sell our goods at a high price like them..."

Many people like her came forward to pelt stones at the heads of the Merchant groups for the various crimes they had committed for profit and their own interest. They had squashed many people's livelihoods using force, and underhanded means.

Alex had thought of beheading the offenders but since the people were stone pelting them then so he rather let them die the barbaric way for at least today.

He then told his puppets to out and gather more stones and distribute it to the people.

The eye's of Mason's father and other people like him were trembling with fear.

Though the sight was not pretty still many people came forward and kept throwing stones at them until the culprits died and didn't move for some time. The puppets then came in and cleared the stage of the brutally disfigured and bloodied corpses. 

Then it came the turn of Master Alchemist Hun, Captain Aiden and other high standing people who are very loyal to their respective houses. Alex thought that a person like Master Alchemist Hun would have been a little respected by the people but how so wrong he was.  

It seems that many people's relatives died because of pill poisoning after Master Alchemist Hun tested his half baked products on them. Also, many cases against him reported by some families to guards that he actually raped little girls at the age of 9 or even smaller than that. It was not known o many people other than the Nobles.

Others had cases like extorting people using their position, etc. They were also stoned to death.

Then came the infamous Young Master Darian Dorbank who was hated by almost everyone. Gareth Jordan would also have been here if he did not die on that day at the hands of his own father.

 For Darien, Alex had to make different arrangements. It was because many people had lifted their hands to throws stones at him and this would have killed him in a few seconds. That's why he ordered guards to take Darien aside and tie him to a wooden pole.

People were told to make a line and come one by one to throw stones in their hands. Each was given two stones in their hands. Interestingly, no one targeted Darien's head but they instead aimed for the thing between his legs.

This went on for fifteen minutes until a teenage boy around 18 or 19 years of age threw a stone like a bowler in a baseball towards Darien.

The stone hit right on its target that is the already beaten and bruised balls of Darien's. With a huge shriek, Darien cried out load but no one took mercy to his situation. 

Darren looked at his son's situation as he was brought up the stage with Cole Jordan just behind him. With bloodshot eyes, Darren turned his head and stared at Alex's group with great resentment. 

Alex didn't shift his eyes away but walked up to the stage and stood in between Darren and Cole. The public in the city square slowly stopped talking as they turned their attention to the young Lord.

Darien had stopped moving as he already succumbed to his injuries by then due to the stones thrown at him.

Alex faced the crowd after he was handed two machetes from the guards near him holding one in each hand. Cole and Darren were forced to kneel and their heads were placed on the wooden U-shaped stand on the platform.

None of the two could resist or utter any single word because their mouth was blocked by pieces of clothes. 

The Machetes were raised high in the air right atop the heads of the two Nobles who ruled this city for many years. 

Alex swung the weapons in his hand down hard.




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