The Pleasure Lord
57 Going back to the city
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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57 Going back to the city

For the next five hours, Alex helped Donald and Jack in defending the east hill from where some Demon Beasts would climb from time to time. They could see from the top that most of the Demon Beasts would take a turn seeing a steep hill on their way.

Melinda and Elaina also gave their help but even they felt that it was not necessary. The villagers here were very good at fighting and most of the work would be done by Alex as he shot greatest amount of Demon Beast with his Crescent Bow.

Of course, he didn't summon it in front of Melinda and Elaina but he pretended to pick it up from his house in this village.

But this gave another shock to Elaina because there was not even one graded weapon here on this island that had long rangeability. The Noble families back in the city would rush to take it away from him if they came to know about it. Its lethality was much greater than melee weapons.

Melinda was not much surprised because from where she came such weapons were quite common.

Thinking about what kind of damage this Demon Beast horde would do to their city and surrounding villages, Elaina realized that this place might be the safest village on this island other than the three cities.

The Raging Sun Village was able to safely defend their village. Only some people got light injuries, and rests were still capable of fighting.

But this was not true for the other villages outside the Forest. There was a large number of casualty in mercenaries. Some couldn't reach in the safety behind village walls, and some died defending on those walls.

If it were not for some people who alerted the villages before the Demon Beast arrival, there might have been more people dying. These people were actually the puppets of Alex and under his command, they informed every village about the Demon Beast Horde coming towards them. He didn't want to let the common people die needlessly.

At night, Donald invited Melinda and Elaina to have dinner with them.

This was because both Jack and Donald recognized Elaina Yandell, daughter of Willy Yandell. She was that talented girl of the Yandell family that became so famous among her peers and seniors alike.

Elaina also remembers about Jack as he had once come to their house with the issue of pirates attacking their village. He also gave them the Low-grade Machete and this was also the main reason that she remembers him.

Right now, they were enjoying the delicious food that was personally made by Alex. For a moment, Melinda thought of kidnapping the handsome young cook and take him back to her clan. But of course kidnapping won't do and that why she decided to invite Alex in joining their clan's academy situated on the Belmont Sub-continent. 

After the meal, Jack began to tell Elaina about their situation and how they came here. Donald requested her to not tell anyone about this place or Jordan family would definitely harass them in the future.

Elaina easily promised as she had little interest in politics and also because they are not any threat to her family. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Alex, where do you stay in the city" Elaina curiously asked when she heard him living in the city before in the forest. She thought of helping him a little if he h any inconvenience there.

"Merchant residential area, street number 3" Alex replied.

"...that place is not for an outsider to stay. How did you get the permit to live there" Elaina thought that he would be living where most of the temporary residents live.

"Master Clayton Cliff helped me in buying that house. I am also his new disciple"

"What!! You are that guy who tested at Master Clayton's shop that day." Elaina has gotten enough shock in one day. After meeting Alex today she didn't believe her being talented at all, and now she comes to know that the youth in front of her is also talented in alchemy. Her dad had gotten thin intelligence some days ago. This had given her quite a blow.

"Yes, I am that guy. There's no need for you to get this surprised." Alex was actually enjoying her expressions of shock.

'So he did have a backing in the city' thought Elaina.

Both Melinda and Elaina stayed in the village that night. Demon Beast tide should recede back to the forest by morning. 

The next day, Melinda and Elaina left with Alex to go back to the city. Their family would be worried since they didn't come back during the Demon Beasts tide.

Like any other time, the Demon Beast did a lot of damage to the city walls. Even the main gates had been almost broken. You could still find some low-level Demon Beast roaming the land near villages. Order to quickly eliminate them had been given to the various Mercenary groups and the army.

Because the guards at the gates knew Elaina Yandell, they were given a quick entry. After which they went on their own ways.

Elaina did invite him to her manor mostly to spar as this was her character. She was a complete cultivation maniac. She had already made Alex her rival and wants to surpass him. Melinda also had her own thoughts about Alex; she wanted to convince him in joining her Clan's Training Academy.

Entering the house, Alex saw Anna jumping in his arms with tears in her eyes. Others were also worried about him as he didn't come back yesterday. They gave a sigh of relief seeing that Alex had not lost any body parts.

"Alex, are you alright. You know how worried we were when you didn't back yesterday"

"Thank god nothing happened to you or else how would we show our face to you uncles"

"You should have seen Anna face yesterday; she cried so much that her tears would have filled buckets." Hank teased.

"Ah, I didn't…I was just a little worried" Anna started punching her brother on his shoulders after saying that.

They were indeed very worried about him since yesterday. But now they got more worried about the situation back in their village.

"Don't worry everyone. At the time of the Demon Beast Horde, I was there with Uncle Donald and Jack in the village. We also had no casualty and successfully defended the village." Alex then told them about the situation in the village. It was like a big boulder had been put down their hearts.

Suddenly a creature showed its face from the bag which Alex had been carrying on his shoulder.

"Kyaaa… what is this Alex." Julie exclaimed

"How cute, where did you find it." Meg lifted her hands to touch the beast cub

"…" Anna had already been stunned looking straight at the cub. Alex almost saw stars coming out of her eyes.

"This is a Demon Beast Cub" Tom added.

"Oh, Alex brought food with him. Let's make a nice lunch" just as this word came out from Hank's mouth. Almost at the same time, three pairs of eyes locked onto him with great deal of bloodlust. Though it was just his imagination Hank almost shitted his pants and promised not to joke with the ladies next time. 

Both Tom and Alex were looking at him like he was an idiot.

The fox was not ready to leave Alex's arms but after some time it became familiar with Anna and others. Anna didn't put the baby fox down the whole time. She liked it very much.


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