The Pleasure Lord
71 Dantian Formation Realm
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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71 Dantian Formation Realm

Knock! Knock!

Selena got scared and almost jumped like a cat after she heard someone knocking. But she quickly calmed herself and adjusted her hair and state of mind while also giving a look towards Alex.

By this time, Alex had also adjusted his little partner in his pants so that his erection is not obvious and would go down as the heat goes away.

"Come in," Selena said.

A maid opened the door and said "Miss, Master is calling you and Mister Alex in the main hall," after saying that she went out of the room.

"Let's go," Selena said without turning towards Alex as she was still feeling a little shy to look into his eyes after what has happened before.


Selena somewhat nervously straightened her body.

Alex also greeted his master but he was feeling something different about the aura that Master Clayton is giving off.

"HAHAHA. Come, both of you come. Today, I am very happy." He said while also ordering the maids and the servants to prepare a sumptuous meal.

Seeing her father so excited, a thought came to her mind.

"Father, Did you…" Selena asked with some hope

"Yes, yes, yes. I broke through. It's been many year's but I have successfully advanced. HAHAHA, Alex, I want to thank you first, because of the spirit stones you provided this month; I was able to make the Qi harnessing pill. After consuming that pill, I have successfully broken through the barrier of late-stage Dantian formation realm."

"Late-stage?" Alex asked a little confused. Shouldn't he be at the early stage of Dantian Formation realm that is also the next major realm coming after Body Tempering Realm?

Dantian Formation Realm is divided into four stages that are the Early, Mid, Late and Perfect stage of Dantian Formation realm.  Darren Dorbank is known to be a Mid-stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivator. Now it is even rumored that he had regressed in cultivation after the poisoning incident.

All the other noble lords are at the early-stage of Dantian Formation Realm. The Merchant Union City and the Frey City lords have similar strength. Master Clayton Cliff was considered as an Early-stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivator same as the other Alchemist Master by the people residing in this city.

Even Alex thought like this. Turn out that everyone was wrong about his Master's strength. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Oh, Yeah! You didn't know. Alex, I was at Mid-stage of Dantian Formation Realm before and have never let others know about my advancement. It always better to hide some strength so as to better protect me and my daughter from the world. Now that I have advanced to Late-stage of Dantian Formation Realm, I don't fear anyone on this Island. It's all because of you. Now I can also start trying to refine Rank 2 pills and advance to become Grade 2 Alchemist Master."

Well, this was indeed something to be happy about. Alex was also pleasantly surprised. Selena was happy for her father because he always wanted to become stronger for a personal reason.

"Master, you are also my father in law; you don't have to thank me. I am happy to be able to help you."

"Hahaha, alright I won't thank you but you have to take this gift." Master Clayton then placed a wooden box in front of Alex.

Alex picked it up to open it and see what's inside.  He already had some hunch because this kind of box was used to store precious Alchemy pills.

Alex thinking was indeed right. Inside the box, Alex saw fifty bright red pills and two orange colored pills. Alex instantly recognized them.

He was familiar with the blood-red pills because Master Clayton had also gifted these pills before to him and his family.

The blood-red pills are Rank 1 pills and are also known as Body Tempering Pills. They help the cultivator's to quench their body with these pills to temper them effectively. Each of these pills is sold around 50 gold coins. They are very popular among rich cultivators.

What surprised Alex was the other orange-colored pill. They were known as Dan Formation Pill. It was a very rare pill that helps the cultivator at the peak of 9th grade of Body Tempering realm to effortlessly form a Dantian and step into Early-stage of Dantian Formation Realm.

There are no side effects after consuming this pill. The only drawback is that the recipe and ingredients used to make these pills are very rare.

9th-grade cultivators would kill to get these pills if they came to know about them.

Alex looked up to his Master's face but he was stopped before he could say anything.

"Give them to Jack and Donald. They are already very close to the peak of 9th grade of Body Tempering Realm. If I had any more ingredients then I could have refined some for your Aunt's too." Master Clayton then pulled his soon to be son-in-law and daughter to have lunch.

The three of them ate the food served at the dining table after which Alex said goodbye.

While returning home on the carriage, Alex was still soaked in the pleasure during the mouth-to-mouth action with Selena, at the same time it was also his first kiss. It was indeed a good day for him. First, he kissed his fiancée and then he came to know about his Master's strength.

Not only this, but he also got two precious pills from Master Clayton's. In the Book of Myriad Changes, Rank 1 pills like Dantian Formation Pills were priced at 10000 points of each Currency, Faith, and Merit.

He had enough currency points and was only short of some merit points. The biggest hurdle was to gather the faith points as he was still not very famous.

Returning home, Alex rested for half a day because there was no one at home; Julie, Meg, and Anna have gone to their shop while Donald, Jack, Hank and Tom have gone to meet up with Len who is busy managing the branch group of Raging Mercenary Group.

Getting up in the evening, he continued to cultivate his Qi, he sat in the lotus position on top of the bed, breathing out stale air and breathing fresh air in, and then with rapt attention, he cultivated his Qi until the point of perfection before stopping.

At this time, his whole family came together and entered the house.

Alex went down to meet with them.

He saw his Uncle Jack and Donald who had grown some beard and mustache. They looked somewhat different than their past selves.

Only those who are very familiar with them can recognize them. Alex puppets had already torn off the wanted posters from all over the city and the Jordan Family who had issued those posters were too busy or even forgot about them totally.

This is why; his uncles can now freely roam the city without fearing that anyone could recognize them. Even if some did identify their face, both Jack and Donald would not panic because they are confident in their own strength.

Both of them have become 9th grade Body Tempering Realm cultivator with the help of spirit stones and also because of the Body Tempering pills given to them by Alex's Master.

"Ah, it's Alex. You come back before us," Jack said as he spotted Alex coming down the stairs.

Alex also greeted each of them and helped his aunt's with Anna to make dinner for everyone.

After having dinner, they all talked about the things they experienced today in the city.


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