The Pleasure Lord
64 Subduing Desert Wing Pirates
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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64 Subduing Desert Wing Pirates

Before he could continue, the 150 puppets started attacking the less than three hundred pirates.

Twenty puppets including Blackbeard were wearing the Low-grade Black ranked Battle Armor when they started dealing with leader group of the other party. Around 30 puppets had the strength of sixth-grade body tempering realm cultivators. And through perfect coordination they quickly began to kill other pirates above their cultivation.

Alex ordered them to kill off the boss quickly so that the other pirates could surrender.

Blackbeard with other puppets quickly surrounded Morris.

"6th grade of Body Tempering Realm! You dare to fight me. Courting death!" Captain Morris felt humiliating.

Morris unsheathed his Low grade Black ranked sword from the scabbard behind his back. Inside his mind, he gave a sigh of relief seeing that his opponents weaker in cultivation.

Being able to project his Qi outward was a big advantage for him.


Morris waved his sword towards one of the puppet behind him. Morris thought that he would be seeing a dissected body falling on the ground. But things go his way; the puppets could share vision with each other so the puppet which was targeted dodged early before the sword Qi could strike him.

Without giving any more chance to Morris, the puppets started to perfectly cooperate with each other and put Morris in a defensive position.

Morris got irritated with each strike coming his way. Whenever he wanted to make a move on someone, the other person would slash his sword towards him from a critical angle causing him to defend his body.

Soon that irritation turn into fear as numerous cuts started to increase on his body. 

'I am a 9th-grade cultivator, why can't I kill these bastards?' thought Morris.

Suddenly he gave up his defense to launch a thrust of his sword towards Blackbeard. He wanted to kill the leader as early as possible. The other puppets took this opportunity to carve deep wounds behind Morris.

But Morris stomached the pain and continued to put power in his sword swinging horizontally to slice his opponents from his waist.

Till now he thinking that the armors of his opponents were made of normal iron. There should not be any resistance for his graded sword in breaking the defense of the armor.

Morris made a huge mistake by having this thought because the battle armors that Blackbeard and his companions were wearing was also graded equipment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Because they were both low-grade equipment, the sword inserted itself into the battle armor to some inches and its edge was almost touching the flesh of Blackbeard. The sword also got chipped a little.

Blackbeard was able to stop the sword inertia by twisting his waist to not get thrown aside from the remaining force.

Morris head blanked for a while as if he was thinking why his sword stopped in between. This low level mistake caused him to lower his guard for a second. Blackbeard used this chance to cut off the arm of his opponents from the shoulder.


Morris lost his senses to the pain he felt of losing his arm. Then like a wild beast, he started attacking indiscriminately.

And in a few minutes, Blackbeard with other six puppets beheaded Morris after wearing him out.

Seeing that the leader had been killed, some of the pirates started to escape while the rest surrendered quickly.

"Lord! Show mercy! Don't kill me! Please spare me!" A youth knelt in front of a puppet and begged for mercy when he saw that his companions running away.

"What's the name of your pirate group?" the puppet asked as they still didn't much about their origin.

"Dessert Wing sir, we are called as Dessert Wing Pirates," the boy said trembling.

"Your accent is quite different…Where did you come from?"

The boy hesitated a little but then quickly said "We are from the Novaria Kingdom. It's a kingdom situated in a vast desert on the south end of Belmont Subcontinent. It's quite far from here."

"Then why did you come here"

"We were forced to flee here. The Novaria Kingdom is going through civil war right now because of resource disputes. Captain thought of using this opportunity to loot some villages near the ocean."

The pirate boy then slowly recounted everything.

During pillaging those villages as planned, Captain of the Dessert Wing accidentally killed a kid having related to the Novaria kingdom's Minister's family. The minister had hidden that kid in one of the villages to protect him from his political enemies. As these villages were a little far from the flames of war.

The minister soon came to know about the death of his kin, so he used his forces to pursue the pirates for revenge. The captain of the Dessert wing was captured and then burnt alive by the enemies.

Morris was one of the lesser subordinate who commanded some ships. After their leader died, Morris took his group to escape the pursuit of the naval fleet.

By luck, they found this Island after traveling in one direction for a month. Most of the crew members of the dessert wing pirates under Morris were common people who had been displaced because of frequent wars happening in their native place. So as to fill their stomach and survive, they were forced to join different pirate and bandit groups on sea and land.

The pirates that were escaping were easily captured. All them were made to gather at one place. Some people who were not cooperating were killed on the spot. Only some 400 hundred pirates were left alive.

The Dessert Wing pirates have even stolen home furnishing usually not valuable but since their design was quite exotic, Alex thought that they would sell at a high price. Alex also found many heavy chests locked in the Morris tent.

Under everyone's shocked eyes, one of the puppets quickly opened the locked chest compartments with some simple tools. They were mostly filled with precious gems and gold.

Other than that, Alex also found a chest that was filled with low-grade spirit stones. This was the first time that he has seen these stones.

Alex almost screamed out of in his room. Alex was in dire needs of these spirit stones. He needed the spirit stones to increase his cultivation rapidly and also to convert them into currency points for purchasing stuff from the Book in his soul space.

Everything of any value was taken away by the puppets to store them in the inventory. This kind of thing, they can't do it in front of pirates.

Alex was surprised to see that the ships of the dessert wing pirates were much better than their own ships. Not only were they bigger, but they were also much faster because of the wood materials and advanced technology that was used to make them.

Some of them were a little damaged because they were used by pirates. Alex also confiscated them, the puppets with carpenter skill were ordered to start repairing them as soon as possible.

 Other than the pirates, they also found some human slaves that were stuffed in some caged bars. Most of them were women, young and old; they were used to satisfy the needs of the pirates.

They were abducted from the various villages that these pirates raided.

They were first freed them and then Alex commanded his puppets to treat the serious injuries of these slaves. The captured pirates were instead stuffed into the cages to sleep for the night.


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