The Pleasure Lord
89 Sheilding Artefac
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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89 Sheilding Artefac

In Pearl Village, Cole Jordan had built a Manor on the small hill where Alex and his family used to live previously when Donald became the chief of the village.

Since morning, the subordinates of Jordan's were busy recruiting the young and able into their army irrespective of their cultivation.  Well, they were mostly forced to join and they couldn't afford to say no or disobey the Jordan's who now have control over their life and death entirely.

Most of the villagers still remember those days when Donald was the village head. They all regretted not leaving with him when they had the chance on that day. Now it's even difficult for them to fill their family's stomach, not to mention dress decently.

"These are the men you recruited?" Arnet asked. Looking at the crowd of folks in rags or beast skins, he had to hold back the urge to turn about and get away immediately.

"My Lord, these men were chosen according to your requirements," Jon replied, counting his fingers. "Male and not disabled... I have checked over everyone carefully. They can carry heavy stuff for the army. Plus we can use them as the vanguard."

"Fellow brother Arnet, you shouldn't expect too much. Anyway, our task is only to breach the city gate using these people. We don't need to worry about the casualty."

"You are right Brother Lam." Arnet agreed with what his fellow sect brother was saying.

These noble families usually had a bunch of cultivators and mercenaries as their own forces. These men were the main forces in a fight, and they were well-armed and equipped. At the same time, they recruited common men and peasants in their domains to join the fight.

To be honest, their purpose was to carry provisions for the troops and to fight in the frontline. The ones who suffered most in battle were those groups of "cannon fodder" also known as the vanguard.

Jon had an awkward expression on his face as he heard the conversation between the two. Nevertheless, he kept his mouth shut knowing full well that he couldn't afford to disrespect his Lord's guest.

In the Manor hall of the previous Hestia family, Alex was sitting on a chair with a big map placed in front of him atop the table.

Alex started pointing all over the map and said, "Here, here, here and here. Tagor, send some people to be stationed there. I do not want to see any innocents getting involved.  Also, try to keep the casualty of the enemy's soldiers at the minimum. If it's possible then try to knock them out."

There was no standing beside Alex right now but he could share his vision with all his puppets after all. And right now he was telepathically talking with his puppets.

"Yes, Master" was the only reply that came from the other side.

Alex put the map of the Dorbank city back into his inventory. His plan was very simple, he wanted to take out the three Noble families of Hestia, Damon, and Cameron so that they cannot help the Jordan's to fight against Darren Dorbank or it will be a one-sided war.

Alex knew Darren Dorbank had some cards up his sleeves or else Cole Jordan will not waste so much time in fighting with armies. With those unknown people at his back, Cole Jordan could have directly raided Dorbank Manor when he was still residing in the City. He had a great advantage then but he still did not choose to use it.

Why he did not do anything like that has been on Alex's mind for some time. This was very mind-boggling. So Alex thought that it must have something to do with Darren Dorbank.

That guy must have something or someone on his back that is hampering his enemies from making moves that are not conventional.

Suddenly, Alex heard some great news from his puppet that was stationed near his home. Jack had a breakthrough just a while ago. He had successfully formed his Dantian and had entered the first stage of it and that is the Early stage of Dantian Formation Realm. Donald is also very close and it seems that he should also be able to form his own Dantian by this evening.  

"Good. Don't let anyone come near the house. I don't want anyone to disturb Uncle Donald as he is meditating." Alex replied back to that puppet after some time.

"Darren Dorbank." Alex inclined his head, allowing the rays of sunlight to fall upon his face through the open window. His eyes radiated extreme coldness, as sharp as swords and knives.

Just as the Dorbank's and Jordan's would not spare him because of the past events, he would also not spare them. Of this, he was absolutely certain.

Till the sun was up, the Jordan's, the Cameron's and the Dorbank's have been busy preparing for the war that will start the next morning.

By the time the night descended, Alex and his subordinates reached their destination. The village in which the Noble family of Cameron resided was situated atop a small hill adjacent to the border of Swamp Marsh Forest.

Also, news came to him that Donald had also been successful in becoming an Early Stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivator. he and Jack were now busy stabilizing their foundation. Also, they all went to live at Master's Clayton's house for the night. 

Like every other aristocrat, Lord Cameron had also built one mansion inside the village for his family. Just like yesterday, Alex crossed the village walls and made his way towards the place where Lord Cameron was resting.

Just when he had arrived outside Lord Cameron's bedroom, Alex's footsteps stopped in between. He stopped because Alex found that one other person was currently inside Lord Cameron's bedroom.

This he came to know because of his spiritual sense. Lord Cameron was standing naked on the side of his bed and … another naked man was currently laying on his fours on the bed. Alex knew what was to come after seeing this.

He did not judge others on their sexuality but he was not fond of seeing something like that happening between two men, although he would have enjoyed the show if the people inside had the opposite gender.

Without wasting his precious time, Alex pulled out his Low-grade Crescent Bow and knocked three arrows on it. Using his spiritual sense to aim, Alex poured some of his Qi into the tips of the arrows and released all of them at the same time.

The wooden door in between was like some paper as the arrows pierced through them easily. Lord Cameron who had all his attention focused on the hole in front of him couldn't even brace himself before two of the arrows hit him.

Like it had eyes on it, the other arrow made a curve around Lord Cameron to bypass him and plant itself on the head of the man who was ready to get penetrated from behind by something else.

Alex was surprised as he found a shiny yellow barrier covering Lord Cameron around his body and the two arrows which he fired was actually blocked, though the barrier had dimmed significantly after that.

Finally, Alex noticed a locket around the neck of his target which was shining right now.

'Damn, he is wearing a shielding artifact just like the Earth Talisman scroll' Alex thought.

Lord Cameron stood dumfounded seeing his protective barrier covering him up and it didn't take long for him to know that he had been attacked just now. Immediately sensing the danger, he jumped towards the weapon that he had placed on the table and in that time Alex also came bursting in through the door.

Lord Cameron was finally able to see the face of the assailant. His eyes almost jumped out when he saw that the attacker was a young boy.

Picking up the sword in his hands, Lord Cameron stood in a defensive position.

"Boy, who sent you here?" Lord Cameron shouted but in his head, he thought 'His face looks familiar…where have I seen it?'

"Why are you even asking such a stupid question? But it seems that the public is not aware of your…adventures." Alex said that after pointing at the unfortunate man lying dead on the bed. It would be a great scandal and a severe hit to reputation if the people came to know that Lord Cameron likes to sleep with men.

A vein popped out on his forehead when Lord Cameron heard this.

"Hmph! They will only know about it when you leave this place alive. But now that I notice you have a handsome face and a great body too. Hmm, just the way I like it. I am going to enjoy ravaging your body to my content." Lord Cameron said while licking his lower lip.

This time it was Alex who had a vein popping out on his forehead.  Being disgusted as hell, Alex also took a defensive position as he had just now sensed that Lord Cameron was actually Mid-Stage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator.

"…Oh, right now I remember. You are that famous boy who became the disciple of Alchemist Master Clayton Cliff. What was your name? Ah, it was Alex right. Quite daring for a cub like you to challenge a tiger. I had failed to abduct Clayton's daughter that day but since you have brought yourself here, I can now finally blackmail Master Clayton to join my side tomorrow." Lord Cameron was somewhat disappointed when he did not find Alex being shocked by his revelation.

How can Alex forget that? Lord Cameron and Lord Damon had jointly given the task to the Lion Shark Pirates for abducting Selena from the city. If not for him saving her from them, these people might have succeeded in their plans.


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