The Pleasure Lord
47 Visiting Slums
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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47 Visiting Slums

After thinking for some time, Alex thought of many things that he can do with the help of the puppets. But he put those thoughts aside for now as he needs plenty of money before he can see any results. As for sailor puppet, Alex told him stay in his room ftill he comes back.

Downstairs, Alex had breakfast with everyone and when no one was looking, he took some of the food and gave it to the puppet in his room.

He then left the house to visit Master Clayton so that he can teach him some of the recipe that can be refined by Intermediate Apprentice Alchemist.

Master Clayton also eagerly taught him all the recipes he knew. First he taught him how to make a mosquito repellent powder which is very popular between cultivators who usually go into the forest to hunt. There were others recipe for seasickness, generic diseases, etc.

They didn't have much profit margin but it is still good to build up experience and knowledge by practicing different recipes.

Master Clayton could only marvel to himself at his disciple's talent who learnt every recipe suitable for his level in just one day. 

He could only give him some books to study for now and wait till his cultivation increases so that he can teach him further.

Only after he become a grade 1 Alchemist Master only then can he make some real profit. That's why he needs to think of other methods through which he can amass enough money.

The most profitable way for him now was to hunt for Demon Beast in the forest. There's also another way to acquire large amount of money in short time. It was stealing from rich people.

Alex didn't have any prejudice towards stealing as long as the other party has done any harm to common people or has done any bad deeds only then would they be on his list and he won't mind punishing them a little.

The group which comes into his mind is pirates, numerous gangs in the city, black hearted Merchants aand they all are included to his hit list.

Today Alex had sold all the medicine he refined at Master Clayton's store for 26 gold coin.

After that he went straight to the shop under Goldsun which was being prepared for the opening. He went there to meet Julie and Meg to ask for some extra money, the reason he gave was to purchase some things related to alchemy.

Not much he only asked for 100 gold coins. Alex soon returned back to his house and after chatting with Anna a little, he went to his room on the second floor.

There he found Blackbeard standing by the bed, as if he knew about his arrival. Alex named him Blackbeard because it sounded very cool and also because the puppet was going to become the real pirate and terrorize the sea around this island with this name.

For now it's was just a plan, first he needs to buy more sailors using the new option and then bring everyone's cultivation up before he can launch his own pirate ship.

Alex could also feel Blackbeards position from afar since there's a direct connection between them through the book. He can also talk using hios mind with his puppet even if they are on different continent.

Alex found this feature very convenient and useful. From the puppets mouth, Alex came to know that he can switch vision with his puppet.

It means that, Alex can also see what the puppet is seeing through its eyes. For example, when the puppet was sitting here in his room, Alex had shared the view of the puppet at the same time when his real body was refining in Master Clayton's Pill chamber.

Anyway, Alex ordered the puppet to jump from the window without getting seen and wait for him by streets.

It was getting dark so the puppet didn't find it difficult sneak away from the house. Alex went down to the living room where Hank and Tom were already sitting. They were helping Anna to prepare the ingredients for cooking.

It is Alex who usually does the cooking and Anna would stand by his side helping with the little stuff.

"Brother Alex, Big Sis Selena wanted to bring me with her to go out tomorrow for shopping"

If Selena is going out than that body guard would definately follow. 

Thinking this Alex also agreed "Alright you can go. But be sure to stay together at all times"

Knowing that he would agree she also happily promised.

This type of conversation were already becoming quite normal between them. Anna had already started asking for his permission like she had already become his wife. Alex didn't know when she started to develop feelings for him.

After having dinner together everyone went back in their rooms to sleep as this had already become a habit. There's not much you can do at night here.

The entire stores in the city except for the Inn and pleasure houses, every other store are closed at sun set. Not many people come out on the streets at night. Alex sneaked out the same way, the puppet has gone.

On the opposite side, Blackbeard came out from the shadows. Alex mentally gave Blackbeard an order to follow him to the slums.

At night, the slums were especially active as this was the base of all the major and minor gangs. Under the guise of civilian identity they operated their dark business here. This place was located between the west and the south gates, taking over a quarter area of the city.

Alex found a dark alley void of people. Using his spiritual sense, Alex found the places where large amount of money was stored. In short time, Alex found at least 20 places in his range which are loaded with money.

'How can it still be called as slums, this place is even richer than most of the merchants house around his own house' Alex didn't know whether laugh or cry.

The reason is because he found that this place was simply a treasure trove. Whether it's a noble family or rich merchants, everyone had stored some of their black money here. 

Alex then quickly summoned some puppets with the ability to steal and assassinate. Using 120 gold coins, Alex bought 6 thieves and 6 assassins. Though they didn't have the ability to fight cultivators, they can still help him in some task.

Waiting till midnight when most of the people would be sleeping, Alex gave an order to spread out in the surrounding. The assassins were the best at hiding, which even surprised Alex a little as he himself has trained under his mom who he believed to work in this line.

The thieves are good at sneaking and stealing with their sleek hands. In some way Assassins and Thieves are same as most of their abilities match with each other. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The sailor was basically also a soldier so he too had sno problem following Alex to their destination. His main task was to keep a lookout for any emergencies.


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