The Pleasure Lord
86 Killing Lord Damon
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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86 Killing Lord Damon

"Tagor, keep an eye on them. If they make any suspicious move, report it to me immediately," Alex said.

Alex and his puppets kept their pace of running till Damon's village came into their view.

Alex stopped and spread out his Spiritual sense to cover the whole village and its surroundings.

By doing this, Alex was able to see everything that was happening inside that village and in its surroundings. Some of his puppets were present in that village, but he didn't need to use their vision as his Spiritual sense could do much more.

Right now, most of the common people in that village were sleeping in their homes. Other than the patrolling guards, the village was not much active.

 Even Damon's family had fallen asleep in the Manor which they had built in the village. Whatever preparation they needed to do for the war will only start in the morning now. The only one who was awake in that manor aside from the guards was Lord Damon himself.

 Alex knew that even though Lord Damon's forces outnumbered them three to one; their actual battle prowess was far inferior to that of his puppets forces.

But even then, he didn't want to make use of his puppets to fight with them.  His plan for coming here was to capture or kill Lord Damon. After doing so he would then take control of his private army.

Alex slowly neared the village walls with some 20 puppets. He left the rest to encircle the village so that no one could escape after he starts.

With the help of some puppets which were present in the midst of the patrolling guards that had infiltrated way before, Alex and his men were able to easily enter the village.

"When we wipe out the leaders, shout out loudly that you will spare anyone who ceases to resist and kill anyone who dares to bar our way!" said Alex after they arrived near the manor where Lord Damon was staying.

"Yes, Master"

Alex sneaked into the manor in the same way as he had done bypassing the village walls, with the help of his spy puppet serving as a servant inside the manor.

Soon Alex reached Lord Damon's study room. He saw four guards standing by a room and guarding its closed door.

Alex was casually walking towards them and they also saw him by then.

But they didn't say or do anything; instead, they just stepped aside from his path. Alex smiled as these guards were actually his own puppets.

 Thorough his spiritual sense, Alex could see Lord Damon sitting on a chair as he was busy looking at a beast skin in his hands.

Alex opened the doors without knocking and entered the room. This move broke Lord Damon's mind which had been wholly concentrated on the beast skin.

 "Who are you? How did you pass by my men?" Lord Damon said as he looked up to the source of the disturbance.

He saw a teenage boy with a very handsome face standing at the gate through which he had opened and entered by himself.

"I don't know, maybe they had gone for a pee break," Alex said so very innocently.


"Oh, right you also asked who I am. Let me introduce myself. I am Alex, the future lord of this island, nice to meet you."

Lord Damon's face twitched hearing this.

"I don't know how you entered my manor but you won't be going out alive." Lord Damon pulled his sword out that was placed by his side and also released his cultivation pressure.

Alex smiled seeing this. Without wasting any time, he made a dash towards Lord Damon without even taking out his weapon.

"You are seeking your own death, idiot!" Lord Damon moved his Qi onto his weapon. With light orange flames appearing around the sword, he pierced towards the boy charging at him.

The strike was fast as if it was lightning. The energy was overflowing from the sword. Lord Damon had unleashed half of his powers as Early Dantian Formation Realm cultivator. He was confident that he could kill this boy with this strike. Maybe he thought so because of Alex's age.

On the other hand, the boy was still charging with no signs of slowing down.

Damon started laughing.

"Haha, there is no way you can make it out of here alive!"

But –

"Tink!" Sparks flashed.

The laughter suddenly stopped and the smile froze on Damon's face.


Lord Damon was stunned when he saw his flaming sword's sharp edge being blocked by the bare hands of that boy.

"Stopping a Low-grade Black Ranked sword with his bare hand? Shit, who the fuck is this kid?"

'Ouch, that burns a little' thought Alex in his mind when he blocked the strike of the flaming sword with his bare hands. With the help of his copper body, Alex was able to remain unscathed from the sword strike of an Early Dantian Formation Realm cultivator but he still some felt pain in his because of the flames.

Damon immediately regretted his decision and tried to back off.

But it was too late! Alex had already thrown a punch towards his opponent. Lord Damon tried to block it with his sword.


The sword couldn't hold up to that amount of power and snapped into pieces. The force of the punch didn't stop there; Damon's hand almost exploded.

If anyone who didn't know what had happened, they wouldn't recognize the shape of the hand anymore. The momentum continued traveling upwards, and the veins in his right arm, that was holding the sword, bulged and his skin ruptured.

The huge noise had disturbed everyone in the manor and its surroundings.

"What was that?"

"Captain! That sound came from Lord Damon's study room." One of the guards shouted.

 All the guards were soon alerted and immediately rushed towards the source of the sound.


Lord Damon was devastated. He no longer had a weapon and had fallen into an enormous disadvantage all a sudden.

He tapped his feet onto the ground and jumped up trying to dodge that vicious attack.

But the kid seemed to be much faster than him as his punch had already arrived in front of his chest.

Lord Damon was in mid-air so there was nothing he could do to dodge or block this attack.


It sounded like the crushing of a piece of paper.

Lord Damon looked down on his body, not believing what was happening. He felt his chest being penetrated by Alex punch which came out from his back.

There wasn't time for his last wail. Blood started spurting out from his mouth as he slowly started losing consciousness.

This prestigious Lord of house Damon, who was dreaming of ruling this island less than 5 minutes ago, couldn't be more dead than that.


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