The Pleasure Lord
70 First Kiss *
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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70 First Kiss *

This was all part of the major plan concocted by Alex to take over the island before he shows his face. The benefits of doing this are that if one day Alex usurps Noble's rule, then these forces who had won common people trust would support him.

By doing this, he will indirectly get the support of those common people.

If the people like Darren Dorbank, Cole Jordan or the merchants try to make a move on any of his puppet controlled forces then Alex would make them realize what a backyard fire feels like. He would give them enough troubles so that they get busy in solving them and forget about his men.

The same kind of situation is repeated by his puppets in other cities. The newly formed gangs headed by the puppets have taken over the older gang's site.

Some puppets have formed different Chamber of commerce and had united on different fronts to fight with other merchants. Not to mention that his puppets are also making every effort to infiltrate enemy forces to control them from within.

In the next few weeks, his puppets had successfully taken control of the middle and lower level of most of the business and military on the Island. But by doing this he also found many of the nefarious plot made by Cole Jordan to subvert Darren Dorbank's rule.

 He also found Cameron's and Damon's two of the six Noble family's connection with the Lion-Shark pirates and Selena's kidnapping event. The Jordan's were also responsible for a part of it.

Therefore Alex was proactively creating tensions between the major forces and sowing distrust so that they can never have enough time to deal with the changes made by his puppets.

In this one month, Alex was peacefully learning Alchemy with Master Clayton and had even become an Advance Apprentice Alchemist.  He had also made a breakthrough in cultivation to 8th grade of Body Tempering Realm. His family and friends have also progressed in their cultivation.

The trouble of insufficient stones for construction was also solved as some his puppets disguised as merchants purchased a dummy warehouse to secretly mine stones after the sun sets on one of the Island that comes in between Belmont Subcontinent and the Sea Shell Island.

That Island is being ruled by some merchants who regularly use it as a transit point to transport their ship caravan.

It was mostly made up of barren mountains and hills with some ponds and lakes in between them as the only source for freshwater.

The merchants and pirates do not go deep into the mountains as they had already searched before. Except for stones and sparse vegetation, there's nothing on this Island to spark their interest.

This Island was a little special because it was regularly visited by many pirate groups to rest and enjoy in the taverns and inns jointly managed by the merchants and Lion-Shark Pirates.

Stones used for building city walls and castles are quite abundant here. It is very difficult to transport them from one island to another because of their weight and the immense labor used to mine them from the mountain that is why the merchants are very reluctant on wasting their time and money on this loss-making business.

Not to mention, they also have to pay the Lion-Shark Pirates specific tax levied forcefully on them. 

Alex was of course not going to give his enemies, the Lion-shark pirate's money for mining the stones.

His puppets would excavate the stones in the night and transport them to the Greenedge Island through the use of inventory. Another advantage was that his puppet can keep a tab on the Lion-Shark pirates and also spy on them.

One day when Master Clayton was busy in the pill chamber. Selena brought Alex to her room to show him the books she had collected.

After their relation was approved by everyone, they have become a lot closer in this one month. Alex occasionally teases her and flirts with her when he gets the chance.

As he was reading a novel written by a rogue cultivator to pass the time, he couldn't help but look to his side at the girl who was quietly watching him with her blue eyes.

"Is there something on my face?" Alex was not annoyed but he couldn't concentrate on the book that's why he asked.

"No, I am just thinking about a question." She replied, quietly.

"What is it?" Alex asked.

"A toad wishing to eat swan meat, do you know where this phrase can be applied?" she said with a serious face but she couldn't hold her laughter for a long time.

"HA, HA, HA, very funny. But remember that the swan's wedding had already been fixed with the toad. The swan won't be able to save her meat for a long time." Alex also said with some double meaning.

She understood the meaning behind his words very well and didn't want to back down now. But she was betrayed by her rosy cheeks and thumping heart.

"Hump, you can only bark but not bite. You can't even dare to touch the Swan right now" she quickly said without thinking.

 Alex smirked and put aside the book in his hands.

He then lifted her chin with his index and peered deep into her eyes.

"Do you think I won't dare?"

Alex said with his eyes locked onto hers and his face approaching an inch closer.  

Selena wanted to run at that time as her heart throbbed rapidly yet didn't and stared back to show that she didn't fear him at all.

"I originally wanted to read books in your study. But now, I just want to admire you and taste…your…lips"

He flirted. And as Selena stared into his eyes, she felt being lost in them.

Alex's face went even closer, and his nose almost brushed hers. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Alex could smell a sweet rosy fragrance coming from her lips. He had merely wished to look at her face up close, but couldn't stop himself anymore.

Alex leaned in, his lips locking on hers, and breaking the last of any barrier she had left. At his lip's touch, she blossomed like a flower and the incarnation was complete.

She instinctively kissed back, his tongue dived into hers, and they intertwined in a passionate struggle of rising heat.

Plunged like some writhing sea-shape into her gaping maw, it all but overpowered her senses as his tongue sought unreachable terminus in her mouth; it wiggled, it pulsated, and made contortive sweeps in her mouth.


While she moaned seductively; Alex rod had risen to attention because of that.

As they were busy in exchanging saliva in each other mouth, Selena felt something hard poking her stomach.

Her mind blanked as their heartbeats connected and started to pound at the same time.

She separated from him after a moment and looked at him with a flushed face. She acted like she was experienced but it was also her first time kissing.

Her chest was moving up and down at an incredible rate. She was surprisingly starting to like that feeling.

When she looked down, Selena gawked at the length and shape of the monster standing straight as if saluting to her. She forgot to even breathe for a moment.

Any mature women would have jumped in joy but it was too much a sight for a pure maiden to take.

"How was it… did you enjoy?" Alex couldn't help up tease her when looked at her red face.

"You… control yourself Alex. Father is still in the house, there's…still time for that day. Have some patience" Selena said as her voice quivered and turned her head in the other direction.


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