The Pleasure Lord
72 You were saying?
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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72 You were saying?

Alex suddenly asked "Uncle Jack, Uncle Donald, when can you reach the peak of 9th grade of Body Tempering Realm. "

They both looked at each other before Jack replied: "It should at least take a month and a half because we don't have enough Body Tempering pills." Donald also nodded to agree with what he said.

"Then it would take another month or two before we can be sure of advancing to the next major Realm and it's still not guaranteed. That is also because Master Clayton shared his experience or else we would have been blind and had to find the whole process by ourselves." Donald added. They greatly respected Master Clayton and were thankful to him because he told them about the information of the next major realm.

"Here, Master told me to give you this as a gift." After listening to them Alex placed the box on the table.

He told them about Master Clayton's advancement and about the use of the pills. Because of these pills, they are expected to cross to the next major realm in almost half a month. This would come as a big boost of power to their families.

Everyone was happy when they listened to Alex. It would be a dream comes true. Having Dantian Formation Realm cultivators' in the family can let them form two Noble Clans on the spot that more powerful than a single Noble Clan.

This is because they also have strong forces under them like the Raging Sun Mercenaries and some of the subordinates under Alex which are known to the family.

For Alex, if all of his puppets are to be considered then his family can almost dominate the whole island army wise.

Alex proudly laughed as he watched his Uncle's rushing to their rooms to cultivate.

Anna quickly gave a peck on the cheek of defenseless Alex who busy thinking. She then rushed off quickly to her room holding the little demon fox in her arms. Alex could only laugh at her actions. Well, have to say, his fiancée's lips feel good whether they are on his lips or on his cheek.

Alex had also gone to his bed.

As the sun started to shine in the east, Alex's family woke up early to train and cultivate.

Jack and Donald were busy sparring with each other to let their body absorb the Blood-red pills more effectively as Alex suggested.

They had breakfast together after they finished with the morning routine.  Alex thought of visiting his Master Clayton house. And if time permits, Alex and Selena could have a moment together like yesterday but then Anna also requested to go with him as it's been some days since she met with big sister Selena.

Alex could only agree.

But who would know that just as the two of them were making their way towards Selena's house, a carriage with a small entourage would stop in front of them in the middle of a street?

Alex saw Darien, son of Lord Dorbank, stepped out from his carriage.

Whether it was merchants or common people, they all stopped in their tracks seeing the young master of their city.

Darien Dorbank did not have any good image in the hearts of the citizen and was quite infamous because of his character.

Young Master Darien was going on his way to meet with his friends as it's been a long time since he was forcefully grounded by his father in the manor for a month. On his way, he spotted Alex in the crowd and suddenly remembered him from that day when he went to meet his soon to be wife Elaina.

'Why is that bastard alive? Didn't those men I sent and finish him off? I should have never trust those bastard with the work. Taking my money and still not doing work. Hump!' thought Darien as he ordered his men to stop.

He sent his subordinate to bring Alex in front of his carriage

"You Boy! Yes you, stop right there. Young master has summoned you in his presence." The guard said rudely.

Alex ignored him as he walked passed that guard while holding Anna's hand.

Darien also saw this but instead of getting angry, he suddenly had his eyes drawn to the girl walking with Alex.

But that guard instead got mad after being ignored by Alex in front of his young master. But before he could say anything, Darien himself came and stood in front of them forgetting that his subordinate was ignored by Alex. His eyes were mostly focused on Anna's beautiful face but Alex came in between.

Darien face turned gloomy when Alex blocked his view as he stood in front of him, "Alex!? You should not have offended me."

"I don't give a shit about that" Alex held his arms behind him with an expression that was clear; a naked contempt?

Darien's eyelids began to jump. The way he looked at Alex was like a poisonous snake looking at its prey with traces of ruthlessness.

What Darien was thinking was the method to which he could use to kill Alex, one that would make Alex most uncomfortable and afraid.

 "Ah!" Darien looked at Alex as if he was a retard. He could not understand if Alex had crushed his brain in the door, for Alex should have been envisioning the fate that awaited him. "Little bastard, to offend me today, you are dead meat. Obediently kneel down and kowtow to me a hundred times, before burrowing under my crotch. Do you want to do it yourself, or should I make you do so?"

"I would choose not to. I don't want to die beneath your stinking balls."

With those words, the entire audiences were stunned.

Heavens, was this boy crazy?

"Little slave, how dare you be so disrespectful to my young master?"

With that, a guard on Darien's side furiously charged forward to Alex.

His face showed a facetious expression as he stretched out the two steel-like arms of his to grab Alex's head.

The guard was an 8th stage Body Tempering Realm cultivator, so how could a normal kid withstand his grab?

Alex stayed motionless and with a firm stance stretched both his arms to grab the guard. It was the same move as his opponent! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Alex's hands were totally out of proportion compared to the guard's large hands.

Seeing the idiot Alex to dare stretch his hands out, Darien grinned and shouted to his subordinate.

"Crush those hands!"

The four limbs clashed with a snapping voice "Kacha!" rang!

The guards face froze!

His lips twitched as he looked unbelievably at Alex hands and his. His two large hands within Alex's small hands had been mangled. Fresh blood trickled down without pause. Besides his thumb, all his other eight fingers were twisted in weird angles and completely broken.

His hands had been brutally crushed by Alex!


A loud heart-wrenching scream came out of his mouth!

Alex looked coldly at Darien, "You were saying?"

After that, Alex took a step forward and a simple knee struck Darien's subordinate in the chest.


With a thud, his burly body flew up like a torn sack with Alex's knee strike. His sternum bent inwards, with an unknown number of broken ribs.

He fell heavily to the ground, with blood seeping out from his mouth. His body was twitching like a dog with a broken spine.

This sudden scene shocked everyone present.

Their expressions had been from seconds past, completely frozen.

What…was this?

Alex had crushed an 8th grade Body Tempering Realm cultivator hands and sent him flying with a knee!

Alex small and lean body and the guard's burly body were in sharp contrast, giving an extremely strong visual impact!

Was this a dream?


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