The Pleasure Lord
73 You think I won“t retaliate.
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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73 You think I won“t retaliate.

The hearts of the crowd trembled.

"Hell! What did I just see?"

"That guard was an 8th grade Body Tempering Realm cultivator and is a loyal dog of young master Darien" someone who knew about the guard's strength spoke out.

"What! How can that be possible? Look at the boy's age; he can't have that kind of cultivation. Are you saying that he is stronger than the genius daughter of Yandell Family?"

"Is that guy mad? He dares to oppose City Lord's son."

 "That kick just now, how terrifying!"

"Indeed, it is extremely terrifying. Who is that handsome boy" The spectators grew excited. All of them were speaking out their own thoughts to one another.

Darien's face looked like he had eaten shit. He couldn't believe what he just saw. Naturally, he knew about the strength of his guard who is now lying unconscious on the ground. Coincidently that guard was the strongest person he had brought with him today. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Alex walked over the body of that guard towards Darien.

"Wh..what are you…doing. Don't…don't come any closer. What are you all standing there? Go stop him" Darien backed off in fear as he ordered his other guards.

'Are you kidding? Didn't you see our him thrashing an 8th-grade cultivator' thought the guard who had been pushed by Darien to come in between him and Alex. He cursed Darien ancestor's under his breath.

"Too late to regret now." Alex countenance remained incomparably calm. This battle, as he had expected, was a battle without suspense. Some of the guards didn't have any courage to even come forward and those who did were thrashed onto the ground just like their comrades.

Darien turned to run away but was caught by his neck in the next moment.

"Release me now. Don't you know who I am? My father will kill you." Young Master Darien was lifted up by his neck. He screeched like a chicken that was just about to be butchered.

Alex was utterly annoyed as Darien wouldn't stop yapping and flapping in his hands. He tightened his grip around the neck which caused Darien to choke turning his face paler.

Alex released his hands and let Darien fall on the ground after a minute.

"Cou…cough…coug…gasp..gasp" just as Darien stabilized his breath after a few moments, Alex came to his front.

Darien was again pulled up by his hair.

"Darien Dorbank, we didn't know each other before nor did we have any bad blood or grudge between us. But you still sent those two thugs on that day to dispose of me and now this. Do you think I can't hurt you because of your father?"

Darien really did think like this. He had been long abusing his powers and no one has ever fought back in fear of his father. It's the first time something like this has happened.

But Darien still did not feel any remorse and was constantly thinking of how he would go back to bring Cities guards with him and put Alex in their manor's prison where he would torture him till he dies.

Alex knew that his voice had been unheard. His spiritual sense also detected a squad of City guards coming here because of the ruckus. but Alex didn't want to leave Darien scot-free.

Alex pulled his free hand back and punched Darien's face.


"My noseee!"

Darien howled in agony. That voice was sharp and distinct, causing everyone goosebumps. In this instant, Darien was feeling the worst pain he had ever felt in his life.

The nose bone was the softest bone in the entire human body, as well as the weakest one.

Upon being punched in the nose, Darien felt his entire body losing its strength as he slumped into a kneeling position on the floor while clutching his nose.

Just then the cities defense squad dispersed the crowd to open the way inside the circle.

But they were immediately dumbfounded when they recognized their Lord's son crying as he clutched his nose in the middle of the street.

Aiden was one of the most trusted men under Lord Dorbank and was also present in the warehouse on the day when they caught Rip red-handed, the leader of the Fearsome Blood Gang.

Today, he was coincidently leading a squad to patrol the streets of the city and happen to come across the crowd blocking a street.

Black lines appeared on Aiden's forehead when he saw the situation inside after clearing a way through the crowd.

A cold glint flashed across Aiden's eyes, and his hands signaled the men behind him to circle Alex and Anna who had now come closer to Alex.

Aiden stared at the bodies of his young master Darien's guards fallen on the ground, "You boy, you dared hurt Lord's son and his men?! Do you want to die?"

Aiden didn't order his men to capture Alex on the spot because Darien was too close to him at this moment. He didn't want to take any risk with Darien's life.

Anna kept silent, so it was Alex who replied with a sneer, "Dare to hurt your young master and his guards? Don't tell me that we should've stood here, and waited for him and his guards hurt us? We shouldn't have moved a finger in retaliation, right?"

In the eyes of Noble's and they're subordinates like Aiden, commoners were supposed to stand still and be killed by them.

Aiden's face became darkly sullen.

"Brat, I don't care who's supporting you; today, you've dared to touch Lord's son! It doesn't matter who it is they won't be able to save you!"

"Is that so?" Alex smiled.

"You bastard, what attitude is that!" One of the young men behind Aiden angrily rebuked him: "You're only a mere civilian and in front of you is the captain of the guards, immediately correct your attitude right now!"

Alex paused a moment.

And as if they wanted to show off to him, they neatly formed into their formation as if to intimidate him.

He looked at the fifteen young men who stood tall like a sharp sword with their uniform and iron armor. They certainly looked impressive.

Alex knew their pride comes from being the best in their cities and had undergone strict selection and rigorous training.

Alex was currently looking at these youths.

It was true that these young men were able to hold their heads high up amongst the militia rabble, but Alex was a person from another world with freedom, and never had the thought of lowering his head.

A modern person's perspective who recognized himself as the biggest authority after the divine and his parents.

But then one person jumped in these soldiers' circle to come face to face with Aiden.

Aiden was surprised when he saw the person who dared to barge in like this. But what surprised him more was the identity of Alex.

"Captain Aiden, Master Clayton is already dissatisfied with you guards for the kidnapping incident of his daughter Selena and now you want to arrest his pro disciple"

"He is that Alex!" Aiden suddenly had a big change in his expression.

Alex, fifteen years old, with the strength to defeat the 8th grade of Body Tempering Realm cultivator without any effort also a genius Alchemy apprentice. His future potential is simply immeasurable.


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