The Pleasure Lord
61 Being Followed
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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61 Being Followed

After having lunch with the Yandell family, Alex left for his home.

Now there were only two people here in the Yandell Family main hall: Patriarch Willy and Oliver Eberhart. Both of them were looking from the window at the carriage leaving through the gates of the manor.

Patriarch Willy sighed, and then he turned to Oliver "Uncle Oliver, what do you think about Alex? Are you sure he was not just acting?"

No matter what, Patriarch Willy will ask the old man Oliver for his opinion. This just shows how much he respects him.

The old man nodded his head "I am sure he was not acting. Even the rejection of my offer was without any hesitation. You don't have to worry."

Because of what he said, Patriarch Willy felt relieved. Oliver looked at him and smiled. "Do you have doubts about Alex?"

Patriarch Willy nodded. "Ah, yes, I started to have a little bit of doubt about him. It's just that his emergence was just too coincidental. Plus, he was just a common village boy before and the villagers with him had vanished from this Island, so I'm afraid that he might have ties to that group"

Oliver was still smiling. "That is unlikely. I am certain that Alex has absolutely nothing to do with them."

Alex didn't know what they talking after he left. He had no regret in rejecting the offer because from the start he didn't want to come under any other clan. Anyway, there's too much trouble and danger by joining a clan and only a little benefit.

Alex stopped the carriage at the side of the road when it reached the market. The driver went back to the manor where it came from.

"Two people seem to be following from the time I left the manor," Alex thought inwardly as he walked into a remote alley.

But this time, when he entered the alley and walked slowly, those two people didn't appear for a long time.

"Who the heck are they?" Alex frowned and lost his patience. With the help of his Spiritual Sense, he knew their position and the expression on their face. But they were keeping a distance from him.

"Humph! Since you aren't taking the initiative, then I'll reverse the positions!" Alex gaze focused and his speed increased, then he vanished at the end of the alley in the blink of an eye.

The two middle-aged men's figures appeared in the alley and swiftly moved forward, but they were unable to catch Alex's trail ….

Although they were eight grade Body Tempering Realm cultivator, they didn't have spiritual sense like Alex, and thus their Spiritual Force wasn't so sensitive. Moreover, they didn't possess the counter tracking abilities that Alex developed from his previous life

"We actually let him escape from under our noses." The fat-figured middle-aged man laughed bitterly.

"We can confirm that our feeling was correct and he indeed noticed us." The other middle-aged man had a serious expression.

"Is playing hide and seek fun?" Right at this moment, a calm voice sounded from behind the two middle-aged men, causing their faces to turn extremely grim!

The two middle-aged men felt their scalps go numb and sweated cold sweat out of fear as they slowly turned around.

When they gazed upon the blue-clothed youth before them, their faces were filled with disbelief….

This youth, when did he get behind them?

They actually didn't notice it in the slightest.

They both looked at each other and could see the shock within each other's eyes.

While the two middle-aged men turned around, Alex was sizing them up as well, and a cold smile appeared on the corners of his mouth.

"Who sent you two?" Alex asked in a calm voice as he stared fixedly at the two men. His dignified voice contained a sense of grimness. "Must be that idiot Darien Dorbank, isn't it? You made a big mistake by following me"


Instantly, a terrifying bloody intent swept out from Alex body and enveloped the two men without any restraint….

The faces of the two men immediately went pale.

It was difficult for them to imagine how a youth that seemed to be around the age of 16 would actually have such a terrifying killing intent.

As they were fully focused on resisting the killing intent released by Alex, they didn't notice two men appearing behind them and were knocked unconscious before they could react.

These two men are puppets that Alex had called to take away these two men. The puppets would interrogate them about the person behind. Alex was 99 percent sure that it was Darien Dorbank, so he just wanted to confirm that. 

Anyway, he won't leave Darien alone after what he had done. 

But not now, he ordered his puppets to deal with him after a week.

And just at this moment, Blackbeard contacted him mentally. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Master, one of our ships had found a small island some miles away in the south of the Sea-Shell Island. The Island is big enough to hold a Dorbank city area. But it's already been occupied by some unknown pirate group. Those pirates number around 800."

The puppets under Blackbeard numbered around 140 which were very low but their strength was much larger than most of the pirate rabbles. Some of the ships in Blackbeard's fleet were tasked to search for new islands in every direction.

Most of the islands they found were in the west direction but each of them occupied by different forces of pirates and Lords who ruled those islands. There

"Um…then attack at night. You plan it and try to take as many prisoners alive as you can. If possible then I want you to use them to expand your fleet. Train the useful ones. I will leave everything to you.

"As you command, Master."

At first, Alex wanted to only keep his puppets as pirates under Blackbeard, but now he feels that it is too slow. So he decided to include some real pirates who can be beaten into submission or could be turned into loyal subordinate.

Anyway, there's still time for the night operation. For now, Alex thought of visiting Master Clayton as it's been days since he met him.

Master Clayton was busy in the pill chamber when Alex arrived. Alex could only wait in the hall until his Master comes out. Just as Alex was getting bored, he found Senior Sister Selena coming down the stairs from her room.


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