The Pleasure Lord
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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82 We Support You

Alex didn't know about the conversation between Willy Yandell and Oliver Eberhart on him but he did find out from his puppets that the Yandell family as a whole was preparing to leave this Island in two days.

They were going to use the village under them in the west direction by the seashore.

A merchant Fleet under Yandell Family has already started to load the family heirlooms of the Yandell's onto their ships secretly from that village.

Willy Yandell had already transferred his assets to that village as he had already made a contingency plan like this long ago.

The mansion that the Yandell family used to live in for generation is now just an empty shell.

This makes it much easier for Willy Yandell to move out with his family, subordinates, and his movable assets and safely head for the Belmont subcontinent.

All of this is going to be done in a span of two days and plus the ships will be leaving in batches so that they don't attract anyone's attention.

Alex called back most of his puppets to come into the city including Blackbeard and his crew. Only some puppets were left on the Greenedge Island to watch over the former slaves and pirates of the Desert wing pirate group.

Alex had eight hundred and seventy-six puppets. Some 15 puppets were left on the Greenedge Island, 30 puppets were distributed in the surrounding islands for some specific work and 80 puppets were now working in the Merchant Union's and Lord Frey's territories as spies.

All the remaining puppets were given the respective tasks that they would need to do on the third day.

Now Alex needed to inform his family and Master Clayton about the oncoming war between the Nobles.

He might need Master Clayton's help on that day so he will go to his house afterward.

First Alex gathered his family member's as he needs to update them about the situation. 

In the dining hall, Alex could be seen explaining to Donald and the others about the Nobles or particularly about Cole Jordan's plan on taking down Darren Dorbank so that he can take his place as the Lord of this City.

Alex told them that the other three Noble houses are also going to help the Jordan's for their own interests and for the deal which they had made before forming an alliance between themselves. 

Everyone was shocked by the revelation of the oncoming civil war that will happen in this city and that only in just three days. 

"Alex, then what do you think we should do now?" Jack asked seriously.

Donald, Julie, Meg, Anna, Hank, and Tom all looked at Alex as it was natural.

Alex smiled as he said, "You all know about my subordinates, right."

They all nodded as Alex had indeed introduced them to his subordinates (puppets) that somehow became very loyal to Alex.

Though Alex had not told them about how they became his subordinates, Jack and others have all become familiar with some of them like the ones managing the Raging Sun village now in the Swamp Marsh Forest. 

Alex continued "You know that we cannot side with Jordan's because of our past with them. We might have sided with Darren Dorbank this time but as you all know, his son Darien Dorbank who is also the next in line after his father is an idiot, plus he wants to kill me more than anything now. That is why we cannot side with any of the Nobles."

"Forming our own clan and taking a part or whole of Dorbank's territory for ourselves is one option. Another is that we can leave this Island altogether and move somewhere else. Uncle Donald and Uncle Jack, both of you are soon going to become Dantian Formation Realm cultivators and you know about Master's Clayton's strength. If he can help then we will not have to fear them. Also, my subordinates have expanded their group to a very large number, much larger than our own Raging Sun Mercenary group."

"For the first option, we will need to fight with other Nobles and their army. Choosing the second option is safer compared to the first but I cannot guarantee that we will not face such situations like this in any place we go to live."

Alex explained to them about the pros and cons of each option. 

"Alex, both of us have already stabilized our foundation and we are more than ready to form our Dantian. I think we should choose the first option. Also, I know that you want to take part in this war. All of us will support you in your decision from now on. You just need to tell us about our role." Donald said with determination. Jack also agreed with him. 

"If this is so then I will tell you about my plan now..." Alex went on to explain his strategies and plans one by one to them. 

It took him an hour to explain after which Jack exclaimed "Brilliant! if we do it like that then our chances of winning are much higher than what I anticipated before."

Donald and Jack went to their rooms to make preparation as they decided to form their Dantian tonight. The rest of the family also went to their rooms to prepare themselves for the upcoming war, particularly Hank and Tom. They also wanted to do their part for this family.

Alex stopped Anna as he said to her "Anna, I am sorry. It seems that Jordan's are going to start fighting with the city Lord on the day of your birthday. I wanted to..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Anna while holding her small pet, smiled as she heard him say this and stopped him in between.

While bringing her face nearer, Anna whispered something into his ear.

Alex only responded then by saying "...Ok, I promise."


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