The Pleasure Lord
79 Demon Beast Space
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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79 Demon Beast Space


By the time Alex reached home, the sun had already set on the horizon. He spent some time talking to his family about the incident pertaining to Darien that had happened today.

Anna had already informed them earlier so Alex only talked about what Master Clayton had said and his thoughts on Darren Dorbank.

Alex assured them that they don't have to fear the Noble's from now on as their own strength is not any lower than them.

Plus, he informed them that if Lord Dorbank or any other aristocrats had any bad intentions towards them, he would come to know about it in the shortest time.

It took him some time to explain to them about some of the countermeasures he had placed to make sure of their own safety in case of danger.

Later in the night, Jack and others were burning the midnight oil to cultivate fiercely in order to increase their strength as much as possible.

Alex was also busy in his room, stabilizing his foundation and making it as strong as possible before he prepares to form his Dantian and enter the Dantian Formation Realm.

Early in the morning, Alex concluded his cultivation session. After that, he materialized in his soul space to check on the Book. 

But this time before he could touch the Book, without any warning, a flash of light hit him out of the blue head-on.

Luckily, he didn't find himself getting blasted by it nor were his eyes hurt.

"What the hell was that?"

Alex stood there dumbfounded as his mind was processing the earlier flashbang.

Suddenly, the Heavenly Spirit appeared in front of him like a ghost.

She appeared a little indifferent to him this time.

Alex composed himself and tried his best to ignore the look of utter disgust she was giving him since she came out.

" there something on my face? Why are you looking at me like that.?"


"...What?Just tell me already?" Alex said when he got no response from her after some time.

The Heavenly spirit suddenly looked towards the book as if she heard something and then with a look of reluctance, she finally turned her head to speak to him.


Alex felt that something was definitely off with her today. He internally decided to not ask anything about it since he doubted that she would tell him anything.

"...Leave it. Tell me what just happened earlier when I tried to touch the book...What was that light? Did it do something to me?" Alex asked in the hope to solve the mystery. 

"What Light?"

"..." Alex didn't believe her so he retold the whole process again.

"Nope. Nothing of this sort happened! Must be your imagination." the Heavenly Spirit shook her head in denial. 

He knew that it was not his imagination but seeing the look on her face, Alex felt that she wouldn't tell him even if she knew.

'Is she having periods today? what's the problem with her?'

Alex thought of putting aside that matter for now and instead went back towards the Book floating in the middle of his soul space to try and access it again.

Without any more surprises, Alex was able to see the panel jumping out in front of him just as he touched the cover of the book with his hand.

Putting aside his doubts for the time being, Alex first went on to check the four options and see if there is anything newly added or unlocked because of his breakthrough in cultivation to the 9th grade of Body Tempering Realm.

For the last three of his breakthrough, Alex had been unlucky and hadn't unlocked anything of value after the Artificial Puppet Personnel option.

"Wisdom...nope...Treasures...New graded weapons are unlocked but I can't buy them right's still not unlocked...Function...!!!" Finally, Alex saw another function becoming visible under Artificial Puppet Personnel.

"Demon Beast Space!" Alex quickly read the information given about the new function.

Demon Beast Space is an independent pocket of space that is meant for the contracted Demon Beasts to live and rest.

Demon Beast Space is much like the Storage bag that the Beast Taming Masters uses to store their contracted Demon Beasts. They use it as a portable home for their Demon Beast.

But unlike simple storage bag which only provides the Demon Beasts a little space to rest, Demon Beast Space Function has a variety of natural landscapes and ecosystems in it, preferable to the different Demon Beasts which Alex contracts.

It provides Demon Beasts with the best habitat suitable for their cultivation and practices. 

Alex found this function useful and useless at the same time. Useless because he still hasn't contracted any Demon Beasts nor had he found any technique to make a contract with them. 

Demon Beast contracting Techniques are listed in the wisdom section but they are too expensive. 

The lowest graded ones were priced around ten thousand points in all three categories.

Alex needs to bring his Currency, Faith, and Merit to ten thousand points. Currency and Merit are easy to gather and he already had gathered more than ten thousand points in them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Faith points are also easily collected but unlike the other two categories, the Faith points are constantly being used in keeping the puppets functional every day.

Each puppet uses faith points respective to their cultivation so that they can work normally.

Puppet having cultivation at 1st grade of Body Tempering Realm uses 1 faith point daily, 2nd Grade puppets uses 2 faith points daily and like this, the usage of Faith points by the puppets increases with their cultivation grades.

That is why, Alex has never been able to keep free Faith points more than two thousand.

The only solution for this is to become more famous to collect more faith points or limit the numbers of his puppets. 

Alex now has puppets numbering more than eight hundred. This includes every puppet that he has summoned until now. He could have summoned more but then he wouldn't be able to sustain them.

There was no other option than to increase his own popularity among the masses.

Alex then thought of asking the Heavenly Spirit if she has any solution to his problem.

"Are you stupid!... No...wait...Oh! I forgot to tell you." 


'What the hell did you forget to tell?...' thought Alex in his head.


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