The Pleasure Lord
81 Guests from the Belmont Subcontinen
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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81 Guests from the Belmont Subcontinen

Early morning, Jordan's family's main hall.

Cole Jordan was perspiring with sweat as he looked at the three men sitting in front of him.

He tried his best to make sure that there is no mistake in hosting these guests that came from the Belmont continent to help him in safeguarding his plan to take Darren Dorbank's place.

"…You were not able to complete your task, is that what you are saying?" said the middle-aged man who sat in front of Cole Jordan with his two Junior Brother's.

Cole Jordan nodded in an embarrassing manner.

Cole Jordan was responsible for this matter and he had no clue as to why his preparations were not going as it was planned.


This was a handle that one of the junior brothers of the middle-aged man had grasped onto to ridicule him so Cole Jordan couldn't even raise his head. After all, this was truly considered his negligence.

The young man had a sneer on his face and used this opportunity to add "If you can't even take care of some little matters like this, I'm afraid there's no use for us to push you as the Lord of this Island! Senior Brother Joseph, didn't I say we won't find any useful people in this barbaric place; in the end, all the work to carry out the plan would ultimately fall onto us."

The word "barbaric" made Cole Jordan's expression change, and the corner of his eyes unconsciously twitched.

"This . . ." Cole Jordan couldn't retort and had to remain meek in front of them. He did this not only because they were stronger than him but also because he feared the power to which they belong.

Maintaining a look as if everything was within his grasp, Joseph smiled lightly and said, "Arnet, how many times have I told you? Don't behave like this in front of our allies? Mister Jordan, you don't have to worry. Since we have arrived here then it's not necessary to dwell on past failures. Just leave everything to us, we will take care of Darren Dorbank and others. You just need to launch an attack on the City as planned; we will take over after that."

Cole was relieved to hear these words from Joseph's mouth.

"I will immediately inform other families to assemble in three days here with their troops as discussed before and take control of the city in the shortest time possible."

Joseph nodded as he too wanted to finish with his work here as soon as possible and go back to the subcontinent.

Alex was informed first hand when Cole Jordan started to make his move.

Alex spies in the Pearl village and in other places were constantly keeping an eye on the movements made by the troops affiliated to the Jordan's and other Nobles.

Both Mercenaries and Merchant groups who had strong ties with the Nobles, they were also under the Puppets radar.

It was easier to keep an eye on them because Alex puppets had infiltrated deep into their group long ago.

Alex also came to know about the three unknown men whom Cole Jordan had met in the main hall.

His spy puppets working as servants and manor guards in Jordan's family manor saw that Cole Jordan was rather meek when he was talking to those outsiders.

Though he didn't know the content of their meeting, Alex knew that Cole Jordan was going to attack Darren Dorbank Manor on the third day and that was enough time for him to take countermeasures.

Alex wanted to take over the Dorbank city, but he planned to do it after Cole Jordan and Darren Dorbank had weakened each other by fighting.

Only then would he strike at full force and bring the Dorbank City under his control with the help of his puppets.

At the Dorbank Family's residence.

Lord Dorbank soon came to know through his spies that his enemies were up to something. But he didn't know about the specifics. Nevertheless, he started making his own preparation as he had a huge ominous feeling of immense danger coming closer to him. 

He called out a meeting with his loyal subordinates to make some countermeasures against the upcoming rebellion that he knew for sure was going to happen.

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Willy Yandell was having lunch with Oliver Eberhart at this time when a servant came in to inform them about some new Intel their spies had gotten their hands on.

"They have come," Willy Yandell said in a gloomy tone as he stopped eating.

"Indeed, they are here, if not then Cole wouldn't rush to start so soon," Oliver Eberhart also agreed after which he continued having his lunch, not showing any tension on his face.

"No need to worry, Mister Yandell. Those men from the Riverland Mountain Sect are not that stupid. They won't unnecessarily create opponents for themselves by going against my Eberhart Clan. But still, I think it's time for us to leave this place. There's no future staying in this backward place. I know, you value the oath that your ancestors had made with the First Lord of the Dorbank Family but you need to be realistic right now. Darren Dorbank does not trust you, nor will he ever do so in the future. He would instead try to weaken your family influence and power at the first chance that he gets." Oliver explained slowly to him when he saw Lord Yandell spacing out.

Willy Yandell gave a long sigh and made a decision to keep his family safe.

"Let's go then…oh right, do you want to invite that youngster to come with us? He made some huge noise by beating Darren's son and easily defeating an 8th grade Body Tempering Realm Cultivator guarding Darien publically. I didn't know that there would be someone better than my daughter residing here on this Island. Being a commoner, he still managed to become so much stronger…he is not a simple boy, indeed." Willy decided to leave but he then also suddenly remembered about Alex who might not have made an impression on him in their first meeting, but after he came to know about the incident with Darien that happened yesterday,  Willy Yandell took an interest in him.

"HAHAHA, Melinda was indeed saying the truth. I would be happy to recruit such a talented youngster into my Clan. I will send Melinda to talk to him before we leave. If he agrees then he can come with us on our ship with his family. We will also ask Alchemist Clayton Cliff if he wants to come with us to the subcontinent. They might just agree if they came to know about the danger of staying here anymore."

"Mm, that's good then. Master Clayton is a very respectable man. If he decides to join us then Alex as his disciple should have no reason to disagree." Willy Yandell also smiled when he said this.


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