The Pleasure Lord
83 Forewarning Melinda
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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83 Forewarning Melinda

Alex quickly reached Master Clayton's house.

"Alex, what's the matter? You seem to be in a rush. Is there any problem?" Master Clayton asked.

"Master, there's something to tell you"

"Alright then come with me." Master Clayton took his student to his study room.

Alex then quickly repeated everything to Master Clayton.

"…Um, I knew that this day would come. Alex, do you really want to take part in this. I mean, are you sure that you have enough strength to take part in this fight. I can keep those outsiders at bay with my strength but it's not just about individual strength; remember that there is strength in numbers. The Nobles will definitely fight with their armies."

"Master, you don't need to worry. I have enough numbers of people under me that can fight with the Nobles combined army and still have a great chance at victory. I don't want many soldiers to die in this battle not only from my side but also on the opponent side." Alex then went on to say about his plan and told Master Clayton about his role in this battle.

"Master, take this. It will help you in the battle with those outsiders. You can leave the nobles to me." Alex took out a pillbox from his bag and gave it to his Master.

"What is this?" Master asked as he opening the lid of that box.

"It's something good that my subordinates found in a pirate ship after they defeated them at the sea." Alex smiled as he said.

Master Clayton was shocked the moment he smelled the aroma of a pill that leaked from the box.

Alex was amused when he saw the look on Master Clayton's face as he looked at two pills that he took out from the pillbox.

"They are Low-grade Rank 2 Berserk pills. I think you know about its uses. Master use one of it when it's getting dangerous for you."

Master Clayton nodded and carefully placed them back into the box.

"Alex, you are really lucky. Rank 2 pills can only be found in places like the Belmont subcontinent." Master Clayton said.

"Master, I know about their worth but there's also another I wanted to give you." Alex then took out two scrolls.

Master's eyes shined when he saw those two scrolls. He immediately knew about them.

Without waiting for Alex, Master Clayton took one of the scrolls in his hand.

"Talisman scroll! Ah, it's been a long time since I saw one. Earth Barrier Talisman! Lifesaving scrolls types are much rarer and sought after than other types." Master Clayton looked very excited when he was examining the scrolls like they were some kind of art.

Alex also gave one to Selena when he saw her entering the room.  They didn't converse much between themselves as Master Clayton was sitting right in front of them.

A servant came ahead and said "Master, there's a lady outside asking to meet with you and young master Alex. She said her name was Melinda."

Master Clayton didn't know of her but Alex did, therefore he told his Master about her.

"Oh, then bring her in. I wonder why she came here."

Melinda then entered the study room of Master Clayton.

She looked relieved when she found Alex there.

"Greetings, Master Clayton. My Master Oliver Eberhart and Sir Will Yandell have sent me here to deliver a message to you and your disciple Alex." Melinda said as she also gave her greetings to Selena who was present there at the moment.

"Oliver Eberhart!" Master Clayton looked a little surprised when he heard this name.

The people present there also noted his reaction.

That is why Alex couldn't help but ask "Master, do you know him?"

"Sigh, well I had met him some years ago." Master Clayton looked a little nostalgic.

"How can that be, my master had never traveled to this region before in his life," Melinda said in a little doubt but then she thought the other way around.

Selena also looked a little confused when she heard Melinda say this. In her knowledge, her father also did not leave this island ever before. So when can they have met before?

Master Clayton looked at Selena for a moment and then said "I had met him there on the Belmont subcontinent when I was very young. I was just a little older then Alex is right now. He might not remember me now.  Anyway, how is he?"

Melinda replied quickly "He is in good health, Master Clayton."

"Is that so, then it's good. Tell me, what brings you here?" Master Clayton changed the topic.

Melinda then said everything that she had been told to say to Alex and Master Clayton. Melinda warned them about the war and invited both of them and their families to leave this island with them. She also said that her clan would accommodate them in their territory that they rule.

Master Clayton was silent and had closed his eyes as if he was thinking about something.

Alex had already made his decision and therefore he was sitting quietly in his chair as he waited for his Master's reply.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Give my thanks to your master and Lord Yandell for this kind gesture but I am sorry to say that I cannot come with you." Master Clayton looked determined in his decision.

"…Alex, what about you? My master would be happy if you can join our clan. The resources there are much better than here." Melinda turned to ask Alex.

"Miss Melinda. There are many people that rely on me and my family here. I can't leave them here alone. I think you know about that, right. Plus, a lot of innocent people would die because of this war between the nobles. I am thankful to you but I can only turn down your invitation."

"Also, we knew about the rebellion already. We have our own plans on how to deal with it. Miss Melinda, have a safe journey on the way to the Belmont Subcontinent but please also hear my advice. The Lion-Shark Pirate fleet seems to have gathered their ships around Stonebridge Island and Slovario Island. Don't use the route between those islands; it's not safe around there." Alex first said his reason for not going and then he warned her about the pirate's movements and their threat to them.

Alex knew that those pirates were actually waiting for Willy Yandell and his family with the vessels that they would travel on.

Melinda was first shocked to hear this from Alex. She naturally put aside the matter about Alex rejecting her offer because the other news was quite important for her to ignore.

They were actually going to use that route before because it was one of the safest routes that the merchant usually use to travel on their ship vessels.


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