The Pleasure Lord
67 Marry Him
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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67 Marry Him

Master Clayton's ship also turned back to join Alex ship on their return journey. He boarded Alex ship to see his daughter clinging onto his disciple. She still didn't know of his arrival and Alex was busy calming her while also secretly enjoying the moment.

"Cough" Master Clayton coughed a little to capture their attention.

"Father!" Selena was surprised to see her father suddenly appearing here. Then she saw another ship sailing parallel to theirs.

"My Daughter, you scared this old man. Are you fine?" He had already relaxed after seeing his daughter with Alex that the puppets were indeed related to Alex as they said. He could also see another ship drowning in the water's behind them.

"I am fine father. Alex saved me from those stinking pirates. Ah, how is uncle Dan? Is he alright?" Selena suddenly asked about the servant that was hurt badly in the ambush.

"He is out of danger now. Alex's men promptly gave treatment to his injuries and sent him to the manor. It was also them who informed me about your kidnapping." Master Clayton said.

Selena and Alex then recounted the incident from the beginning after Master Clayton asked.

"Lion-Shark Pirates!! What do they need from us? We had never offended them before and had never even crossed path with them." But Master Clayton was also intelligent and knew that there should an unknown third party behind this event.

"I have captured the pirate leader of the ship. He should know something about it. Let's leave this place quickly, reinforcement of pirates are coming towards us right now" Alex said as he pointed them in direction showing them the shadow of many ships appearing in their sight.

"How come these pirates have come this close to the Island? Where are the patrolling ships of the Dorbank city?"

"At least they won't catch up to us till we reach back home. Don't worry I will look into this matter. But Master Clayton, you need to be alert at all times. Someone should be targeting you and your family." Alex warned. He had already commanded his puppets to accelerate his plans to infiltrate every force residing on Sea-Shell Island. So that he does not become completely blind, not knowing his enemies plans.

Master Clayton also agreed.

He then looked at Alex and was thinking if he should ask about the details of his men [puppets] because, during the journey with them, he had noticed some differences between them and his guards.

Unlike normal subordinates, Alex men were very disciplined and worked in an organized manner like they were trained as soldiers in an army. In fact, Master Clayton felt that even if these people were compared to the soldiers in their city. The puppets would rank very far ahead in their discipline and cooperation.

Alex sensed that his master was hesitating to ask something.

"Master, what is it?"

"Ah, Alex these men, who are they?" He asked while pointing at the puppets that were busy operating both the ships.  

"Oh, they are my subordinates. Don't worry about them; they are completely loyal to me." Alex shrugged the question of not intending to fully explain their origins.

Master Clayton also didn't pursue this matter. As long as they are loyal subordinates to his disciple as Alex stated. He just raised the status of his disciple in his heart. Being capable of having such people as subordinates is a talent in itself.

The lion-Shark pirate Fleet didn't pursue them as they thought and returned safely to the port of the Dorbank city.

The city guards had been alerted after some pedestrian had informed them about the kidnapping. They had to prioritize this matter because the matter was related to one of the two respected Alchemist master residing in this city.

But Master Clayton had already brought his daughter back home safely. The guards quickly approached Master Clayton after they came to know about this. Alex had already left for his home as he didn't want to bother with these people. Master Clayton had already said that he would deal with this matter himself.

Lord Dorbank was also moved because such an event could also be related to his enemies done to force him in a corner. Not to mention he had a lot of dealings with Master Clayton himself. Even though Master Clayton had never chosen a side, Lord Dorbank greatly respected him for his conduct.

But these things had nothing to do with Alex. He was resting in his home while listening to the reports of the different puppets about their progress on every front.

Around evening, two unexpected guests came to their door. Alex and his family were just getting ready to start making dinner.

It was, in fact, Master Clayton and Selena who had come.  Well, actually it was Master Clayton who wanted to meet Alex and also took her daughter with him. Selena happily agreed when she came to know of their destination.

Julie and Meg were also familiar with Selena whenever she came to meet with Anna. Master Clayton had come because he wanted to thank Alex in front of his family for saving his daughter.

Everyone was surprised to hear that such a thing happened today.

As they were chatting about the details, Alex was busy cooking food for the guests.

At the dinner table, Master Clayton couldn't stop praising Alex about the dishes.

"I don't know how I will ever be able to return my life's debt after junior brother Alex saved me from those pirates." Selena sighed as she said.

Master Clayton said, "Marry him"

Selena was shocked. Alex turned his head to her father and said in surprise, "Master."

Hank almost choked on his food but no one gave him any attention.

Selena wouldn't have thought that her father would actually make such a proposal. She was surprised, her face becoming pure red. This condition was just too sudden and beyond her expectations. Although they had talked about it before some time ago she didn't expect him to throw a bomb like this here right now.

Although the culture here in this world wasn't like that of his previous world where women paid attention to the three obedience's and four virtues, they still had their own set of rules. There was some equality between men and women. For example, in a large clan, it wasn't only the men that could obtain the inheritance, but the women as well.

The context of marriage was also relatively free. Powerful men could also take as many wives as they want.

What Alex observed, others would naturally observe as well. Selena's face became even redder, Tom laughed at his side, and Anna, who should have been angry, unexpectedly wasn't.

Anna's life was very simple. She was deeply in love with Alex whom she had known since childhood, and although she liked Alex, she understood that it was impossible for Alex to marry only her. Don't even speak about if Uncle Jack or the others would agree to it, she herself wouldn't agree to that either.

Alex has the potential to become a Noble lord and to start his own clan with a surname. Her mother Julie had already talked to her about this.

Therefore, Alex was destined to have many wives to prosper his clan. For Anna, as long as Alex feels love for her in his heart, she would stay with him all her life. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Also, after having a meeting with her several times, Anna found that Selena was a nice person; she was friendly while still being a young lady of a respected Alchemist family. She was a good person.

Not to mention, both Selena and Anna had developed a sister-like relationship since they met.

Alex couldn't understand how or when his charm had become so great. Now he had easily and unexpectedly made beauty to have a favorable impression of him and prompted her father to propose a marriage between them.


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