The Pleasure Lord
92 The Battle starts III
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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92 The Battle starts III

Everyone was surprised listening to Alex about how he killed those self-claimed Noble Lord's.

Suddenly, Donald and Jack started having doubts about their own power.

It's been just a day since they both became a Dantian Formation Realm Cultivators and had developed some complacency after the breakthrough.

But Alex had somehow unknowingly managed to pour cold water on their heads.

"Alex, what you have done is not as easy as it's sound. Maybe, the goddess luck was really on your side at that time but it can't be neglected that you jumped a realm to kill three Dantian Formation Realm Cultivators. What you have done is very rare and only a few could accomplish in this world." Master Clayton simply said at the end.

After becoming a cultivator, Alex showed an astonishing talent and a steady and mature mind. 

"Alright, alright. Now listen to what I have to say."

"The four of you will also fight. If you want to become a powerful cultivator, constant battles are needed to help you slowly grow up. Today is a good opportunity. But you have to be careful. Also, you all need to follow Aunt Meg and Julie."  Alex said while pointing at Hank, Tom, Anna, and Selena. Of course, he wouldn't leave them unprotected.

Numerous peak Body Tempering Realm Puppets would keep a constant eye on each and every one of them.

Both Hank and Tom were fired up and so was Anna and Selena. Selena was already at the peak of 8th grade Body Tempering Realm and can take care of herself. 

"Aunt Meg and Julie both of you will take charge of the Raging Sun Mercenary group in the city and the people at our Merchant shop. Your main task would be to keep the commoners safe and away from any harm. Particularly, the other merchant groups like Twin Lion chamber of commerce, and Rising tulip merchant group. Both of them are underlings of the Jordan family in secret and I am sure that they will try to create chaos inside the city so keep an eye out for them."

Alex then turned to Master Clayton. "Master Clayton, I will need your help to deal with those outsiders behind Cole Jordan. Uncle Jack and Uncle Donald, you two would also come with me. Also, you all have to remember that anyone wearing a red scarf on their right arm is my subordinates. Even on the enemy side, you will find many."

Time was tight. Alex and his family quickly left to perform their own tasks.

Aunt Julie and Meg, Hank, Tom, Anna, Selena, and her bodyguard Uncle Dan will be in one group.

Master Clayton and Uncle Donald and Jack would be in another with Alex.


At the entrance of the slum, Darren soldiers could be seen standing on one side and on the other side are the residents of the slums carrying various makeshift weapons like the sharpened wooden spear and cooking knives.

There were three groups of gangs standing in front of the slum residents with real weapons such as swords, bows, and arrows, machete, etc. 

These people were none other than the famous Eagle-eye gang, Purple moon gang and the Tiger gang that had been newly formed in recent months. 

"Do you all really want to disobey Lord Dorbank orders. The city is under siege right now and we need every man to save it from the enemy. Lord Dorbank order's every one of you to head towards the wall to help him in defending the city. Anyone not complying with his orders would be treated as traitors and we have the right to behead them on the spot." the captain of the guards shouted one last time. He had already been fed up dealing with these new gangs and their leaders. 

"Tell Darren Dorbank that we will not let us be treated as a pawn anymore. He calls himself a Lord of this city right then it is his duty to protect us and not the other way around. No need to intimidate the weak people, go back." One of the gang leaders replied.

"How dare you to call Lord's name without respect. You weaklings have no choice but to follow Lord Dorbanks ord...!aghhh..." a sword penetrated out from the captain's chest as he was speaking.

When he turned his head around, the captain saw that the wielder of the sword was none other than a fellow soldier of his who had been newly recruited some time ago into his squad.

"Wh..Why?" the captain breathed his last after asking that question.

The rest of the guards were shocked as they were not expecting such a thing to happen at this point.

"Fellow comrades, each of you have a family residing in this city. You all know how these Nobles have treated us all these years. We are nothing more than dispensable trash for them. In all the wars' that these Nobles have waged, it's always the common people like us who have lost the most. Lord Dorbank cannot win this war so why bother fighting for him. Our task is to protect the common and weak people of this city. " The guard who backstabbed his captain pulled his sword out from the body and said without any expression while also releasing his 9th grade Body Tempering realm cultivation pressure.

This guard was actually a puppet of Alex and like him, there were many who had infiltrated the armies of each Noble houses.

Everyone could feel the pressure coming from the puppet and they immediately knew that this person was an expert in disguise. 

The guards looked at each other until one of them walked out from the squad and stood behind the puppet.

Like him, more soldiers started to do the same. Some of them might not have even thought about what they were doing.

Humans normally follow the herd mentality and they will choose the path that most of them had taken. 

"Good, now each of head back to your family and bring them back to the slums. It's the safest place to be staying in right now. These gangs are more trustworthy than the nobles, We all know how they had treated the people around them in recent days."

What the puppet had said was definitely true and everyone could relate to it. The residents of the slums were much happier in recent days than they had been in their whole life,

Because of these three new gangs, not a single person has died because of starvation.

The gang members had even come forward to help them in repairing their rundown houses. 

The common people are not even calling them gangsters or thugs anymore in the slum area as they don't behave like one.

All the guards nodded their heads in approval as they had seen it first hand.

Back in the old days, the guards would regularly find dead bodies litter around in a corner of an alley or in the garbage.

Every day, there would be cases of abduction, rape and other crimes being performed in the slums in daylight. 

But in the past few weeks, since these new gangs had taken control, the slum had changed into something which no one could have ever imagined before.


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