The Pleasure Lord
84 Curfew
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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84 Curfew

"How do you know that?" Melinda cautiously asked.

"A merchant who is a friend of mine brought this news back from there. Also, I doubt that you can leave this Island without facing any trouble." Alex gave her a meaningful look.

Melinda was truly surprised.

She immediately asked him "What do you mean by that?"

"What I mean is that there are many spies of the Jordan family and also the Dorbank family and that they are lurking in the village from where you plan to depart. You should expect trouble coming your way even if you don't want to cause them in return. And you understand, right?" Alex simply said.

"…Thank you for telling me this. Do you really do not want to come with us? This place cannot provide you with enough resources and opportunities. Jordan's want your family dead and you have made Darren's only son your enemy. No matter who wins, they will not leave you or your family alone." Melinda made a last try as she seriously wants him to join her clan.

"No, I have my own plans. But thank you for asking." Alex refused again knowing full well that she meant him well.

Melinda was disappointed but she still replied "No, I thank you for providing me with the intelligence considering the pirates and the nobles. It would lessen our troubles a lot. My master can deter those pirates with his strength on land but on the sea, it's very difficult defending the ships from them there. I think it's time for me to leave. If you change your mind then please come to Yandell's village before tomorrow's midnight."

"Master Clayton, I will take my leave now. Please visit our Eberhart Clan in the Belmont Continent whenever you think of going there in the future." Melinda left after saying that.

After she left, Alex couldn't help but want to ask Master Clayton about his relationship between him and Oliver Eberhart.

But Selena beat him before he could open his mouth.

"Father, you said that you had never taken a step out of this Island before. What's all this about then."  She looked a little upset.

"Selena, it's not that I wanted to lie to you but please understand that I only have bad memories about that place. Alex, you should go and prepare for the coming war. Also, you can take Dan's help if you want to. I want to rest for some time." said Master Clayton as he stood up from his chair and went out of the study room.

He looked very disturbed and also worried. Selena and Alex could also see this.

Alex thought it was better not to talk about this topic for now.

"Selena, Master should have his reason for not wanting to tell you."

"Um, I know." Selena understandably nodded her head.

"Say, Selena, do you want to try cultivating with me today…in your room." He grinned when he was finished, revealing his white teeth. He was trying to change the topic.

Selena blushingly said "In your dreams, now go and do your work. I don't need you to console me on such small things."

Alex hugged Selena from behind and said: "Do you not want your husband to console you?"

She had her hair pulled back and her neck look so inviting.

Alex then leaned over and kissed her neck softly and gently.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Umm…Alex, please stop. It's not safe…here. Father might come back and see us." Selena said quietly.

"Hm, you are right, someone might come and see us," Alex said as he pulled himself back but not before giving her a little kiss on her lips.

Selena was a little confused as she had not thought that Alex would stop right away.

Alex just smiled seeing this and pointed his head towards the door. Selena

Knock, knock

"Come in," Alex said.

Selena also understood it by now. Alex stopped not because she said so but he knew that someone was coming.

The person who came was Dan, Master Clayton's trusted subordinate and also the person who normally accompanies Selena when she goes out.

Last time he had been seriously injured when some pirates ambushed him on the streets so that they could kidnap Selena. If not for Alex's puppet's timely treatment, he might have died there due to loss of blood.

But he seems fine now, though he has still not recovered completely.

He came here because Master Clayton told him so. Alex then also briefed Dan about the situation.

"Master has told me to listen to your command. Please tell me what I need to do."

Alex explained to Dan what he needs to do from on.

"Ok, I will do as you say."  After saying this, Dan took his leave.

"Ok then, see you tomorrow. Take care of yourselves."

"Ok" Selena nodded her head but her eyes were full of reluctance seeing him go.

After coming outside Alex looked towards the sun position. It was already evening but Alex had much to do. Soon Lord Darren would place a curfew in the city, restricting people's movement.

 And today it was going to much stricter than before.

 Alex can already see that there has been an increase in the number of guards patrolling the streets.

"Master, the house of Damon, Cameron, Hestia, and Jordan's are leaving the city from the east gate right now." A puppet informed Alex at that moment.

Alex smiled when heard this. He knew that this would happen because the nobles had their private army stationed in the villages that they own. Staying here in the city any longer would endanger their lives because Darren had the advantage here. They need to leave the city before Darren could truly react after he becomes sure of their rebellion.

And just like they had thought, Darren was going to preemptively attack those nobles by surrounding their Mansion with his army.

But he was a little late in doing so, and now he could only watch them leave together from the east gate.

At the eastern gate, Lord Dorbank could be seen standing there with a number of guards lining in front of him.

"My Lord, we should give them chase right now. Or else they will come back tomorrow with their army." Aiden said.

"…No, leave them alone for now. You go and order the guards to close off the city gates.  Don't let anyone leave their home. If someone is seen outside, execute them immediately. Also, keep a watch on the Mercenary group and those Merchants. I don't want them to make any trouble."

"But…As you command my Lord" Aiden quickly left to carry out the orders he had been given.

The people, who still did not know what was happening and quickly asked the people in the street near the east gate, then hurriedly went inside to their house and locked its gate.


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