The Pleasure Lord
87 Unpleasant Memories
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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87 Unpleasant Memories

"That was fucking easy and…disgusting," Alex said as he pulled out his hand from the dead body's chest that had gone in elbow deep.

Alex had underestimated his strength and defense after he had acquired the copper body. Low-grade weapons cannot even breach his body defenses now but of course, it would depend on who is using the weapon. If it was a Peak Dantian Formation Realm cultivator that had attacked, then Alex would be stupid to block the strike with his bare hands.

After cleaning his hand with water, Alex ordered those puppets to enter the room.

Alex could see that the rest of the guards were making their way up towards the room after they heard the disturbance. Alex didn't stop them coming through. After taking out the strongest person, Alex was sure that there was no one in this village who could pose a danger to his life.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps could be heard coming closer towards the room.

Maybe because they didn't see the door guards standing outside, one person shouted.

"Lord Damon, are you in there"

"No need to ask, just come inside," Alex shouted back.

The voice went silent for a while, but the door was quickly opened with some force and the guards outside rushed in.

A middle-aged man at the forefront of the group took a quick look at the room and it was not hard finding a dead body lying on the floor. The guards including the middle-aged man were shocked to see that the dead body lying in a pool of blood was none other than Lord Damon who they served.

The middle-aged man was one of the two 9th grade Body Tempering Realm Cultivators serving the house of Damon and he was also in charge of the personal safety of Lord Damon and his family members. The other one was in charge of Lord Damon's private army and he should be at the camp where all the soldiers are being stationed for now.

The guards that entered were scared shitless seeing the bloody scene. The middle-aged man tried to remain calm as much as possible and looked at the people who were standing beside his Lord's dead body. Four people in guard's attire were standing behind a young teenage boy. That boy did not look any different than a harmless teen but the middle age felt goosebumps rising all over his body.

He felt as if the boy was a bystander coldly observing everything around him.

A guard beside the middle age man couldn't help but shout in question.

"Who the fuck are these people? Brat, how di…" the subordinate who said this stopped in between by the middle-aged man.

"You…are? Did you kill Lord Damon?" the middle-aged man asked the boy.

Alex didn't answer his question but instead looked at him.

"You are Clovis, right? You are quite level headed. I am Alex and it is indeed I who killed your Lord. Don't even think of taking revenge, you will regret doing so. " Alex said to the middle-aged man casually.

Alex knew that some of the hot-headed guards would take this sentence as a provocation and will start barking nonsense to him in response. That's why Alex and his puppets released their cultivation pressure in full force.

The guards with low cultivation almost suffocated. Clovis was immensely shocked because he came to know that the guards standing behind Alex were just like him. They were cultivators at 9th grade of Body Tempering Realm and all four of them were at that grade. Clovis even felt that those men were stronger than him.

As for Alex, Clovis could not even make out his cultivation level. He just knew that Alex was stronger than his lord because of the pressure he felt from Alex.

"Clovis, order all your men to assemble quickly in the front yard of this manor. Don't let your subordinates do any stupid thing or my men would need to act in response."

Clovis only nodded his head. In this world, the retainers of nobles are usually very loyal to their Lord but Clovis is not like this. He knew what to choose and what not to.

Clovis did as he was told and commanded all his men to gather in one place. Some of the guards did try to escape and also tried to alert the people outside the manor but all of them were killed on spot.

The family of Lord Damon was also made to stand thereafter some of them were awakened from their sleep forcefully.

The family consisted of the wives and children of Lord Damon. All of them were put together in one place.

Soon Alex made his appearance in front of them.

There were 15 puppets present there on the ground excluding Alex and they had the cultivation of 9th grade of Body Tempering Realm. It's also because of them that the guards were behaving themselves and not causing any unnecessary trouble.

Suddenly an ignorant member of the Damon family impatiently shouted "Clovis, what the hell is going on? Who are these people? Where is my father?"

Alex looked in the direction of that person. Surprisingly, Alex found that person a little familiar as if he had seen him before. When he asked one of his puppets about this guy's information in his mind, Alex finally knew where he had seen him before.

 Actually, it's not him but the previous Alex who had an encounter with this guy in Pearl village and that is why the present Alex felt that the person was familiar.

This guy's name is Udale Damon and he is the eldest son of Lord Damon. In the past, this guy had once visited pearl village where Alex and his family used to live.

At that time, Alex's age was around 11 and he had gone to the market on that day with Hank and Tom to buy something.

It was then that Udale was passing by the street when suddenly a kid having age just like Alex accidentally spooked the bull that was pulling a carriage carrying Udale Damon on it.

It was just an accident and no one was even hurt but Udale being an arrogant and petty noble thought that he had been insulted so he told his men to hold that kid on the ground in front of the bulls so that Udale can use them to run above the kid crushing him to death as punishment. Alex had witnessed this ugly scene at that time.

Seeing Udale's face yet again brought those unpleasant memories back to him.

"Clovis, Clovis, answer my question, dammit," Udale shouted again at Clovis after he saw him standing still.

Surprisingly, this time Clovis who was seemingly distracted something turned his face towards Udale and coldly said, "Your father is dead and right now his cold body is lying in his study room."

"YOU!..."Udale stood at his place rooted with a dumb look on his face. He couldn't believe a word from Clovis's mouth. His mother standing by his side instead looked terrified hearing this and her body started trembling. She finally lost her balance collapsing on the ground. Unlike her son, she feared that what Clovis had said might be true. She started fearing what consequences this might bring to her and her son.

Another woman holding a 9-year-old girl tightly in her embrace also looked in disbelief towards Clovis. She was Lord Damon's second wife and was standing a little farther then Udale and his mother. But her reaction after hearing those words was entirely different than what Udale's mother had shown. She had a look of relief on her face instead as If she had been freed from some kind of restriction. Instead of crying or showing sorrow, she kept looking towards Clovis as if she was hoping something from him.

But Clovis who felt her gaze on him shook his head. Seeing this that woman just stood still at her place holding her daughter tightly into her arms.

This little communication between Clovis and that woman did not escape Alex's eyes.

'Oh, interesting' Alex thought in his mind.

"What nonsense are you saying? Clovis, have you gone insane.  And how dare you use that tone in front of me. Do you want to be executed?" Udale didn't stop at that but continued.

"Guards, capture this imbecile right now." He then turned his head towards the puppets that brought him out from his sleeping chamber. Seeing that his guards were more in number, he pointed towards one of the puppets and shouted arrogantly "You there, who is your leader? Bring that bastard out in front of me. You dare to think of harming a Noble. I will exterminate your whole family"

Alex sneered. "You want to act all arrogant in front of me?" He thought.

Alex didn't even look at his mother who was in the middle of getting up to stop her son's stupid act in between. He walked up to Udale quietly and started brutally slapping Udale without saying a word.

"Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa -!"

After twenty or so loud slaps, Udale's face swelled up like an inflated balloon. Alex didn't go easy on him at all; the strength of a body cultivator had completely knocked him out. Blood dripped from the side of his mouth.

One puppet sprinkled some water on Udale's face to wake him up again.

Alex looked at Udale who was struggling to get up and asked coldly, "Anything more you want to say?"

Now Udale started to panic. This had been the first time that someone had ever beaten him like this.

When he tried to say something, tears started flowing down his cheeks because of the pain he felt on his face.


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