The Pleasure Lord
104 Lord Alex Mordrake!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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104 Lord Alex Mordrake!

A huge platform was erected by the gates of Dorbank Family Manor so that all the people gathered in the square can properly see the person who is going to speak to them.

It was built really fast in no time. A group of people then walked on to that platform from the other side that is the back.

The crowd slowly started to stop talking as they perched their heads up to see the people standing on the platform. Just when the sound of noises due to discussions between the people had died down, suddenly they started talking about the people on the stage in surprise, doubt, and various other moods and tones.

Master Clayton and her daughter Selena were immediately recognized by most of the people as they had been quite famous inside the city.

People knew Meg and Julie because of the shop they had opened. Some people had seen Donald and Jack in action when they fought with Arnet and Lam so many people pointed their fingers to tell others about them.

Some also knew or had heard of Alex as he was the one who thrashed Young Master Dariel Dorbank and his thugs right in the middle of the streets in front of the public. 

But people guessed that he was Alex as they had heard about him being young, handsome and very attractive. While the rest like Anna, Hank and Tom were not very well known.

Information and rumors spread like fire about the people standing on the platform among the public.

Alex waved his hands and the people became quiet after some time.

Alex would be deceiving himself if he said he was not nervous while confronting the sea of people. This was the first time he needed to deal with such a big crowd on this level. But this is something he would be doing a lot in the future.

Alex raised a blowhorn to put it in front of his mouth. Amplifying the sound coming out of his mouth with the help of his Qi and the blowhorn, Alex started speaking.

"A lot of you do not know who I am so let me tell you all my name first. My name is Alex.  Some of you people might know me as Master Clayton's disciple. I have gathered you here at this moment to declare an important message. As you all know just know a battle has been fought between the forces of Darren Dorbank, the Lord of the Dorbank city and Cole Jordan who is one of the six Noble houses that resided in this city. The reason for them to start a bloody war was to acquire or defend the right to rule this city and the people that reside in it... Let me tell you..."

Alex did not stop in his speech and made sure to tell the public about everything that has happened until now so as to give them a clear idea of the whole picture.

From the beginning till the end. He said everything about his involvement in destroying the Fearsome Blood Gang to defeating all five families which consisted of Dorbank, Jordan, Hestia, Damon, and Cameron.

He told them how his men safeguarded the commoners and their sons from being affected by needless killing because of some people's selfish wish to attain power. 

A silence ensued on the whole ground as the public digested everything that Alex had said until now. The residents of the slums were shocked to know that the three new gangs protecting them till now were actually subordinates to that young men.

They were following his orders from the beginning and protecting them from being misused by the Nobles in inciting chaos in the city for their own personal gains.

Most of them had already decided way before coming here on the ground that they would only treat the heads of those three gangs as their leader no matter who wins the war or who becomes the Lord.

But now a change was happening inside their hearts and slowly their trust and feelings were shifting towards Alex, the hidden boss of their benefactors. 

The guards irrespective of their allegiance before were thankful to Alex for stopping them from mindlessly killing each other. The families of those soldiers were even more filled with gratitude towards the people who brought their sons and husbands back alive.

Again discussion started between the public on the matter. After sometime when they calmed a little down. Alex started speaking again.

"I have long since been fed up from the ways that the ruling Lord and those in power acted towards us like we were their slaves, a chess piece which they would throw around at whim. If someone questions them then they will curb that voice out in an instant by smashing them under their sword. You all are very familiar with these people so I will not go on telling what misdeeds that had done as you know it better than me. I took it upon myself to not only save my family and friends from those monsters but also you as I had the power to do so."

"Make your choice, people. Do you want to follow me in my quest to bring peace to this island and prosperity for its inhabitants? Do you people agree to take me as your Lord because I promise that in my rule no child or adult will die of starvation and poverty. I will make sure that there everyone has a proper roof above them and sufficient food on their table. I will make sure to give each citizen of this city and its territory under my rule an equal opportunity to empower themselves with knowledge, skills and have access to resources for cultivation purposes based on their talent and potential. I will not let any discrimination happen against you all in terms of rich and poor, weak or strong and because of status. Everyone will have equal rights and no one will be above law.  I will forever protect all the citizens no matter what cost I have to pay. I ask you again."

"Do you take me, Alex Mordrake, son of Jack and Meg Mordrake as your Lord!!!"


"Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" "Lord Alex" 

The crowd roared fanatically as they started to cheer instantly, and joy and happiness appeared on the smiles on everyone's face. This time Alex did not order his puppets to do anything among the people. It was all real.

Behind Alex, Jack and Meg were struggling to hold back their tears when they heard him declaring himself proudly as their son in front of everyone.

Master Clayton also felt proud of his student. Anna was innocently smiling from ear to ear as if the cheers and praise were sung for her instead of Alex. Selena was also feeling the same. 

Alex smiled and so did the people standing on the stage.

"I have some announcements to make. I am exempting all citizens of this city and the villagers around from paying taxes for straight six months. Also after five months, you only need to pay six percent of your personal income as tax and not forty percent like before so that I can use it to build strong houses, roads, and upgrade villages into town for you people and make your life better."

"Darren Dorbank and Cole Jordan with their families are prisoned in the cell right now. Tomorrow I will open a fair public trial for the crimes that had done against you. They will be executed tomorrow in front of everyone. Now you can go and rest in your houses for today. The soldiers that came and commoners forcefully recruited by the Jordan family will be provided with food and a place to stay for the night. You can go back to your villages and reunite with your family tomorrow." Alex lowered the blowhorn with the last sentence. 

Suddenly, the reputation and prestige of Lord Alex had reached an all-time high. The sounds of applause gradually increased in volume until everyone within the crowd was clapping and cheering.

 "Long Live Lord Alex!" "Long Live Lord Alex!" "Long Live Lord Alex!" "Long Live Lord Alex!" "Long Live Lord Alex!" "Long Live Lord Alex!" "Long Live Lord Alex!"

Even the platform on which Alex and others were standing started to shake a little because the cheer was so powerful. The crowd jubilant cheers even traveled outside the city and were heard by the people in the villages near them.

Master Clayton and the rest were stunned, but they soon shook his head helplessly.

Obviously, it was Alex's intention to win his people over.

The cheers went on for while till the puppets did not slowly start to make them leave in order.

For the time being, the work of guarding the city and ensuring law and order is followed by the people properly, these responsibilities will be taken up by the puppets. 

The sun was slowly starting to set in the western horizon until the common people reached their homes and the others who did not reside in the city were accommodated a place to sleep for the night.

The combined army of three thousand men directed by the puppets had finally reached the borders aligning to the Merchant Union. After liberating Pearl village, they divided into three groups to quickly take control of villages that were left unguarded and just before sunset they reached their destination in time.


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