The Pleasure Lord
90 The Battle Starts I
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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90 The Battle Starts I

A trace of a shady grin flashed in the corner of Lord Cameron's mouth. Lord Cameron had waited this long because he thought that there might be someone else who came here with Alex, possibly Master Clayton or else why would a kid come here alone to kill him.

He would only do so only if he had a death wish. In his mind, Lord Cameron didn't take Alex very seriously. He never believed that Alex, someone who he thought as a normal Body Tempering Realm cultivator, would come here alone.

Why would a boy try to kill a Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator unaided? After talking for this much time, Lord Cameron still couldn't find anyone else aside from Alex.

Seeing that Alex had still not responded to his previous words, Lord Cameron thought to capture him first and then interrogate about the matter altogether.

With a sly grin on the corner of his mouth, Lord Cameron made his move.

Woosh, he became a blur and vanished from his place. Using his speed, Lord Cameron suddenly shortened the distance and arrived in front of Alex.

Just when he's about to lay hands on Alex, Alex suddenly whipped one of his legs upwards at a greater speed and force than what Lord Cameron could react to.  

Wham! Crunch!

"EEEK!" with eyes popping out to the extreme, Lord Cameron felt that all the air in his lungs had been sucked out at that moment of contact.

He almost lost consciousness resisting the pain that traveled throughout his body.

It was a direct kick to the balls. Lord Cameron knew that his family jewels had been crushed completely without even looking down.

Because of the pain, Lord Cameron keels over as if he's about to birth his own testicles without an epidural.

His balls are nothing more than two oval-shaped bruises at this point, to which the only feasible remedy is to curl up in a fetal position and curse out the person responsible for all of this.

He had deeply underestimated Alex and now he was bearing the pain for that mistake.

He couldn't even gather his chaotic Qi into order after that.

The Shielding Artifact was a Low-grade one and since it had been used before to stop the deadly arrows, it won't' work again till it is recharged with enough Qi.  

The little bit of Qi that was left inside of it was not enough to create another barrier again.

Alex saw the naked man lying defenseless on the ground so he said.

"That's what you get for overestimating your strength." After those words, Alex summoned a graded sword from his inventory directly in front of Lord Cameron and cut off his head before he could reply with anything.

"I am disappointed. How can these people not even protect their vitals in a fight? This is the basics." Alex places the sword back into his inventory, picks up the Shielding Artifact from the severed corpse to examine it closely.

It was light in weight and had a yellow gem embedded on top of it with some small runes and inscriptions drawn around it.

Alex poured some Qi into that locket and got to know the approximate time that would take to recharge it again.

 In half an hour, Alex can fill it again with Qi for a single-use. These types of an artifact are even rarer than Talisman scrolls. They also had the advantage of being used repeatedly with little cost and time.

"Alright, go ahead" Alex murmured to his puppets that were ready outside to kill Lord Cameron's loyal subordinates and take control of the village.

Finally, Alex finished his work. Killing these three Noble's was much easier than he thought.

He started placing all the wealth that Lord Cameron had stored in the manor into his inventory. By the time he came out of the manor, the puppets had gained control of the village and its people.

Alex stayed in that village for some time and then returned to the Dorbank city to meet up with his family at his Master's place.

Before the break of the dawn, Lord Dorbank's private army positioned themselves on the walls of the city.

Numerous squads were formed with 20 people in it and they were stationed at every corner of the road in the city. L

ord Dorbank would not want the people related to Jordan's to cause any mischief in the city during the war.

Time flew by, and the Jordan's had arrived with their army much faster than expected.

Not even two hours later, a plume of dust rose from the South.

"They're here!"

"So fast!"

On the city walls, everyone looked nervously at the approaching army.

Troops were arrayed throughout the ground, all of them clad in armor. Most of them were in between the second grade of Body Tempering Realm and sixth grade of Body Tempering Realm, although the captains of some of the squads were in the seventh, eighth and ninth grade of Body Tempering Realm.

Altogether, there were over three thousand men present.

Some wielded bows or crossbows, others had spears or pikes.

There was no doubt as to who these people were; they were the private army of the Jordan family, a formidable fighting force.

"It seems they have brought a lot of people." Captain Aiden looked at the crowded army of the enemy. He didn't expect Cole Jordan to amass so many people over in such a short time.

"It doesn't matter. We still need to fight. Remember that we are standing in a fortified city. Plus, have you forgotten about him. You just need to keep them from breaching the city as long as possible." Lord Dorbank said this in a casual manner but he himself couldn't stop his brows form furrowing on his face.

At the same time, Cole Jordan was looking at the other side as he sat on an open carriage.

"Are these mercenaries reliable?" Arnet looked at the four groups of people who joined them between their journeys and were now walking at a distance. There was a trace of doubt in his heart.

"Mister Arnet, these mercenaries are actually run by my men in secret. So there is no doubt about their loyalty. Rest assured, they actually more experience than the regular soldiers." Cole Jordan replied.

"But Mister Jordan, where are the other three Noble's that you made an alliance with. How come they have not arrived here at the appointed time?" Joseph pointed out the matter that Cole Jordan had been thinking for some time.

"Mister Joseph, I have sent some people to find about that. We will get to know about it in some time."

Jordan's army reached a distance where Darren Dorbank was clearly able to see Cole's figure. At the same time, Cole also saw Darren.

 "Daren Dorbank, I will give you a chance. Surrender the city and your tittle now without resisting or else…"

"Save your breath, you traitor! Have you forgotten the oath that your ancestors took in front of these people? I will never bow down to scums like you?" Darren Dorbank shouted in between before Cole could finish his words.

Cole's face turned livid and he got angry.

"Attack!" Cole shouted.

Cole Jordan gave his order coldly. He was a ruthless man.


Following Cole Jordan's words, all the men from the Jordan family released their Qi force at the same time.

The raging Qi power was just like a powerful storm. Some 800 hundred people were brought in front to use them as cannon fodder.

They were forced to run towards the city walls and behind them, the soldiers ran at full force. Some of them were carrying ladders made of wood and ropes.

"Hump! Let's fight then. Don't think that I fear those people standing behind you." Darren Dorbank shouted in return.

He ordered his men to get ready and knock their bows with arrows.

Cole's army was rushing towards Dorbank City. The footsteps of soldiers echoed around the surroundings.

"KILL!" The commander of the enemy shouted as countless soldiers charged carrying ladders. They were about to start climbing the walls of the city walls. The roars of three thousand men filled the whole sky.

"Now" Captain Aiden shouted at top of his lungs.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

After his command, numerous bowstrings were drawn, and they left a series of afterimages from their vibrations. In the sounds of the vibrations, many piercing arrows were shot into the air.

However, sharp sounds echoed out the next moment. The enemy soldiers looked up to see arrows cover the sky.


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