The Pleasure Lord
94 Cole lost his cool
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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94 Cole lost his cool

Surprisingly Lord Dorbank did not stop those two Merchants and their subordinates from what they were intending to do but instead walked away as if he did not want to waste his time with them.

To keep an eye on the proceeding of the war that was going on, a puppet would always keep their eyes on every important individual at all times as a precaution.

Even in this situation, there were 9 puppets present in both groups.

They informed Alex immediately when the fight did not happen as they had thought it would.

Alex who thought that Darren Dorbank was going down the wall to deal with those two lapdogs of Cole Jordan and stop them opening the gates; he was deeply astonished on seeing Darren leaving as if he did not care whether they opened the gates or not.

Even the head of Purple Tulip Merchant group and Mason's father did not move from their place till Darren and his group of guards walked out from their sights completely.

Alex immediately ordered one of the puppets disguised as guards running behind to ask Darren why he did not stop them.

"My Lord, they will open the gates to let our enemies if we do not stop them." one of the guards(puppet) running behind Darren asked in concern.

Before he finished speaking, Aiden stopped him in between and chided him lightly, "Sam, how dare you question the Lord, don't cross your line just follow his orders. Understood!"

Sam was the name of the puppet that had spoken just now.

"Aiden, it's alright. Your name is Sam right, I did not bother to stop them because the guards on the wall will not able to defend for long and if I had wasted time below there fighting with those traitors, the enemies could have surrounded us after they got past the guards on the wall. It does not matter now if they open the gates or not as the result would be the same. Now we need to enter my Dorbank manor before the enemies can catch up to us. There we can properly defend ourselves. Does this answer your question?" 

"Yes, my Lord" the guard answered.

Alex who was listening through the ears of the puppet was satisfied knowing his reason. But he was also curious as to how will Darren defend himself by taking refuge in his manor.

Darren Dorbank looked very confident when he said that at the end.

Maybe he had a card up his sleeve that Alex had no knowledge of.

Just like Darren had said, the guards on top of the walls really couldn't defend anymore as they were soon overwhelmed by the number of the enemies.

They also lost their will to fight the battle anymore when they saw that there was no one behind them.

Their Lord for whom they were fighting by putting their lives on the line and the upper command escaped without even letting them know.

The enemies had finally taken control of the south wall as the rest of the remaining guards on the city wall surrendered. At the same time, the twin Lion and Purple Tulip Merchant groups also moved the heavy stones used to barricade the gate from opening by force. 

"My Lord, look over there!" Butler Jon, the former village head of the Pearl village suddenly shouted out.

Cole Jordan and Joseph who were busy discussing something between themselves turned their attention to the place where Jon pointed with his finger.

"Oh! that's was quick. Your men had taken control of the city wall and the gates are also opened in such a short time." Joseph looked surprised as Cole had told him that it would take a few more hours to do that.

Cole Jordan also found it odd.

Soon they knew about why they had so easily taken control of the city walls. 

The guards on the top of the walls so easily surrendered as they were not provided with reinforcement and also because Darren Dorbank left the battlefield suddenly in between.

After knowing the reason, Cole was even more confused. Given the intelligence that his spies had provided him before, Darren should not have left like that as he had sufficient manpower to resist for a longer time.

Escaping the city altogether was not out of question, but Cole Jordan had made some preventive measures for that too.

If Darren Dorbank escapes even after that then Cole would, of course, not pursue him till the end of the world as his main priority was to gain the territory ruled by Dorbank family all these years.

When Cole Jordan was still in his thoughts, some soldiers started to arrive in front of him to report about the casualty of soldiers they had incurred until now. 

At first, he listened to them very calmly as he only expected a few of his elite soldiers dying in the battle and not many.

As for how many peasants died in the front at the start did not matter much to him. 

"Lord, Captain of the west wing, unfortunately, died because of a stray arrow when he was scaling up the wall. Vice-captain(puppet) has taken the command of the west wing after him. Captain..."

"My lord, Captain Blank, Captain.....Vice captain,..squad leaders...." At first, Cole Jordan took the loss of his first few soldiers with a heavy heart as losing a 9th or 8th-grade Body Tempering Realm cultivators is very hard to bear than losing hundred of low-level cultivators but he at least expected to lose some of them in this war.

But after a while when the reports still kept on coming about the deaths of most of his higher level subordinates, Cole Jordan found that something was very fishy.

His frown kept on deepening as he listened to his subordinates and in the end, he almost burst his veins on his forehead in rage.

"Maybe...NO! It definitely has something to do with that bastard, Darren." Cole lost control of Qi in his Dantian as his body blasted a wave of it in fury over the loss of his valuable subordinates. The soldiers close to Cole Jordan were thrown a few meters away by the blast as they couldn't handle the force that hit them. Even after thinking for a long time, Cole Jordan could only put the blame on Darren Dorbank. 

Jordan's family power was not the number of soldiers in its army but it was the higher level cultivators that had been nurtured by them using immense resources and time. 

"Stop wasting time Cole, what's done is done. Let's enter the city now! You can even your score with Darren there." Joseph who had come with him said expressionlessly.


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