The Pleasure Lord
63 Blackbeard Go!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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63 Blackbeard Go!

Around midnight, Blackbeard contacted him after they reached their destination where the Island has been found. The island was at a distance where a medium-size ship would take at least ten hours if the journey starts from Sea-shell Island.

Anyway, Blackbeard had assembled his fleet filled with crew members as puppets and anchored it far away from the Island.

They got closer to the island with the help of small boats by rowing.

It was very difficult for a big ship to come near the island as the water level was very shallow as they go near. There was only place on the Island suitable to be used as a port by big ship but that place had already been occupied by the unknown pirate group. Going from that direction would alert the pirates.

The puppets who had located this Island first time were already hiding on the Island from a place where they could see and collect intelligence about the pirates.

Alex had also started to view them through the eyes of his pirates. After discussing with Blackbeard for some time, Alex ordered him to start the operation.

Blackbeard and his men effortlessly went into pirate's camp after observing the place for a while.

Blackbeard had 20 puppets with him now and others were hiding in the forest. He had brought all of them to kill and capture some of the pirates.

Alex mentally ordered most of the puppets to be on standby in the forest while he (puppet view) and Blackbeard with 20 puppet crew members entered the camp to explore the place.

Alex found out that there were indeed pirates numbered around 1000 in the camp. Their equipment was poor and weapons were old and rusty. They looked like a mob rather than trained soldiers.

Alex speculated about his own situation. He had brought 156 puppets so it was certain that he was going to have casualties if he went for a head-on battle even if his puppets were much stronger.

Alex was poor so he didn't want to lose puppet warriors at this point.

"We will not storm the base but use an alternative method," Alex said after he made up his mind. They walked to a tent.

Alex had found out after the investigation that the pirates have put the materials inside this tent after their successful heist. But most of their loot was culturally different than what was circulated around these parts.

One of the things that stick out from the materials was the clothes that only people in the desert region would usually wear.

After listening to the talks between the patrolling pirates, Alex was sure that these people didn't belong to this region because their accent was very different than what is used around Sea-shell Island.

Alex ordered Blackbeard to pick up valuable things and ran out. The puppets used their swords to kill the patrolling pirates while they went out of the camp.

 The puppets used their skills to quickly escape.

Boss! Someone has robbed us! Hurry we have been robbed! Ah!" A tragicomic scene was playing out in the camp. The nest of pirates was robbed.

"Who is so daring so rob from us? Fuck! Where do they come from? " A sturdy man came forward. He was using an eye patch to cover one of his eyes while wearing armor made out of chain which was rare.

"I don't know boss! They have taken away a few things and killed our brothers!" An underling reported to the boss.

"Damn it! They want me to give a chase in my old age. Get those pricks. I will use their skulls to drink wine!" Boss shouted out loud.

The pirates ran out of camp in search of Blackbeard and his men.

The puppets would show themselves from time to time to lead the pirates away in a different direction. They were leading the pirates to the pre-arranged place by Alex for the ambush.

The terrain of the forest on the island was complicated. The pirates couldn't find the puppets so they scattered around to make it easier for them to search. They viewed the enemy as a human so they weren't worried about consequences.

It was the key to the trap laid by Alex.

Alex's plan was to separate and kill the pirates respectively. There would be some casualties if his puppets fought face to face against 1000 pirates which he didn't want.

The puppets were also intelligent and they would work with each other to kill pirates that are separated from the groups.

What's happening? How did they die?" The pirates who heard the call of their companions rushed over but only saw corpses.

"They have killed so many people in such a short time. Who is the enemy? Ah! Look at Firth corpse. It was split into two! What kind of strength the enemy has?" The pirates had seen lots of bloody scenes. But the sight in front of them made them shocked.

 "It seems that it's not a small group! Group together in 50 people or more and don't scatter around." One pirate's leader shouted out.

The puppets were silent killers. They would use only one efficient move to quickly kill the pirates before they could call out to others. Sometimes a bunch of arrows would fly out from the darkness, killing pirates who were standing too closely.

Alex was very satisfied as he looked at the corpses scattered in the forest after half an hour. Some of the pirates had been killed and some of them were knocked out unconscious that had come out to chase them after several successful ambushes.

Most of the pirates didn't have a chance to run away. The speed of puppet warriors was too fast. Now only some of the pirates with higher cultivation were left.

"They are way too powerful and we aren't their opponents! We will all die!"

Some of the pirates who escaped continued to cry in a panic.

The boss looked at the pirate subordinate. How could there be this many humans? They have been in this part of the island for 2 months! They have never seen any other humans living here. There were some demon beasts but they didn't come out so often. And the pirate leader had checked that of the whole island, and the only entrance to this island has been blocked by his ships.

 'Where did they come from?'

"Take me to see them." The boss, Morris, was playing with a knife. He had to stabilize the morale of the pirates somehow. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The puppets came out of the forest and Blackbeard stepped forward: "Pirates listen to me carefully! I'm the Fleet commander of the Blackbeard Pirates, Blackbeard! You have trespassed on my Island. Either surrender, or you know the consequences."

"Nonsense! This Island was devoid of humans and it was us who had first discovered it. You.."


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