The Pleasure Lord
75 Bold Selena
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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75 Bold Selena

Initially, Darien felt that his father would blow up because a commoner challenged his authority and status by beating his son in public.

However, after hearing these words, his face gradually grew paler and paler. It didn't take long for his entire body to tremble as he felt indignant of the slap.

"Incompetent fellow!"

Seeing Darien's expression, Lord Darren couldn't help but criticize him.

Darien probably didn't even inherit 10% of his own skills. This was also the reason why he was hesitant to hand over the authority over the clan to him.

"Whose father are you? Mine or that commoner's Alex. How can you not side with your own son? Are you not the Lord of Dorbank city? Can your honor and status be trampled by the slaves? You will pardon that commoner for his crime just because his Master is that Alchemist. That bastard humiliated me in front of the whole crowd, he dares to attack me, your son, heir of the Noble Clan of Dorbank. Is that the extent of your authority? Are you the Lord or is that Alchemist Clayton, the lord?" Darien finally couldn't help but burst into a temper as he said everything that came to his mind.

"SHUT UP!"  

A sinister aura crept around Lord Darren. At the end of his words, Darien trembled involuntarily.

"Bring him back to his chamber, and treat his wounds. Don't let him come out till I say so. Aiden you stay, I have an important to say."

Darien was then quickly escorted by the servants out this room leaving only Lord Darren and his subordinate Aiden behind alone.

Lord Darren gazes into the distance, as though looking through the Dorbank manor to peer into the distance.

"What is it? My Lord" asked Aiden who had been standing by his side.

"Somehow, I feel that something is amiss with my son. If the incident today was just a coincidence, it was nothing much. However, I fear that it wasn't so."

Lord Darren's eyebrows were tightly knitted together and he seemed to be in a dilemma.

"Them? But the young master had never made any contact with them"

Aiden couldn't help but exclaim. He would have never thought that the important matter referred to was this.

"I am not sure; it's just a…feeling"

"…My Lord, what about Alex?"

"It's not the time for revenge right now, leave him alone. I have no intention on pardoning him for his crime. He is a great danger to my son and my family. But not now…Master Clayton is a wise man. He would expect me getting my revenge on Alex that's why it's not the right time. Do you understand?"

"Yes my lord."

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Back in the manor of Master Clayton.

"Alex, don't leave the city for the time being. Lord Dorbank men should have eyes on you and your family."

"Yes Master, but you don't have to worry, I can handle them."

"I know you can very well handle them but exchanging blows with them now would not be good now. Well, do what you think is fit. I need to go back to my pill chamber to research on a new pill. It will take the whole day, so you can accompany Selena." After saying this Master Clayton stood up to leave.

Alex's eyes lit up because he was going to get some alone time with Selena. Anna has already gone back home to inform her family of the incident that happened. She probably won't come today.

Selena was also sitting down by the side when her father and Alex were talking. Her cheeks became rosy red when she saw Alex giving her a meaningful smile.

She instantly remembered the other day when she had her first kiss. She had been thinking about it the whole night.

Selena decided to not give in so easily when Alex meets her next time but then the next second she decided to let Alex do what he wants as she had already given her heart to Alex.

When Selena raised her head to look at Alex, she found him giving her a teasing smirk as if it's means something. Instantly, her fuse blown and thought 'Hump! Why do I have to be shy, I am his senior sister. I should be the one to tease him, let's see who is shyer, him or me?'

"Alex, let's go in my room to talk" Selena adjusted her state of mind as she invited him to her room.

Alex was surprised; he didn't think that the rabbit would invite the wolf on her own. Didn't she fear being eaten whole? Anyway, he followed behind her to her room to see what's cooking in her mind.

As she was walking ahead, Selena's steps faltered and slowed even as she tried to keep an even pace. Her heart was beating fast and her breathing was fast and shallow.

 It was a mixture of fear and anxiety but thrilling at the same time. It was something totally new to her.

 Question after question raced through her mind. Why was she doing this? Why hadn't she turned around and fled?

Selena's mind had no answers and her eighteen-year-old virgin body was not helping things a bit and was constantly remembering the previous day with Alex. Her body kept spurting out hormones and other stuff that just egged her on.

'But now what?'  That was the thing her mind kept shying away from after they entered her room.

She stopped and whirled around, indecision rampant in her mind. Actually, it was more of a war between her mind and body. She groaned softly and took a step forward.

Selena had to show that she was not going shy away by doing such things as she is his senior sister and because the girls in this world were more open and bold, not all but most of them were like that.

Selena surprised even herself when she took Alex's face in her hands and placed her lips on his.

But this also broke the dam between two virgins as hormones raged and bring away any sense that was left in their brain.

When they broke away for some breath, Selena saw Alex face being a little dumb as to what had just happened.

Alex thought that he had to be the one being proactive to advance their physical contacts but Selena's behavior today add confused his soul to the max level.

Selena found herself giggling when she looked at his stupid face still lost in the kiss between them. If he only knew how much his face excited her... Alex looked around at her and gave her a questioning look. Steeling her nerve, she asked, "What if I wanted you to look at me?"

Alex slowly came back to himself. "It would be an honor and my pleasure," he whispered.


From the next chapter onwards, the novel would be going premium as well. So far I have written for free, and hopefully, you will consider my novel worthy enough to invest real money ^.^

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P.S. A gift for all the readers who had been waiting for Alex up-gradation from being a virgin Lord or The Peeping Lord. (Next Chapters onwards)

Thank you.


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