The Pleasure Lord
27 Forming a Mercenary Group
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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27 Forming a Mercenary Group

While everyone was thinking to find any solution, Alex said pointing out to one more problem "City Lord order clearly states that he will only take that family who has a cultivator above 5th grade of body tempering realm. Tom and his mother, Uncle Theo and Joe are practically from different families and have no one to meet that requirement. They won't be able to leave this village."

No one had thought of it that way. This was seriously a difficult problem.

"But I have a suggestion, it might be good for us or it might be bad. We don't have to join anyone; we can start our own mercenary group. This way we won't have to take orders from anyone, but we might have to build our base outside village and city to live or stay in an inn since we can't take residence at any village or city that is permanent. Other thing we can do is go and live in the forest and wait till everything cools down, it might be dangerous to live between Demon Beast but we have a safe hideout there and can exchange for basic things from the village time to time as mercenaries."

Donald after hearing all this had already chosen what he needed to do. He told his decision and asked if anyone has anymore thoughts on this.

Everyone accepted his decision and went to prepare for the next days.

The next day, just when dawn was breaking, Alex awoke naturally.

He did some morning exercises with everyone, eaten breakfast and got ready to buy some basic things that they will need while staying inside the forest.

Donald has agreed with the idea of Alex and made the decision to leave the village today itself after having all the formalities done.

Donald also needed to inform the villagers about Lords decision so that some of them capable enough can make their own decision.

The villagers were not happy obviously since they had quite a good time when Donald was the village head. They saved more money in these two months than before.

Most of the villagers chose to leave the village and live in another village, some were just like Donald they banded together to join a mercenary group.

But there were only 3 people who had strength of 5th grade body tempering realm. Rests were varying in grades,in total they amounted to 40 people.

They came to Donald and Jack to ask them if they could join them. This was because everyone trusted and respected Donald and Jack.

Another reason was that they were strong enough to become their leader.

Alex had not thought of this and nor did Donald and others. So they once again discussed it together.

They can't go live in their original hideout with this many people nor can they casually form such a big group since these 40 people will also bring their families which amounted to 150 to 160 making the group very big. And they were all normal people. This could become a huge burden.

It was not practical, so they went to inform their reason for not forming such a big mercenary group. They also couldn't find a safe place to settle this many people.

And it was a sound logic because normally the members of the mercenary groups that already existed were either orphans or they had already left their house to live under the blade. They only form family when they retire or get seriously injured.

But when Donald explained his reason, one guy from the group came out and said.

"I think I know a place safe and big enough to settle this many people. It's in the forest 11 kilometers from here and it's also by the shore on the south side. We can transport everyone there if we had a small ship or else we can only escort them through the forest in batches. If we have a small ship then we can also purchase basic things and bring them by the small ship."

The person who talked was named Fitch.

"Fitch, are you talking about that place." Said Grady.

He and Fitch were hunters of the same group. Everyone was from the same village so they knew each other quite well. Fitch and Grady had good character so they shouldn't be lying about this.

"What place are you talking about and since it is 11 kilometers into the forest than won't it be dangerous. That place usually have demon beast above Grade 5."

"And also we all know that there is no suitable place to land on the south side with the ship. It's covered by mangroves and knee deep swamps. Hard land starts from our pearl village shore all the way towards west direction."

Some people who knew about the topography of the island refuted.

But Fitch said "That place is real. One time Gardy and I had to go deep inside the forest after we got chased by a demon beast that was stronger than us. I don't know which God helped us but we were able outrun that beast some few kilometers ahead and without encountering another beast. Soon we reached that place unknowingly."

He paused for some time and continued describing that place.

"If you see from the sea side then you will find a hill around 6 meters tall. That hill forms a 'C' shape and encloses an area that is dry, flat and enough for 400 hundred to live there. That area is surrounded from three sides by that hill which opens its mouth in the west direction that is towards us. That area is the only place there to have flat and dry land. No one has found that place because it is covered by big mangroves and swamps."

Grady also nodded "He is right; we even crossed the swamp and stayed in that place for the night. We didn't find any other beast and even found some low grade herbs. We left that place in the morning and carefully made our way back. We did encounter some beast that time but nothing that we couldn't outrun."

Alex was very excited finding about such a place. This place could become his family base where they could safely grow and prosper.

He whispered to his uncle Donald who after listening nodded his head.

"If that place really exists then we can go and build our settlement there. But I will warn all of you ahead, that living that deep into forest is very risky so everyone who wants to join will have to make up their mind and also since you chose me as your leader then you have to follow orders without any question. Of course I won't mishandle my authority and prosper together with everyone. That's my promise." Donald agreed. They then got together to make a proper structure for their mercenary group.

After that Donald ordered everyone to go and bring their family with their belongings. They all have to directly go and wait on the beach. Everyone left in batches, but it still turned some eyes of some outsiders and villagers who couldn't go or do not want leave the village into poking their nose on this matter.

It was necessary to leave this place today before the people of Jordan Family come to take over the village. They will not allow so many people to leave since these normal people are a form of wealth to them.

Donald had already ordered them to not tell anyone else about their destination not even to their family even if they ask. Just tell them that they are going to leave for the village that is in the forest 5 kilometers. So that no one is crazy enough to follow them.


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