The Pleasure Lord
100 Lost All Hope
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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100 Lost All Hope

By the time this was happening, Alex also arrived at the location where the main battle was going to take place. As some puppets had already arrived here before him, Alex quickly found out from them about the situation. He then went to the rooftop of the house where Master Clayton was hiding.

"You have good eyes kid. As expected from a disciple of a prominent sect. But now that you know my strength and what I can do, shouldn't you, a Late-stage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator run away." the old man chuckled.

"Hmph, don't get arrogant just because your cultivation level is above me. You already have one leg in the grave, let me put the other one in it for you" Joseph sneered.

"HAHAHA, kids these days. They were more respectful to the elders back in my time. Looks like I have to punish you for disrespecting someone above your age in your master's stead." It looked like the old man was having mood swings. Sometimes he talks like a gentle grandpa, very amiable and the other time he becomes a cold face zombie who wants to kill you with just his gaze.

Darren was looking out for Cole and his men but they still have not arrived which made him very confused and nervous as he didn't know what his enemy was planning.

Joseph had the same doubt but he couldn't wait anymore for Cole to come.

As soon as the exchange of words died down, both the old man Darbon and Joseph started fighting in full swing. 

Master Hun, the Alchemist Master under the  Dorbank family suggested to Darren who was nervously watching the fight starting: "Lord Darren, we should take care of Cole's guards in the meantime."

Darren looked at them and said "No, leave them alone for now. Just keep an eye out for that sneaky bastard. We still don't know where he has gone too or what plan he is brewing."

Cole's remaining guards also didn't make a move because their lord was not back yet and Joseph also didn't give them any command. 

The captain of the hundred men squadron was not stupid to start fighting when there are two Datian Formation Realm cultivators on the other side and they do not have even one on their own side.

"Mountain Splitting blade!" Joseph swung his sword horizontally towards his opponent.

The old man gave a cold laugh and then he too made his move simultaneously.

"Black Hornet Slash!" A greenish glint enveloped Darbon Dorbank's sword.


Sparks went flying in all directions and the impact of the humongous power caused Joseph to flip backward.

Joseph didn't let the old man's momentum overpower him. Instead, the moment his feet got hold of the ground again, he again burst forward towards the old man in full force.

"Take this."

"Thundering Tiger Dive"

The old man never expected that Joseph would actually be able to block his "Black Hornet Slash" which was a high-grade Martial art skill and counterattack so fast.

The old man raised his Mid grade Black ranked sword and blocked his front in defence, but the moment Joseph's sword tip touched his weapon, the old man expression suddenly changed greatly; because from the sword's body, there came an astonishing strength that he could not defend against.

He deeply underestimated Joseph's strength.

Accompanying a "ding" sound, his body was fiercely blown backward, and the Mid grade Black ranked sword in his hands was also unexpectedly blown out of his grip as it flew far far away. Yet, the momentum of Joseph's sword did not weaken in the slightest; the sword's tip thrust straight toward the old man's left shoulder, broke through his protective Qi barrier as if cutting butter, and exited from the backside of his shoulder… Directly piercing a clear hole through his shoulder.

The audience in the back were all stumped.

"What the fuck did just happen?" 

For the audience, the fight was going too fast for them to follow it.  

Grunting beneath his breath, the old man Darbon jumped back and into the sky like the branch of a willow tree whipping into the air. As he did so, Joseph's sharp sword cut through the air.

Fresh blood dripping from his back and front, Darbon expression was an ugly grimace as he quickly activated a low-grade defense type water barrier Talisman scroll.

The sword tip pierced into the water barrier but it couldn't penetrate into it any further.

"Don't get too ahead of yourself, Brat!" the old man Darbon suddenly concentrated Qi into his palm and struck again while disabling the water barrier in the process. 

The instant the palm struck towards him, Joseph's gaze went into turmoil. 

He raised his sword up to defend himself but it was a little too late.

Pfft. Blood sprayed everywhere.

A huge palm print indent formed on Joseph's chest making the clothes around it soaked with blood.

Joesph backtracked quickly to get out of the range of the old man's attack.

Joseph coughs out some blood from his mouth as he looked down on this chest wound while Darbon also looked towards the hole that has been made on his shoulder.

They both then got ready for another round of the bout after each of them popped a pill in their mouth to stop the bleeding in their wounds.

The people around them were dumbfounded watching the two experts fight like this as it was their first time seeing a fight of this level. The old man should have been victorious in a few moves but Joseph's strength can almost match equally with the old man even when his cultivation level was lower than the other.

Alex was relishing the fight with his eyes. Master Clayton instead looked at the fight going down below with a serious face. He did not seem to be enjoying the show which Alex also noticed after some time.

"Master, what is it?." Alex asked.

"...Alex, I want that man alive. Can you help me in doing that? " Master Clayton pointed his finger at Joseph.

"Ok" Alex did not even think for a moment and said yes. He did not even ask why his Master wants Joseph alive or is he familiar with that guy.

Master Clayton looked at his disciple with a face of gratitude.

Alex just returned a smile.


Suddenly an explosion was heard below on the ground. Dust rose above 10 feet in the air due to the explosion and also covering the cause of it from everyone's eyes.


Another explosion sounded just right after the first one sending more dust and gravel into the air but this time two persons were blasted out like rockets  from inside the dust coverage in the opposite direction to each other. They came crashing down and only stooped after rolling on the ground for some meters.


Darren rushed to pick his father up but when he helped him to stand on his feet again, Darren was shocked to find an arm missing on the left side of his father's body. 

"Darren, it's ... away from... this island...cough, cough...take good care...of my grandson. Cough...I will stop this bastard." the battered old man was having difficulty to even speak. 

"Father" Darren lost all hope of winning this war. His father clearly lost this fight against Joseph and now he was telling him to run away as that was their worst case plan.


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