The Pleasure Lord
69 New Gangs
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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69 New Gangs

Late into the night, everything went silent, especially with the midnight curfew enforced by Dorbank City; the busy giant of a city went into slumber as it enters dreamland.

Like how birds will sing in the day while snakes and rats will roam in the night. The night of Dorbank City will seem cute to some people, especially the area near the slums, where all sorts of people will gather.

Even after midnight, there are still lots of people moving about in that place. Of course, if your luck is bad and got caught by the patrolling officers or soldiers of the defense army, then you can only blame your luck.

The consequence of being caught after the curfew is the pain of the flesh, being locked in the cellars of Dorbank prison as well as becoming the table jokes of the other riff-raff for a period.

Other than that, nothing else will happen, to this kind of people who has seen many things in their time, the consequence of breaking the curfew is something they cannot be bothered with.

The days of the people in the slums were now much better than before. After the largest gang in the slum was destroyed, instead of more chaos happening to fill the power gap left by the Fearsome Blood gang, some new gangs have sprouted and stabilized the area quickly.

In the past few days, these new gangs had taken most control of the slums and had subverted many old forces in matters of some night. These gangs majorly target those who didn't have any backing or the only backing they had was the merchants. These new forces have not touched the gangs affiliated with the Nobles yet.

This was not a surprising thing because old gangs would be replaced like this even before. What was shocking was that there had been no fighting between the new forces and they seem to have divided their territory only with little disputes. They also never allow their subordinates to operate in others gangs territory.

Another surprising event was that these gangs had totally stopped on carrying the works that previous gangs did like slave trading, human trafficking, forced extortion from poor peoples and many other crimes.

What they did do was to continue operating gambling dens, pleasure houses, practicable protection fees, and some other works that can be considered not too dark.

Poor girls and women can make use of their bodies in the pleasure house to earn money quickly. Before they were forced to work in this line and most of the money from the customers would not fall in their hands and sometimes that won't even get a copper coin. They were also beaten, badly handled by some of the customers with weird fetishes.

Now the new forces do not force women to work in their pleasure houses. Those who do work there are given most of the money they earn from their respective customers and only a small part is taken by the gang as management fees.

People with weird fetishes or those people who in any ways injure their workers during services would be thrown out of the pleasure house and will be banned from ever stepping in that pleasure house again.

These establishments are very protective of their girls. This way the services given by the girls in bed have become better than before and the customers are willing to come again and again.

This way the girls are getting a safe environment to work and earn tons of money in a few days. They can also leave the pleasure house by terminating the contract after earning enough money and wants to leave this line of work to start new lives.

New fresh girls would willingly come to these establishments after they saw the benefits earned by the women leaving after completing their services.

 These pleasure houses under the new gangs have becoming popular and have a safer environment then the rest of the old gangs.

The gambling dens are not cheating the poor and people having good character with their money. They sometimes even let them win some small amounts.

If a customer is excessively addicted to gambling and is losing money then they will stop him themselves from continuing. As for the people in the opposite spectrum of good character, they are squeezed entirely of their fortune.

The poor people are not extorted by the new gangs but instead, they are giving them opportunities to earn money by forming unions with specific job skills and are protected from the vicious merchants who try to squeeze their worth.

The labor union, mason union, and like this a lot of different craft union started forming under the protection and control of the new gangs.

But after doing all of this, the new gangs have offended the merchants and have touched the inverted scale of many powers, for example, the Nobles.

In the study hall of Dorbank family manor, Darren Dorbank was sitting in the main seat as he listened to the reports of his subordinates.

With a heavy on his face, Darren Dorbank was thinking about the whole matter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Where did these people come from? Do they have a connection with other parties? All these new gangs have sprouted in a short time one after the other, there should a connection between them or else how can the manner of their work be so similar to each other. "

"No, My Lord. Till now we have not found any connection between them. In fact, the slums have become better organized than before and the situation there had developed from chaos to order because of the new gangs. Most of our problems are becoming lesser because many of previous criminals or trouble makers have been curbed by the new forces itself and in turn, the crime rate in the rest of the city has gone down"

"Yes, but unfortunately they are not cooperating with us and the merchants who support you or others are also having loses because the new gangs have more control on the poor people and had formed many unions against them. The merchants are very dissatisfied as they have to pay more money for labour, if they do not do this then their business always have accidents on the same day."

"The new gangs had repeatedly ignored our offer to back them to control them for interest. Even the soldiers we sent to take over them were heavily repelled by the residents of the slums. Not to mention that the new gangs have many experts in their forces and the only party that got injured was us."

"Even our own gang and the other gangs affiliated with five Noble families in the slums are losing their influence and most of the people now support the control of the new gangs."

That subordinate then placed the list, depicting information about the new gangs like their names, about their leader strength and approximate gang members.

Eagle-eye gang, Purple moon gang, Tiger gang. The names of these new gangs were highlighted for everyone in the room to see.

Lord Darren knew about this, and as a lord, he should be happy if the citizens of his territory prosper but even though the new gangs are indirectly or directly giving benefits to his subjects, they also dilute his authority and control over them.

To make sure that his family is always the ruling party, he has to ensure that such people do not gather influence to rise against him. 

What they touched is considered as taboo by the ruling nobles. They can give the bread crumbs to the common people but they can never allow them who they consider's as their slaves to eat a mouthful from their own plate.

These kinds of people are the most dangerous for any Noble Lord.

He had to think of a solution before the situation gets out of hands.

Every Noble Lords and Merchants were facing the same problem and couldn't sleep well because of these new gangs.  

What they didn't know was that these headache-inducing gangs were actually formed and controlled by the puppets loyal to a teenager who was dreaming about heavenly goddesses on a bed in his home as he was sleeping peacefully.


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