The Pleasure Lord
76 Making Love *
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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76 Making Love *

Author's note: Read the Disclaimer in the previous chapter at the end I had updated after publishing this chapter. 


Selena giggled again. "You bet it is," she whispered in reply. Alex eyes roamed freely up and down her body.

A surge of heat and excitement ran through her body to pool in her nether region which was still covered by her dress.

She whimpered softly as she sat up from the bed that they unconsciously sat in the heat of the moment.

"Beautiful, just beautiful," Alex whispered as she got to her feet.

Selena felt herself blush deeply as she stood there in front of him. Alex's eyes were once again roaming freely over her body.

Selena's maidservant who was very close to her had always warned her about men and their lustful looks but there was only a look of awe and wonder on Alex's face.

She shivered hard.

Alex smiled and nodded his head. "Thank you. You are a sight I'll never forget." He truly wouldn't as he knew how hard it is for a maiden to open her heart and body for the man she loves the first time.

"Just relax and let me take it from here."

Selena shivered and took a deep breath before she nodded and started forward again. "I trust you for some reason."

Alex gave her a reassuring smile and whispered, "I hope I live up to that."

They loved each other and didn't care about anything other than that. He took her gently by the neck and kissed her forehead.

She moaned with pleasure. Selena wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him tightly, roughly.

Selena gasped when he turned her around. Her back against his front sticking without any gap.

Selena caressed the back of his head as Alex teased her with his nose and lips. She giggled. In her mind, she realized she couldn't remember the last time she was this happy.

As Alex began kissing the back of her neck, she moaned with pleasure. If he wasn't holding her, Selena would've collapsed. No man ever made her feel this way.

The love, the passion, the need, it all swelled inside her chest ... until it burst.

Her scent filled Alex nostrils as he found his way through her hair and neck. Strawberries. Alex rubbed her shoulders as he kissed her cheeks.

Both of them were so tense at the start. But they seemed to relax as things progressed.

Alex's heart beat stronger. His pulse raced faster.

Suddenly, another set of hands touched his. Alex jumped as Selena grabbed his wrists and guided them across her body.

She was giving him permission to explore her vast beauty. There was much to explore. First, he touched her face. Her skin was so soft and delicate.

Her lips so full, and sensual. He found his way to her collar bone and stroked it back and forth.

This was the first time he had done this. Alex smiled at himself. And the smile grew even larger when he saw hers.

Selena took his hands yet again and guided them from her hips to her stomach. This time, it was Alex who gasped. She wanted him to touch her.

As she looked up to his face, Alex blue eyes staring into her emerald gems. She nodded and kissed him as tenderly as she could.

 He slid his hands, cupping her breasts. Selena then let out a long moan, not caring if someone heard her outside the room. This is how she wanted to feel.

She pushed back against her lover and felt that he too was ready for her.

Both of them, gasping for air every time they stopped kissing.

"Make love to me", she whispered aloud.

Alex halted his advance. He stared deeply into her green eyes. Slowly, he moved the hair out of her face to see it completely. Alex gave a small smile.

"You sure"


Alex slowly started to undress her from top to the bottom. Soon all her outer clothes were laying on the ground. Only two white clothes were left covering her breast and bottom.

Alex's tongue flicked across her nipples, sucking them, teasingly nibbling. Further down that, he went, across her stomach, between her legs.

Selena moaned out as his tongue made contact with her clit, teasing it out from underneath her hood, flicking up and down.

Alex felt like a thirsty beggar who suddenly found a well full of water to quench his thirst. But he still controlled himself as he wanted to be softer in his advance. Alex started using every technique he saw in those teaching sites (^^) popular with teens.

He was a little clumsy at first but then he quickly caught the rhythm as he used his strong, skilled tongue, with alternating long and short strokes, dashing in and out.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Sucking it gently into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, nibbling it carefully to tease her to the heights she never felt. It was maddening for Selena as she had never had this kind of experience. What Alex was doing to her was completely different than what she thought he would be doing.

The scent of her nether region and the softness he felt in massaging her twin peaks was driving him crazy.

"Ahh~~…som…something is …coming…Ahhh~~~"

Selena had a hell of an orgasm for the first time. Her body twitched for half a minute as she spurted a waterfall on Alex's face, who was instead caught off-guard as he was wholly concentrated on enjoying those soft lips beneath.

Being inexperienced might have been also the reason he couldn't react but as they say, experience comes with practise.

It took some time before Selena could stabilize. She almost became unconscious in that blissful moment but being a cultivator herself, she soon came back to reality.

Even then she was breathing heavily as remembered the feeling again.

Right now Selena was totally naked in front of Alex, who was enjoying the view of her boobs going up and down.

Being stared like this made her blush with shame but she still didn't cover up and let her lover to fully enjoy her body.

Selena looked at him out of the corner of her eyes. "I'm naked and you have your clothes on."

"Me taking mine off might cause problems," Alex replied.

"No… it will not!" Selena said as she gazed at the outline of the monster imprisoned in those pants. She sat up from the bed which they had fallen on during the previous orgasm.

Alex shrugged his shoulders and untied his pants. He then turned to look at Selena, who stood there with her eyes wide open and looking hypnotized by the spectacular scenery.

He smiled at her, not even bothering to hide the magnificent view of the bulging cock that stood upright in-between his legs, like an iron rod.

In Selena's view, this was definitely the most extraordinary scene she has ever witnessed in her life.

Selena stood there like a puppet as Alex slowly approached her, his bulging cock standing upright; it was so stiff that not even walking was able to cause it to move, like a steel rod.


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