The Pleasure Lord
106 Naughty Guards
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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106 Naughty Guards

Arnet looked tensed seeing that the boy was not lured into his trap. He still did not know who Alex was and thought the greedy boy came here just for the contents of the ring.

He thought maybe the boy would swear the devil's oath easily and since the boy was able to come here without restriction from the guards and even talk like that with Joseph then he should be the son or relative of whoever had defeated them in the battle.

After the boy takes the devil's oath to release him after he tells him what's inside the ring then he can easily get out of here as no one would want to go back on the Devils oath. Even the relative of the boy would never want that. But it seems like the boy was not stupid nor he was greedy.

Alex smiled for a moment as he looked at the tensed expression of Arnet and then he said "You know what, I can give you a chance to redeem yourself if you tell about content of the ring. If there is anything worth my attention then I promise not to kill you nor will I let anyone harm you on this island in any way. Also, if you do not take my offer then I will not be able to stop my men having their way with you. They can be naughty sometimes in this prison you know. How about that, huh?"

A cold shiver went down Arnet's spine when he heard Alex say with a 'you know what I mean' smile. The guards behind Alex even started to laugh in a very creepy way. Goosebumps rose on Arnet's body when he thought himself getting ravaged by a bunch of men in the prison.

"I w..will tell's a..." Arnet was scared when he saw that the prison guards even started picking amongst themselves on who gets the first chance to ruin his flower.

Of course, it was Alex who told them to act like that. Now he was even thinking of using this trick with Joseph and get him to open the Ring.

"HUMMMM,HUMMMM,HUMHUM,HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" It seemed like Joseph was trying to warn Arnet as to whatever he was trying to reveal. Though Joseph himself was not sure if Arnet even knew what was inside his Interspatial Storage Ring nevertheless he did not want to take any risk exposing that thing. 

"It's a map...a tre..treasure map. Inner Sect Elder Rey of our Riverland Mountain Sect gave the map to Joseph before we began our journey to come here. You can ask Lam, he was the one who saw it with his own eyes. He even heard Elder Rey say to joseph to protect that map with his life."

Joseph's voice stopped coming the moment map word was spoken by Arnet. 

" Elder Rey?" Alex frowned. He was monitoring the heart rate of Arnet by covering his body with his Spiritual Sense.

Alex could differentiate between a person telling a lie or a truth by checking their facial expression, body language, and heart rate among many other things as that technique was taught to him by both his father and mother in his previous life.

The technique was only 78 percent accurate but that was considered a lot.

With the help of Spiritual Sense which works like an x-ray, Alex does not even need to use his hands and can tell a lie from the truth with 99.999 percent accuracy. Just that this technique is only useful mostly on mortals as they cannot put a resistance towards his Spiritual sense when it covers their body.

Right now, the prisoners were given the Qi depriving pill which makes them unable to recover, use or even feel the existence of Qi in the air.

So there was no question of resisting his Spiritual sense. Even their clothes which are made of materials that can reflect Spiritual Sense after it is supplied with a small amount of Qi from time to time cannot put resistance to his Spiritual Sense as it has not been supplied with Qi for more than four hours.

These clothes are usually worn by cultivators as they can put a constant layer of Qi around their body to keep others from spying inside their clothes.

Cultivators can do that with their own Qi also but covering your body with your Qi the whole time is not practical and sustainable.

That's why clothes like this were invented and made with the help of runes. Here on this island, only rich people wore them as it is expensive to import them from the Belmont Subcontinent and even Alex and his families have started wearing them now.

Coming back to the topic, Alex knew that Arnet has told him the truth because he checked with his Spiritual Sense working as a lie detector tool.

"Yes, it's definitely a treasure map. Elder Rey did not send Joseph here just to help Cole Jordan. His main task has something to do with the Map and this place. Cole Jordan was just a cover up so that Elder Rey can hide from his enemies his real intention for sending Joseph to this Island." 

Arnet then told Alex how he came to know of this truth and his life in the Riverland Mountain Sect. He even went as far as to say that he was forced to come here as he cannot say no to an Elder and he hates Cole Jordan plus his younger son for stealing away his position that he worked so hard to qualify for it.

Alex found an unusual spike in blood pressure in Joseph's body when Arnet said that sentence. There's definitely some truth to what Arnet was saying as Joseph's reaction is also telling the same thing.

"...Um, I will first have to check whether what you have said is true or not. If it's true then I will definitely not kill you as planned nor will I let men do those kinds of things to you and if that map is worth my time then I may even consider releasing you with a devil's oath of course. 

The guards behind him acted like they have been disappointed with the results, but Arnet seeing them like this was relieved in his heart that at least the sanctity of his backdoor will not be destroyed in this dark prison.

Alex stood up and went back to Joseph's cell. He entered inside of it with a big smile on his face while also showing his white teeth to Joseph. He took the rag out of his mouth.

"Your sect brother is quite nice, isn't he? See how easily he cooperated. Like him, I will also give you a chance to save yourself from getting deflowered by these sex-crazed prison guards. Liftoff your soul mark from this Interspatial Storage Ring or else you know what will happen." Alex said.

One could see Joseph struggling with his inner self as his face was filled with indecision with his body trembling fear. The fear was not because of death or torture but it was because of losing the honor of being a man.


"No? really? Of then. If that's what you want. Guys, come in maybe it's your lucky day. Just try to keep him alive." Alex said that he went out with a disappointed face.

"Boss, can we try that spikey pole at the end. I always wanted to see how far it can go inside up a man's ass." Guards said while pointing at a metal pole used torturing prisoners hanging up on the wall. 

"You can use it but as I said try to keep him alive"

The guards who looked like they had been given a free pass to enjoy a free buffet all you can eat till sunrise, rushed to get in the prison cell like Ragingbulls in heat.

Joseph shivering like a girl about to be molested raped as the guards ganged upon him. He used all his strength to keep his ass on the ground so that these hyena's don't take a bite out of it.

Alex was facing two cells opposite Joseph's and coincidently in that cell the prisoners were none other than Darien Dorbank and Mason who was the son of the Twin Lion Chamber of Commerce. Mason was imprisoned because of his father siding with Cole Jordan and also because of his past bad deeds. Both Darien and Mason saw the seen of the guards entering Joseph's cell while laughing like weird perverts. They even say a guard taking the barbed and spiky metal rod from the wall inside the cell. This was the first time they had seen something like this happening in front of their own eyes. 

Alex almost bursted out in laughter when he saw them both trembling while becoming a ball in the corner of their respective cell.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! STOP!STOP!STOP FOR GOD'S SAKE! STOP! I WILL DO WHATEVER YOU SAY PLEASE GET THEM OFF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Joseph shrieked like a molested girl. His scream was loud that almost half of the city might have woken up from the sleep near the prison. 

When Alex turned around, he saw Joseph being held facedown and ass up by the guards around him who were still busy groping his body parts in a very vulgar way.

His clothes had long been torn and thrown away as he had become as defenseless as a naked chicken about to be butchered.

That saying can be considered to be applied here because a guard has almost positioned his weapon at Joseph's backdoor to pierce through it in one go. 

Joseph's breaking point came at that exact moment when he felt the touch of that hot weapon about to pierce through his scared chrysanthemum.


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