The Pleasure Lord
108 Passionate night **
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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108 Passionate night **

"No...I didn'"Selena stuttered to even form a sentence not to mention find an excuse to say at this moment. She didn't know why but she felt a little afraid and anxious about how Anna would react to this. Would this affect their friendship or the relations between them and also with Alex?

Anna was looking at her with eyes wide open in surprise. Just when Selena was preparing for Anna to yell at her or maybe react in a negative way, suddenly she felt another pair of hands placed on top of her own.

"Did it really feel good?" Anna asked.


"Big sister, did it really feel good like mother told me it would? You know, making love?" Anna asked the question with such innocence that Selena's head blanked for a moment. Anna's eyes did not even contain a tinge of jealousy or hate towards her.

Anna was really asking her to only satisfy her curiosity towards sex and didn't really mind if anything like that had happened between Selena and Alex.

"It...It felt good..." Selena awkwardly replied.

"Really! Tell me, how did it happen." Anna cutely asked again wanting to know how their first night went.

Selena seriously didn't know whether laugh or cry. She felt blessed for having such a cute and pure little sister.  

"It was all because of your shameless big brother, Alex. One day, that rascal..." after repeatedly being asked, Selena finally told Anna about everything she experienced that day. She told her about the pain and the feeling of immense pleasure during that session with Alex. Of course she didn't say anything in detail as it was too embarrassing for her to say in front of Anna.

Finally, Selena told Anna about how after having coitus with Alex, her Cultivation level broke through three grades of Body Tempering Realm in one go and now she was very close in having a breakthrough again. Even Alex also benefited in his cultivation but not as much as her.

"How can that be? Mother did not say anything of this sort happening due to sex." Anna asked in confusion. Julie really did not know anything about dual cultivation because this concept is not widely known to the common people in this backward area. 

"Alex said it was because of the unique cultivation technique he has been practicing," Selena explained Anna the basic concept behind dual cultivation and how it benefits the couples performing it together during intercourse.

"You mean to say that if big brother Alex regularly does that with you then it can benefit both your cultivation and improve it at a much faster rate." 

"That's what Alex told me," Selena replied with an affirmation. 

"If it makes big brother stronger than why are you not helping him now." Suddenly Anna who was lying flat on the bed listening to Selena sat up in a hurry. The little fox

Before Selena could say anything, Anna forced her out of the bed and said: "If intercourse can help the big brother to increase his strength rapidly then you should be helping him right now." 

"Wh...what!!" Selena was flustered after she heard Anna say that. She couldn't believe her ears for a moment. 

"GO, GO! " Anna almost pushed her out of the room.

"Wait, wait, Anna. Listen to me." 


Anna closed the door of her room from inside after forcing Selena out of the room.

Selena really couldn't believe Anna would react like this forcing her to go into Alex's room to dual cultivate at this time of the night. 


Coming back to the present, Selena knocked on Alex's room after standing in front of it for some time. Selena actually didn't mind Anna forcing her to come here because deep down in her heart she also wanted to spend some time with Alex as she kept remembering her first time with Alex. 

"Come in, Selena" Selena surprisingly heard Alex calling her name from across the door. 

She pushed the door open and stepped inside only to see the bedroom being brightly lit by numerous candles. She saw Alex lighting the last few candles wick near the bed after which he turned to face her with a smile on his face.

"Alex...this is..." Selena wanted to ask why Alex had lit so many candles.

"I had a feeling you would come. That's why I lit the room with these candles." Alex replied cheekily. 

He then walked up to where Selena was standing and reached out his hand towards her bee waist embracing her within his arm.

"So the reason for you to be here is," Alex asked after giving a small peck on her lips.

"Ahh..." Selena shyly closed her eyes and spoke "It's because... I was missing your company."

"Really? I was missing you too."  Alex lifted her up like princess and carried her in his arms to the bed.

After Alex put Selena down on the bed she finally noticed flower petals scattered all over the bedsheet.

Selena looked at his lover lovingly. As they suddenly locked eyes, Alex noticing that her's were different from before. Normally kind and innocent, her striking green eyes were now filled with love but also with a lust-fueled passion that he'd never seen before but was definitely into. Selena wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into her slim body, kissing him suddenly.

Alex just couldn't resist her advances and before he knew it, his hands were roaming all over her body as they kissed passionately, feeling the smooth and warm skin of her bare stomach below the blouse she was wearing.

Their kiss was light at first but their intensity and lust grew from there, hands exploring each other's bodies and making out deeply. 

Alex's mind exploded as he felt up his lover's soft body and felt her tongue slip into his mouth.

Alex got increasingly turned on as his little member started rising from its slumber. Selena could also feel it growing hard on her stomach as Alex heard her subsequently moan into his mouth knowing that she felt it too.

He grabbed a handful of her thick ass, feeling the faint outline of her inner underwear which was actually just a cotton cloth wrapped around her private part, much like a dodou used by women in medieval times on earth.

All inhibitions the shy girl had were now drowned out by pure love and lust, and she began to kiss him just as wildly.

She was so horny that her hands immediately went to the bottom of his upper robe, pulling it over his head and tossing it aside. She bit her lip and took a moment to appreciate his toned body before pulling off the loose blouse covering her breasts by herself. 

Seeing the sight of those white big bunnies getting freed, Alex grabbed one of them giving a soft and flexible feeling when grabbed and began kissing her even hotter and more passionately than before. He felt her hands on his body and he put his on hers, wanting all of her.

Alex's hands ran over her slim body and tight bouncy ass, only encouraging her to feel him up as well. As they passionately made out, she trailed her hand down his torso until she felt the outline of the rock-hard dick in his lower pants, gently grabbing it and causing his entire body to tense up.

It didn't take long before the two them helped each other get out of the last clothes they had on their body becoming completely naked.

Alex stopped for a moment to take a deep look at her beautiful body being shined on by the numerous candlelight in the whole room. Selena blushed at how exposed she was, her slim and sexy body on display.

Alex nibbled on her hard nipples. Licked the tender flesh around it.

And Alex brought his hand to her crotch. Let the fingers trace a path around the rim. Then he pushed the fingers inside her.

Selena's head rolled back and her body trembled under the pleasure.

Her grip tightened on his wrist. She guided the hand up and down, fingers in and out.

"Ahhn...Mmmm...Don't stop...keep ...doing that....Ahhh...OH GOD!"

Sweet Juice kept running down the inside of her legs. Dripped down Alex's hand while coating it in a pleasing warmth.

Alex then backed a little as he leaned over on the bed and made a long lick to her very wet pink pussy, which he then sucked between his lips making it even more engorged. Then on the wet fold of flesh between her legs. 

Selena gasped. Her hands gripped his head and buried it between her legs. Her soft flesh rubbed each side of his nose.

Selena felt a tingling in her feet and hands. She knew an orgasm was coming. 

Then the orgasm crashed down on her like a waterfall. It washed over her. Thrilled her immensely.

Her legs went limp. The two kissed furiously again. Selena moaned, begging to be devoured by that powerful mouth.

Alex raised himself up and positioned himself over top of Selena in a missionary position and kissed her just as passionately. She was not expecting it and was soon panting heavily.

Alex's cock was like a heat seeking missile, no hands required, it located her hot wet slit and slid in after stretching her pussy with some difficulty to his size and until his balls were bumping her ass. Selena felt pain but this time it was much easier to handle as the pain went away quickly living only pleasure in its place.

"Ahnnnnn...Mmmmm....ohhhh yeahh" Sounds of panting and flesh hitting flesh filled the whole room for at least an hour. 

Selena went to the edge of an orgasm. Alex sped up. The orgasm started at her crotch and blossomed across her body. Along the length of her limbs. She felt the pleasure in each corner of her body.

On feeling his hot seed she orgasmed harder than she had up until that point, enough that she passed out.

Alex curled up beside her. Sweat drenched flesh against sweat drenched flesh.


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