The Pleasure Lord
80 Random Roll III
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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80 Random Roll III

"Well, since you have unlocked the Artificial Puppet Personnel function much earlier than the usual, this function has many limitations that are put on it by the Book of Myriad Universe and it had also adjusted it in reference to your situation now."

"Firstly, you cannot just keep on purchasing puppets endlessly with materials such as gold. Gold can only be used to purchase puppets until you are in the Body Tempering Realm. When you become a Dantian Formation Realm cultivator, you need to use spirit stones in exchange for more puppets or to increase their cultivation level."

"Secondly, some new limitations would also be added. For example, the cultivation of the puppets cannot be equal to their master's cultivation. Their cultivation has to be one grade lower than your own cultivation. Plus, there will also be a limitation on the number of puppets that can have their cultivation level increased to a higher level."

"Consider that you became a Mid-Stage Dantian Formation Realm, and then you increase the cultivation of any three of your puppets to the Early-stage Dantian Formation Realm."

"When you reach the Late-stage Dantian Formation Realm, those three puppets can also increase upgrade their level to Mid-Stage Dantian Formation Realm and aside from that you can choose another six puppets to increase their cultivation to Early-stage Dantian Formation Realm. At Peak-stage of Dantian Formation Realm, you choose another twelve puppets and increase their level to Early-Stage of Dantian Formation Realm."

"This is actually the original limitations that come with this function. The advantage is that you don't need to use Faith points to sustain them anymore daily after you start using Spirit stones to purchase them and use them in their cultivation."

"You only need to use Faith points when purchasing the puppet and when you are increasing their cultivation. No need to continuously use the Faith points after you advance to the Dantian Formation Realm. These restrictions on puppets cultivation and numbers only start in the Dantian Formation Realm and not in the Body Tempering Realm." She explained.

"…" Alex stayed quiet for some time.

"Well, it's not that difficult to understand. Just be sure to gather enough spirit stones from now on."

Alex understood what she said very clearly. It was just that he didn't understand the reasons for the Book to be placing such limitations on the Artificial Puppet Personnel Function.

When he asked the Heavenly Spirit about this, she just replied casually "Your cultivation is not enough for you to know about this."

Alex nodded and except nodding what else can he do.

Knowing that his Faith points can soon be increased, Alex thought of trying the Random Roll Function today. Last time he got some Rank 2 Berserk pills, which he still hasn't used any. The Low-grade Black ranked Battle Armors are currently being used by his puppets.

Alex inputted a thousand points from each of the three categories into the Random Roll. After which he started the Random Roll Function.

Finger crossed, Alex waited for the result. This is the only function where he can get anything useful at a low price.

100x Peak grade Rank 1 Body Tempering Pill

10x Peak Grade Rank 1 Earth Barrier Talisman Scroll

Low-grade Black Ranked weapon- Spear

Finally, the results came out. Body Tempering pills are indeed very useful for every cultivator. The Low graded Spear is not that useful to Alex but it can still be used by one of his puppets.

Talisman Scrolls are made by Inscription Masters and they are used as consumables by cultivators. There are various types of Talisman Scrolls and their uses are also endless.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Inscription Masters uses various runes and formations to inscribe them upon a piece of special material in extremely sophisticated arrangements and profound combinations.

 By doing this, the Inscription Masters can make talisman Scrolls and bring out different effects and abilities from each of them when they are activated with Qi.

For example, once the Earth Barrier Talisman Scroll was activated with Qi, the formation array in it would use the already stored Earth element in them to envelope the whole body of the user in a barrier made of Earth Element just like a stone shield on each direction.

Alex immediately took one scroll out and opened it to see inside.

The Earth Barrier Talisman scroll contained many complex diagrams, like many spider webs stacked on top of each other. Ordinary people would get dizzy just by looking at it.

Since Alex had not yet studied about Runes and Formations, he couldn't understand the meaning behind the various strokes and symbols used on it. But this didn't stop him in appreciating it like an Art. The talisman paper is typically made using special wood or Demon Beast skin and is generally resistant to fire and water.

After examining the Earth Barrier Talisman Scroll for some time, Alex placed it back into his inventory. Unlike Alchemy pills that need to be consumed, his puppets can very well use these Talisman Scrolls as support and enrich their attacking methods.

When Alex turned, he couldn't see the Heavenly Spirit.

'She must have gone back inside the Book.' thought Alex.

By the time Alex came out of his Soul Space, the sun has already started to dawn; coloring the sky, the ocean, and the clouds in an orange hue.

 Like always, he went to his backyard to practice with others in martial arts and training their bodies through various exercises.


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