The Pleasure Lord
85 You Don“t Deserve
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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85 You Don“t Deserve

Darren Dorbank then swept his eyes towards the Yandell family mansion in the distance while furrowing his brows.

"Aiden, follow me to the Yandell's house," said Lord Dorbank to Aiden who was coming back after giving commands to his subordinate officers.

In the Yandell's family mansion, Melinda was repeating to her Master Oliver and to Willy Yandell about Master's Clayton's and Alex's replies.  

"That's odd; I don't remember anyone by Master Clayton's name. Did he specify the place or time when we might have met."

"No, but he looked very surprised when he heard your name."

"Hum, leave it then. I will try meeting him face to face before leaving, maybe then I will remember. But it's still a pity that they refused to come with us."

"Anyway, do you think he is right about the pirates," Oliver asked this question to Melinda.

"It didn't look like he was lying. I think we should change our route just for precaution."

Willy Yandell agreed and nodded his head.

A guard then came inside to inform them about the other Nobles leaving from the east gate and that Lord Dorbank heading in their direction with his army.

"I think it's time. Let's go meet him outside" Willy Yandell sighed when he said this.

Soon Lord Dorbank's guards surrounded the Yandell's Family Mansion from outside.

The Yandell's guards pulled out their weapon in response and took a guarding position around the mansion's gate.

"Lord Dorbank, what do you think you are doing?" Willy Yandell came out with his family and Oliver Eberhart trailing just behind them.

"You want me to tell you why I came here and ordered my men to surround your mansion. I think you know it better than me." Lord Dorbank looked betrayed when he said this.

"I hear that you with your family are leaving for the Belmont Subcontinent, is that true?"

"Yes, it is true." Willy Yandell acknowledged easily.

"I didn't know that you were such a coward. Cole Jordan and the other nobles are conspiring to rebel against me and my family so that they can get their hands on this city. And here you are, escaping instead of protecting this city with me like you were meant to. Have you forgotten your pledge just like them?"

"Lord Dorbank, given the current situation, you better worry about yourself first." Willy Yandell said with a sneer on his face.

Willy Yandell continued, "There are some things you don't need me to say. Didn't you always wish to become like Lord Frey? You didn't want your subordinates to surpass you and your family's power. Isn't that so? You were jealous of Lord Frey because he is the sole person having authority on the land which he rules. Did you think that we won't notice you trying to weaken our powers  in this city all these years?"

Darren Dorbank's face darkened.

Everything Willy Yandell said was true.                          

It would be odd if the Nobles and Willy Yandell himself did not guard against him.

"My father and his father had served your family their entire life. Not only because they took an oath but also because they respected your grandfather." Willy Yandell's gaze became more profound, "It's only because of you and your father that the descendants of your grandparent's retainers are rebelling right now. Well, Cole Jordan has always been ambitious so I can't say anything about him. But the rest have been forced because of you. You do not deserve to say anything about the oath that we took before. You should be thankful that I didn't join them instead. I am leaving this Island; you can take this mansion and the village I own back after I leave. That is if you can win the war. Good luck."

Lord Dorbank looked like he was trying to swallow down a clump of anger that was stuck in his throat.

"YOU!..." Darren was going to order his men to attack but before he could say anything else, Oliver came forward unleashing his cultivation pressure.

"Boy, think before you act."

Lord Dorbank stopped moving as if he had been shocked.

Willy Yandell couldn't help but laugh.

"What happened to you, Darren? Why did you stop? Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce you to my guest. This is Elder Oliver Eberhart; he is my wife's uncle. Also, he belongs to the Eberhart clan from the Belmont Subcontinent. He had actually come here bring my daughter back to the clan in order to cultivate her there. I am thankful to him as he invited me and family to come and live there. "

What could Darren say now? He knew it was better to stay quite in front of Oliver.

"It's my fault that I didn't recognize you Elder Oliver." Darren was quick to apologize as he didn't want to enrage someone with such a strong backing in the Belmont Subcontinent. He didn't want to but he knew that stopping Willy Yandell from leaving is not possible now.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Alex was seeing this scene through his puppet's vision that was standing there.

'Darren Dorbank does not even dare to face someone like Oliver. I don't know how he will be able to face those people that Cole Jordan had called to help. Would he surrender like this without fighting? That's would be disappointing.' thought Alex in his head.

Willy Yandell left the city with his family and guards safely. Darren also did not dare to obstruct him anymore.

"My lord?" Aiden worriedly called out.

"Do as I had ordered. And remember to deal with the gangs affiliated with the Nobles…try recruiting those new gangs if possible; do not fight with them for now." Darren walked back to his carriage without saying anything else.

It was midnight when some shadows passed the guards patrolling the walls of the Dorbank City undetected.

These shadows were none other than Alex and his puppets.

"Blackbeard, have you reached your destination," Alex said in his head as he was running in a certain direction.

"Yes Master, we are waiting in some distance away from the village that the Damon Family owns," Blackbeard replied quickly.

"Good, wait for me there." Alex ran at full speed in the direction where Blackbeard was waiting.

"Tagor, how is the situation in your end," Alex said to another puppet telepathically. Tagor was just like Blackbeard; he commanded and managed all the spy puppets.

"Master, the nobles had parted with each other just after they had left the city and went to the villages that they own respectively. The Nobles first plan to organize their forces and logistics tomorrow. After the sun sets tomorrow they will then start marching towards the Dorbank City with their forces separately and meeting each other outside the City walls."

"Master, the Merchant Union has begun assembling its forces to restrain Lord Frey's army at the border that they share with each other. The Merchant Union definitely has a connection with Cole Jordan's guest. This move is done to restrict Lord Frey from taking advantage of the situation."

"They also have assembled some of their forces on this side to keep Darren's army stationed there from returning back to the city to help Darren defend against the Nobles combined attack. This had already halved the power that Darren can use."

Alex frowned because his puppets had not been able to find this connection before between the Merchant union and Cole Jordan or his guests. This was really unexpected. Alex thought that the Merchant Union and Lord Frey in the north of Sea-shell Island would take advantage of this situation.


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