The Pleasure Lord
109 Three Fanged Shadow Hall
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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109 Three Fanged Shadow Hall

Selena was passed out for at least ten minutes before she opened her eyes. She looked to her right side only to see Alex's dark blue eyes looking back at her without blinking.

"Are you fine now?" Alex caringly asked as he caressed her hand in his.

Selena smiled and spoke lightly"Only a little exhausted. You are a beast you know that"

"That I know" Alex proudly accepted the praise.

As Alex's eyes roamed her body, Selena instinctively felt somewhat shy, especially when his eyes fell upon her tall and full twin peaks. Some of the sensitive parts near her waist also weren't spared. Under the caress of his bold gaze, her body started to burn, making her a little embarrassed. However, Selena was not timid now after spending two night s with Alex, so she didn't retreat despite her shyness. Instead, she even pushed out her breasts, seeming very confident in her own body. She too began to scan her lover's body without any shyness of a girl like before

When Selena looked down she was surprised to see that Alex's weapon still standing tall and rock hard like a rod.

"Alex...You really are a beast." Selena purred in Alex's ear. Alex smiled and played with her body again.

Selena did it one more time with Alex after which she was completely exhausted and directly woke up in the morning. But she didn't find Alex by her side. Selena found that her body was very active and full of energy. 

She was still stark naked that's why she quickly got dressed went out of the room to get back in her own before anyone else see's her coming out of Alex's room.

But she was still caught by Julie and Meg who were right now standing in front of her room and were talking to Anna currently. Selena heard Anna telling her mother the truth about her big sister's whereabouts. 

Julie and Meg saw Selena coming towards them with her head low, seeing this both of them couldn't help but laugh. They looked at each other before they gave Selena a knowing smile. Selena's face got red with embarrassment being caught like this by the elders. Suddenly Selena was dragged into her room by Julie and Meg with Anna following behind them. As to what they talked about inside no one know's except the four of them.


Alex right now was accompanying Master Clayton to the prison. Alex guessed the reason for this visit should be Joseph. After entering the prison, a prison guard showed Master Clayton to Joseph's cell. Joseph raised his head and looked at his visitors.

As Joseph saw Master Clayton clearly, he could not help but furrow his brows. Joseph felt like he had seen this man somewhere, but no matter what he couldn't remember where.  

Nevertheless, he immediately became alert because he could feel the immense hatred directed towards him in that person's eyes.

Suddenly Master Clayton stopped and turned to face Alex and said:" Wait outside for a moment. I want to beat this bastard for some time by myself."

"Alright" Alex nodded waited outside the cell and only Maste Clayton entered it. At first, he thought that Master Clayton would have a small chat with the prisoner first and Joseph also thought the same but both of them were very wrong. Suddenly out of the blue with no words, Master Clayton started beating the hell out of Joseph. Rain of punches and kicks started showering on Josephs's whole body and especially his face.

"Ohh...that must have hurt" Alex could see that Master Clayton was clearly releasing his anger on Joseph by beating him almost half to death. 

"You really don't remember me" Master Clayton blandly asked.

Joseph asked with some difficulty as he had lost at least seven teeth from his mouth because of the beating, "Who...are you?"

Master Clayton replied, "The Novaria Kingdom, twenty years ago. You were present in the palace on that day when Jord Novaria was going to be crowned to become the Next King of Novaria Kingdom. I was present there too."

Alex thought in his mind 'Novaria Kingdom? Isn't that place in the south end of the Belmont subcontinent from where those Dessert wing pirates escaped from. What's the relationship between Master Clayton and that kingdom?'

Joseph was instantly stunned and looked at Master Clayton's face in utter shock. His eyes kept roaming on Master Clayton's face as if he was trying to remember who the man was.

After a long time when Joseph finally matches Master Clayton's face with a teenage boy in his memory, his dry lips trembled as he hoarsely spoke a single name in shock, "It's you, Clayton Novaria."

Master Clayton did not show any expression with Joseph's shock, he took the chance and spoke, "You are going to die no matter what but if you tell me about those behind that incident then I will send you to the afterlife without any pain."

Master Clayton reached his hand out and patted Joseph's cheek as he asked, "Can you tell me…..the name of that organization your master had worked with?"

Joseph suddenly laughed hysterically as he spoke, "You want to find them? Why do you want to die so quickly? No…cough, cough…..o, I understand now,  With your ability, you wish to get revenge on them for what they did to your family right? Don't you think that you're overestimating yourself? You were lucky that you escaped from there alive last time, hehe, cough…"

A sudden imposing force came from Master Clayton, suppressing Joseph's breathing, after heaving for a while, Joseph replied with a sneer on his face, "So what if you are already a Late-stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivator just like me, no wonder you're family was so ignorant, haha...not to mention you are still incomparable to my Master, cough how can you even dream to face those guys with your puny strength, you'll still die a brutal death just like your father and brother died on that day, haha….cough….ah….."

Master Clayton had kicked Joseph over, viciously stepping onto his hand, twisting his feet forcefully, "Is that so?"

Joseph vomited another mouthful of blood, he was both worried and angry, knowing that his life cannot be saved now. Joseph made a decision not to give away a single thing about that organization no matter how he is tortured. 

Even after getting beaten up very badly by Master Clayton, Joseph still did not say a word about that organization. Master Clayton was disappointed and also angry because he knew he won't be getting anything out of Joseph's mouth no matter how he tortures him.

Suddenly Alex shouted from behind "Joseph, cooperate with Master or else this time I will not stop my men from having their way with you like last night."

Master Clayton looked back in confusion about what his disciple was talking about.

Joseph trembled visibly as he suddenly remembered Alex was also present here. He could never forget how close he came on losing his dignity last night as a cultivator and also a man.

"You...bastard" Joseph looked at Alex with hatred and fear. 

Alex smiled like a devil from hell "It's your choice really."

Joseph gritted his teeth in anger but he still said four words "Three Fanged Shadow Hall"

Master Clayton revealed a faint smile, "Wonderful, Joseph, soon….your Master and that organization will come and keep you company in the afterlife."

Joseph gurgled a sentence, but within it contained the sound of sloshing blood, no one could make out what he said in the end as Master Clayton destroyed Joseph's chest with a smash.


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