The Pleasure Lord
102 Enemies Captured
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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102 Enemies Captured

Though Joseph didn't want to believe what Alex had just announced, this would explain why Cole Jordan had still not arrived here yet. Cole Jordan has gone after his troops for too long so the chances of him being dead are huge. 

"Cole Jordan is dead!?" Darren was confounded. He knew that Master Clyton's new disciple is a genius in Alchemy and cultivation but he can never think that this boy can kill someone at Cole Jordan's level.

"Yeah, he is dead. No need to be surprised. I will send you there to meet up with him. Oh, the old man seems to be not breathing." Alex pointed at the old man lying in Darren's arm.

"No! Father!" Darren quickly checked his pulse but unfortunately, Darbon Dorbank was no more in this world.

"Brat, you are too full of yourself. I was thinking of inviting you to join my Sect just now but I don't think you will even appreciate that." Joseph had enough chit chat. Ignoring Darren, Joseph first decided to deal with the boy.

But suddenly he saw numerous people coming out from several alleys and the streets behind and in front of him.

Joseph, Darren, and their respective men were completely surrounded and even the roofs of the houses and shops had some people standing on them.

Alex was also getting bored and since Master Clayton wants Joseph alive, he decided to deter his enemies into surrendering themselves immediately.

With so many 9th grade Body Tempering Realm puppets, Alex could have finished this war earlier using human/puppet wave tactics but he didn't want to lose even one of his precious subordinates. 

Since his enemy's numbers had gone down so much, Alex finally decided to show his strength all right away.

The puppets showed themselves one by one as they collectively released their aura at once.

"Impossible! How can there be so many peak grade Body Tempering Realm cultivators on this Island?" Joseph was thunderstruck. His eyes popped halfway out in utter disbelief.  He almost had a heart attack when he saw their numbers.

"You...who are you? No, what force is behind you?" while gritting his teeth, Joseph asked Alex. Now he cannot believe even if God told him that there is no other outside force or organization behind this guy. 

It's even rare for a single Lord here on this island to have five or six 9th grade Body Tempering Realm cultivators under them.

There should be no more than forty or fifty 9th grade Body Tempering Realm Cultivators in total number on this Island. 

There is an enormous gap in power between a 9th grade Body Tempering Realm Cultivators and an Early-stage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivators. There should at least be five or more 9th grade Body Tempering Cultivators if they want to defeat the latter.

Late Stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivators will only worry about his life when he facing 30 or 40 9th grade Body Tempering Realm Cultivators in a group. 

Darren's brain had long since short-circuited. He dumbly looked at his surroundings as if in shock. 

Even Master Clayton didn't know that Alex had such strong subordinates. He just couldn't believe it. With numerous doubts sprouting in his heart, Master Clayton left his hiding place as walked to stand behind his disciple.

Alex smiled when he saw that his Master was also looking very shocked and his eyes seem to be asking the same question. It was too mindboggling for him as he knew that Alex had no ties with other forces outside this Island.

When Joseph saw a middle-aged man walking out from behind the puppets and stand beside Alex quietly, he thought that the middle-aged man looked a little familiar as if he had seen him somewhere.

But that thought vanished very quickly when he sensed the aura of a Late-stage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator same as him pouring out from that middle-aged man's body. He wanted to ask his name but Alex suddenly said.

"Now is the time when you drop your weapon and say 'I surrender'. Or do you want to fight? You are more than welcome to try."When Alex said that, the puppets aimed their bows together at Joseph.

Joseph's face twitched. He was thinking about the chances of him escaping from here in one piece. But even after a long time, Joseph couldn't think of any plan that would work. 

"My Riverland Mountain Sect won't let you live if you do anything to me. Anyway, we don't have any bad blood between us. Why are you even interfering in my Sect matters" Joseph finally thought of taking the name of his backing on the table to scare Alex. Also, he still did not know what Alex wants. But it seems that his threat didn't work on Alex. 

"Cut the crap! Are you surrendering or not? Last chance." Alex did not bother to answer his questions as he did not have any.  

"Hump! You will regret making enemies with my sect." Joseph said that in a threatening voice but he still chose to surrender as it was a wise thing to do for now.

"Good! Now ingest this pill. It's a Qi depriving pill. You should be familiar with it." Alex thought that Joseph would at least try to resist but in reality, he did not which was a good thing for Alex. He did not have to use unnecessary force.

Joseph looked at the pill thrown at him and then back towards Alex. He couldn't help but curse Alex in his heart.

Nonetheless, he ingested the pill helplessly and could immediately sense that his remaining Qi was dissipating from his body at a quick rate. He just hoped that Alex didn't destroy his Dantian or all hope would be lost for him to even continue with his life.

The puppets came ahead and tied Joseph up into a dumpling without even caring about his protest in being treated this way.

"It was easier than I expected. I should have done the same with Cole." Alex thought out loud. 

Darren wanted to flee but he knew it was too late for that. He should have listened to his father earlier. 

The puppets also tied him with ropes and also made him ingest the same pill. Master Hun was old in age but he was very loyal to Dorbank family and that's why he stayed with Darren till now.

"What are you going to do with us." Master Hun asked.

"For now, you all will have to stay in prison," Alex replied to him.

Master Hun was not satisfied with that answer but without any choice, he still cooperated with the puppets when they came forward to tie him with ropes.

Darren lifted his head up and hopefully asked "Can you let my family go. We will leave this island and never return. Master Clayton, we have known each other for so long, can you..."

"Darren, save your breath. I know everything about what type of person you are and also your son. And it's not me who is going to decide your future." Master Clayton straight away ignored Darren's plea.

When Darren turned his head towards Alex, he heard him say. 

"I can also not decide your future, maybe I can. But I will give that power to let the common people decide on your fate and your son when I put you both upon the public trial platform. But rest assured as you will be happy to see many of your companions standing there on the public trial platform accompanying you," Alex simply said.

The war that had kickstarted between Darren Dorbank and Cole Jordan has finally ended with both of them losing in the end. Not one of them thought that a boy in his teen would be responsible for directing the proceedings of the war by operating in the dark and come out on top in the end.


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