The Pleasure Lord
77 I will love you, forever! **
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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77 I will love you, forever! **

"What? Do you want to back out?" Alex teasingly asked. 

Selena couldn't respond to his questions, she was fighting a war in her own head right now. Seemingly coming to a decision, she took a deep breath and said with a look that showed utter determination "No... I'm ready."

Alex smiled as he slowly climbed onto the bed. He slowly crawls on top of her, giving her gentle bite near her ear, Alex whispers softly to her "I will love you...forever"

Selena couldn't help but bite her lower lip as she felt a current spread through her body when he said those words and almost caused her to have another orgasm.

She responded to him by sliding her hands to his back and pulling him closer to give soft kisses of after another onto his lips.

Alex could feel the heat and heartbeat through her soft breasts.

Alex has been caging his desire to procreate since he first came into this world. It seemed that every blood cell in his body wanted some of the action.

His hands seemed to have gotten a mind of their own, gripping her perfect ass. Again she moaned as he returned her kisses, his body trying to regain the initiative, and sending the tongue into battle.

But she had now somewhat become an experienced kisser, and not only parried his offense but took the fight to his own mouth, while feeling pressure below on her stomach far enough to expose his hardness.

He looked down, as he felt the wetness below, knowing that she was ready.

The fire between them burns to a thousand degrees, each flicker igniting her body.

Alex used his hands to point his cock onto the entrance, rubbing it up and down on her cherry to lubricate it well. This move caused Selena to yank her hands on his hair, fisting them as if getting ready for the moment.

Alex's mouth leisurely moves down to tease her nipples, sending current down below that makes her even more wet with need. She herself starts to grind her mound on the shaft as she couldn't bear the arousal.

"Please," Selena cry out but Alex shows no mercy.

He continues his onslaught of licking and tasting breasts, squeezing and rolling his thumb on her pinkish nipples.

As she was almost on the verge of another climax, Alex suddenly lifts his head upwards to lock her lips with his. With one arm he grips around her waist while he continues to works on her breast.

The next moment, Alex slams his cock into her entrance breaking it with force. Selena's eyes were blown wide and round as she forgets to breathe because of the pain striking deep into her soul. She feels jolts of pain rushing through her body causing tears to gush out from her eyes.

Air pressing out of her lungs in a silent scream as he filled her.

Her scream was being snuffed out by Alex's deep kiss, her knuckles turning white on his back, he gives another push to make his shaft enter halfway.

Selena kept flinching, moving, bucking, unable to contain herself, and he rubbed her ass several times to calm her down, which indeed had an effect.

Alex couldn't put his feeling into words on how he felt right now. He felt his cock being tightly squeezed around by something warm and moist, wriggling all over his shaft. He thought his cock would melt in her pussy.

Staying still for some minutes, Alex constantly injects pure Qi from his body through his genital and into her body. This caused her to recover a little faster as her entrance starts to adjust with the size of the intruder.

Alex waits till she herself starts to move her ass, signally that the pain has significantly lessened.

He then slowing moves his cock in and out to let her get accustomed to his rhythm. 

Alex thrusts slowly inside her. Selena still felt some pain, but the desire for Alex unfurls within herself, she start moving with him.

Selena had never experienced this before, and it was amazing. 

She leaned forward, kissing him. It seemed to go on forever, the softness bringing joy to them both that neither wanted to end.

Alex grabs her tits, squeezed them roughly, and then dove one hand between her legs. She was moaning, bucking, writhing continuously now, and he fucked her with passion, slamming himself into her over, over, over, over, over!

Finally, she screamed, unable to contain it any longer, her body seizing up like an overworked engine, sweat pouring from every pore of her skin, she finally had another climax after a long battle

Her head rolled back, eyes screwed shut, feeling his heated cock still inside her. Her pussy seemed to be shrinking, squeezing him until she felt weak.

Since Alex was also close, with both hands on her breasts, he began to pump his rhythm into her. Being highly sensitive now right after her climax, Selena endures long enough till Alex exploded his seed from his cock filling her inside fully.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This causes Selena to convulse with pleasure as she discharges again. 

Alex kisses her for a final time, holding her close, he pulls out of her.

As they both lay on the bed, side by side, Selena eye's flutter's to sleep, but before she succumbs to unconsciousness, words come out of her mouth " you, Alex"

"I know" Alex replies back as he looks straight into her emerald eyes. He gently kisses both of her cheeks tasting the saltiness from her tears covering them.

Finally, she throws her arm on Alex's chest and snuggling against the man in her life that she will stay forever.

Alex was also thinking of resting a little but suddenly he felt an urge to cultivate from within himself. 

Selena who had just gone to sleep was also jolted awake as if she felt the uncomfortable feeling inside her too.

They both looked into each other eyes and as if seemingly understanding the situation, both of them sat down in lotus position.

Selena could feel foreign Qi coursing through her body but incredibly it was not rejected by her body.

Instead, she felt that her body had an immense craving for it. The origin of this foreign but pure Qi was from the sperm which Alex had left in her vagina.

Amazingly, this foreign Qi which was Yang in nature was running through her meridians in a predetermined manner, mixing with her own Qi. She had no control over it whatsoever.

Alex was experiencing the same situation, but in his body, he had full control over the Pure Yin Qi he got from Selena, accumulated inside of her in all her maiden years.

Even though he could control it, Alex decided to not do it and instead let it flow on its own.

He could feel that the Unnamed Cultivation Technique was automatically driving it in his body just like then when he had awakened his soul through its help.


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