The Pleasure Lord
91 The Battle Starts II
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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91 The Battle Starts II

More than two hundred arrows whistled through the sky and fell down like rain.

Swish~ Swish~…

Because the people running at the front were peasants in rags carrying the ladders and ropes; they were not able to defend themselves from the arrows. Almost half of the arrows hit their target, harvesting numerous lives at one time. The vanguard from the enemy side continued to fall down to never stand up again.

The death of these peasants didn't shake Cole's army. They had more than thousands of such people running towards the wall and a hundred was only a small part.  

Not to mention that behind them the 2000 soldiers of Jordan's regular army that were closely following them. They wouldn't just let the archers on the wall to continue shooting. In response, the archers on the ground side would shoot back so that the vanguard could place the ladders onto the wall quickly.

The commander of Jordan's army shouted out for the soldiers to rush forward. Arnet and his fellow sect brother were also following closely behind them.

If the momentum of the charge was broken the losses would be more serious. They had begun the assault and the only option was to rush to the walls. They had to set up ladders and climb all the way up. The role of archers would be minimized as soon as the soldiers reached the wall.

However, the enemy was able to pass and reach the foot of Dorbank City. The soldiers began to put the ladders

It took some time but some ladders were finally erected onto the walls. These ladders had barbs on one side so that they could attach themselves to the walls with a good grip making it difficult for their enemies at the top to push it back.

"Block them! Don't let them get on the wall." Captain Aiden commanded three hundred soldiers on the wall and ordered them to greet the enemy soldiers that had come to siege them.

The sound of arrows echoed as if the main music theme of the battlefield.

The archers did their best but they weren't very effective in close range. As a result, many enemy soldiers were able to climb up.

Once the enemy soldiers reached the wall and turned the battle from long range to melee combat the role of archers would be reduced tremendously.

The most useful part the archers played in the battles was in the initial stage. However, that initial stage was a relatively short amount of time.

A smile appeared on Cole's face as he watched the soldiers climb up the ladders. As long as the soldiers positioned themselves on top of the walls than half of the war would be won.

"Where are those three houses that you allied with, Cole? They are still not here." Joseph questioned him from behind.

"…I don't know. The messenger that I sent has still not come back. And no words from our spies are being sent back since yesterday. It's very odd. I believe those idiots have some brains and they are not going to come and take part in this war after all."

"Oh, do you think they know about your plan."

"I…doubt that but who knows. But they are going to die anyway whether they come here or not.  After the war, they will be the first people that I will eradicate from this world." Cole Jordan did not know until now that Lord Damon, Cameron, and Hestia have already died in the hands of a third party.

Cole continued "Not that we need them now if the people inside the city do their work properly."

Everyone's ears were filled with mournful screams and loud battle cries.

Both the attackers and the defenders were giving the battle everything they got. It was either you die or I die.

As time went on, more and more enemies had gotten onto the walls of the City walls.

It was not a good situation for Dorbank City; there were 3 times more enemies than the Dorbank city soldiers.

Inside the manor of Master Clayton, there were people waiting for someone in the main hall.

When Master Clayton saw Alex come in, he said, "Alex, it's late enough. I think now is the time to act."

Alex nodded.

He turned around and saw a crowd waiting for his instructions. "The plan is the same as I had explained to you before, only that we need to fight fewer enemies now. We don't need to worry about Damon, Hestia and Cameron's family as it has already been dealt with yesterday."

"They have been dealt with? Did you.." Julie asked him in surprise.

"Yes Aunt Julie, I had gone outside for two days specifically to deal with them. My subordinates were there with me so it was easy. Their villages are now being controlled by my men. The private armies of those three family's have also surrendered to me and now they only listen to my orders. I have ordered them to take back the weakly guarded Pearl village back after Cole Jordan and his men leave for the city. They should have reached there by now."

"Alex, how did you defeat those three Dantian Formation Realm cultivators and that in just two days. Did you also form your Dantian" Jack couldn't help but ask? The speed at which Alex is progressing in his cultivation is already heaven-defying in their eyes. Particularly, Hank and Tom, both of them were feeling frustrated as they couldn't keep up with Alex in cultivation these days, even when they are a year older than him and work equally hard to cultivate. 

"No, I am still a 9th stage Body Tempering Realm cultivator. As for those Early-Stage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivators, I defeated them mostly because they underestimated my cultivation level and strength and also because I took them by surprise as they let their guard down. I even beheaded Lord Hestia, that fatso in his sleep. I did not let them use their Martial art skills and finished the battle as quickly as possible." Alex then went on to explain them in detail about the fight.


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