The Pleasure Lord
78 Copper Body
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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78 Copper Body

In an hour, the aura on Alex's body exploded out.

After assimilating a little more than half of the Pure Yin Qi in his body, he broke through to the 9th stage of Body Tempering Realm and rushed straight to the peak of the 9th stage.

Alex instinctively stopped using the rest of the Yin Qi because it would help him later when he congeals his Dantian making it stronger and more robust then what he could achieve now.

Rushing now to the Dantian Formation Realm would not deem good for Alex as he needs to prepare first and also stabilize his current stage.

Crossing to the next major realm needs to done with caution and ample preparation.

Feeling the power coursing through his veins, Alex felt that he could fight someone in the Early Dantian Formation Realm to a draw or maybe even defeat the person.

Anyway, Alex was feeling very energetic now, he felt a visible improvement to his body's 5 senses.

As Alex was busy feeling the changes done to his body, he suddenly felt a piece of extra information added to the Unnamed Cultivation Technique which he got from the Book.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This extra information brought a bright and wide smile on Alex's face.

First, he got the next part of the Unnamed Cultivation Technique which will help him through the Dantian Formation Realm.

And the next thing he came to know was that after cultivating the Body Tempering Realm using the Unnamed Cultivation Technique till the peak of that realm, it has brought some major changes to his body.

For example, at the peak of the Body Tempering Realm, the Unnamed Cultivation Technique has upgraded his body into a copper body.

This means that his body defenses are now strong enough to be in the copper stage which is also widely known as an entrance stage for every Body Cultivators. 

The copper body has many advantages like very strong healing power, heightened senses, huge improvement in strength, agility, endurance, and defense.

Traditionally, most Body Cultivators do not achieve this level in the Body Tempering Realm but actually do so in the next major Realm that is the Dantian Formation Realm.

Also, the boundaries of Body Cultivation are not defined clearly and are somewhat vague.

Any Body Cultivator can be said to have achieved Copper Body if that person has huge improvements in any of the two qualities like strength or agility, endurance or defense, have good healing abilities, improving any specific sense like eyesight or improving multiple senses.

It is said that in the higher stages of the Body Cultivations, the body cultivators can even revive from a single drop of their blood, can rip apart mountains with bare hands, split oceans with a swing of their legs, and they can also perfect their bodies to resist various elemental forces like fire, lightning, wind, water, etc.

There is hardly anyone who is successful in reaching the top by traveling on the road of Body Cultivation because the difficulty level of this type of cultivation is twice or thrice or even more than by cultivating normally

But all of this is the stuff of legends and at least on the Island where Alex stays, there is not even one person who is known to be proficient in Body Cultivation or even know about such things.

Alex had not tried his abilities after reaching the peak of Body Tempering Realm, that is why he couldn't tell the extent of his power. But after knowing the advantages brought by the Copper body, Alex was sure of defeating any Early-stage cultivators in the Dantian Formation Realm. 

'This...Oh my God, does this mean that I don't have to buy those Dual cultivation techniques priced at an exorbitant value in the Book?' 

Dual cultivation techniques are not actually graded the same as other cultivation techniques, technically they are known as secret techniques or auxiliary techniques which are very, very rare with respect to the mainstream cultivation technique. 

But their value and demand are much higher than the others. 

The price of the basic and the lowest grade of the Dual Cultivation technique was as high as a million points in each of the three categories, Faith, Currency, and Merit; which was not possible for now.

Just then he took a glance to his side as if he felt something.

On his right side, Selena was also sitting in a lotus meditation position, immersed in her cultivation.

When Alex used his spiritual sense to scan her, he was surprised to find that Selena's cultivation has jumped from the 5th grade of Body Tempering Realm to the 8th grade of the Body Tempering Realm in just directly. 

In another half an hour, her cultivation finally stopped at the peak of 8th grade of Body Tempering Realm.

Right now, both of them were sitting naked beside one another.

Selena's eye's opened with a lot of excitement and joy showing in her expressions. Even now she thought that what has happened today might just have been a dream. It's because it was too unbelievable. Fortunately, it was not.

Her cultivation has truly undergone a huge change and she has jumped three grades of the minor realms in just a day. No!, more specifically, it only took her less than two hours.

When she turned to look at Alex, she found him staring back at her while smiling.

"Alex...what just happened?" asked Selena as if to confirm.

"Congratulations, Selena. Jumping three grades in a day is truly feet that no one could manage to do on this Island."

"This. How is this possible? Wait! did you see through my cultivation?" 

"Oh... that, I will tell you about it later. It's related to the use of the spiritual sense." Alex pushed aside her doubt for now but he answered her first question. This was just his theory he assumed and needs to clarify it with the heavenly spirit of the Book of Myriad Universe before he could be sure about his conclusion as she was the only person he thought that could answer to him.

Alex started to tell his conjecture about some of the scant knowledge he knew about the Dual cultivation and also pointed out that this happened only because of the cultivation technique he was using.

He asked her to keep a secret about this, to which she agreed readily. He also told her about his own breakthrough to the peak of Body Tempering Realm.

Finally, Selena understood.

From beginning to end, she had always believed in Alex and was happy that she could also help him in cultivation.

 In her excitement, she didn't remember that she was sitting nude in front of Alex and whenever she moved a little, her bosom would jiggle. It was truly a sight to see and enjoy. 

Only, when Selena felt a slight pain below in between her legs, did she realize that she was stark naked.

Because of the cultivation breakthroughs and the Pure Yang Qi which has still not fully digested, the pain she felt down there and the swelling had now been considerably reduced. She can even walk properly now.

She rushed to cover her lady parts from Alex's sight, who was starring at her snow white bust like some hungry wolf. She could even see that his beast down below was slowly raising its head as if it has just sniffed its prey.

"Junior...Bro...Brother...wai..wait...Kya~~~" Alex pounced on her like a tiger with much greater energy and power than before.

And thus they had one more session of lovemaking before Alex left for his home not waiting for Selena's father to come out of the pill chamber.


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